WildStar is Going F2P This September

WildStar is Going F2P This September

WildStar: Reloaded will launch in just two weeks on September 29th. The MMO will change from a monthly subscription to a free-to-play model. If you’ve played WildStar in the past, you know just how fun and addicting the game could be. But many people had issues with the end-game content and many of the core game systems.


The developers are taking the advice of fans and have made big changes to the core game system.

A few of the many changes include:

  • New character creation
  • A revised introduction experience
  • A massive overhaul to dungeons
  • Itemization improvements
  • Tradeskill enhancements
  • World bosses and group content changes
  • Class statistics overhaul
  • Bonus events
  • Cosmic Rewards Program
  • Signature service

Many of these features have not been explained in-depth, and others are new, so you may not have heard of them before. Let’s take a look at some of the new features before digging deeper into the world of WildStar: Reloaded.

wildstar signature

Signature Service

The signature service is meant for players that want a little more from the core game. This service will be a paid addition to the game that will allow the development cycle to continue. The most notable of services include:

  • In-game store
  • New interface for cosmetic improvements
  • Progression boosts
  • Other goodies

Gold farmers or service sellers may be dreading the new signature service, but there is something we haven’t told you yet. There will be two currencies that will allow players to purchase items from the store: real money and OmniBits.

OmniBits is a currency that is in-game. This will be the currency that gold farmers will put their efforts into because it is earned by playing the game, accomplishing objects and killing mobs. It’s the new currency that has a real monetary value attached to it thanks to the real money option.

For example, and these are merely arbitrary numbers, let’s assume that character progression allows characters to have their levels boosted to the maximum for $50. You’ll need to compete with the developers here and offer the equivalent OmniBits for cheaper, or offer your own progression services for less than the store price.

It may lower your profits a bit, or it may raise prices depending on the in-game price for these services.


Cosmic Rewards Program

The Cosmic Rewards program is a way to level up using Cosmic Tiers. These are tiers purchased on the WildStar store, and any players that have made purchases previously will also be granted these rewards.

Even subscription prices will now have rewards attached to them.

This is a tier system where the first tier offers a variety of perks, including:

  • Immortal miner hat
  • Full circle access
  • Reduced wake here cooldown
  • Pet friendly furrelope
  • Full guild access
  • Crafting coordination
  • Circuit based crafting
  • Full warparty access

This is just the first tier, and every tier has 4 cosmic point milestones that unlock different benefits. Cosmic points are earned account-wide and are found listed within the in-game store.

The signature service will also contribute to the cosmic rewards program, so there are a lot of ways to still make money off of the game. A perk for account sellers would be to get an account to max level and have all of the cosmic tiers unlocked before selling the account at a markup.

wildstar rune slot

Deep Dive: Loot Updates

First, quest rewards have been reworked. These rewards are to ensure that there is a more reasonable progression seen throughout the game. Items will be usable, and rewards will be more frequent than in the original iteration of the game.

Viable quest rewards will be offered to all classes and specs from a Medic healer to a Spellslinger.

Vendor inventories have been reduced to ensure that the items offered aren’t too low or too high like in the past. You’ll also find that the interface has been made more user-friendly, and allows you to view merchant items by level so that you don’t have to keep scrolling through items your player won’t benefit from.

If you like entering instances at a lower level and don’t feel like you’ve been properly rewarded, this will change. Completing instances with lower-level players introduces an increased challenge for all players, and loot has been adjusted to reflect this increased difficulty.

A few key points to take away from the loot changes are:

  • Gear Options: Loot tables are more concise and predictable, with overlap being less of an issue. Items groups would normally destroy will become less of an occurrence because multiple options will be granted at a particular item level.
  • Item Level Banding: Banding is a way to tie item levels together. With the new banding, each tier will receive two item bands. For example, Veteran Dungeons will have the item level bands of 78 / 80.
  • Loot Distribution: There is a better distinction between dungeon or raid bosses and mini-bosses. The final boss will not be the only boss farmed. Instead, loot will be distributed to all bosses, leaving the final rewards being unique and powerful.

wildstar raid

Ultimately, the game is looking to become more balanced in both the approach to the way the game is played, and the ability to get loot or items from all bosses instead of just the most difficult bosses. This should allow low-level groups of players to advance even when their gear doesn’t initially allow them to beat the final boss of a dungeon or raid.

The game is becoming more user-friendly, which should have a positive impact on the whole community.

WildStar, like many other MMORPGs, is testing the waters with their F2P option. The signature service will cost money, but players will be able to exchange C.R.E.D.D. for 30 days of signature membership for added benefits.

Farmers will want the signature membership because it adds a lot of perks to your gameplay. You’ll be able to enjoy increased drop rates, XP increases and several other benefits as a result. You’ll also benefit from Cosmic Points.

WildStar: Reloaded offers a new way for gold farmers to make money, and the game’s major overhaul is sure to lure in a lot of new players that are willing to spend money on your services.

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