Wildstar is free to play soon and how it affects you

Wildstar is free to play soon and how it affects you

Wildstar is an MMORPG that combines fantasy and science fiction; it was released by NCSOFT on June 3, 2014. Now, a year later, NCSOFT has made the decision to change Wildstar’s game model from pay-to-play to free-to-play with several optional purchases available if players so choose.

Yeap, item mall marketplace is coming to you and it works like a double-edged sword. Instead of forcing you to pay for subscription, they will entice you with novelty items or the usual so-called-unique mounts, cosmetic armors and other superbly-ultra-rare-item for your avatars, which is not so rare unless you’re willing to pay for it.

We’re all going to end up paying more than just mere subscriptions like in the past.

Always remember this, any mmos that are caught in the free-to-play concept doesn’t mean they wanted to give gamers something more. Is just simply because their game is losing players to other popular mmos titles which forced their hand to revamp their subscription based game to free-to-play.


What is Wildstar?

For those who has forgotten or new to Wildstar, this is a traditional MMORPG similar to World of Warcraft; players choose a target and then unleash a barrage of attacks using the number buttons along the top of their keyboard.

Each character has their own race and class with a special set of skills, much like other MMOs. The “goal” of Wildstar is to reach the level cap, which is currently 50. Once a player has passed this milestone, his or her next goal is to acquire the best gear and weaponry for their class.

These items are found or crafted by extensive raiding and end-game content farming.

Wildstar does differ from today’s standard MMORPG choices in a number of ways. The movement is much more active than most games on the market currently. Players are able to double jump, sprint and dash. These mechanics lend themselves to jumping puzzles and player races.

Combat in Wildstar is its most unique factor. Instead of a traditional tab-targeting system, the game instead offers players telegraphed attacks. Both players’ and enemy NPCs’ attacks display a zone on the ground. This zone is where the attack that’s currently being activated will hit.

Therefore, you must pay attention at all times and ensure you are not wildly attacking or worse, missing all your attacks. Finally, NCSOFT has made paths for each player. Paths are separate from race or class and are unaffected by both.

Paths are basically adjusted based on what you enjoy doing in-game; players select their paths at the same time as their race and class.

wildstar box

“What if I already have a Wildstar account?”

If players already have a Wildstar account, meaning they purchased the game at some point, there are a multitude of benefits that they can take advantage of. The greatest advantage in the game goes to players that are currently subscribed to the pay-to-play model and remain subscribed through the transition into free-to-play.

These players will be allowed twelve character slots, six costume slots, five bank slots and two-thousand décor item placements. However, if their account lapses before the transition, they will be considered free players and only be granted two character slots, four costume slots, two bank slots and one-thousand décor item placements.

An additional advantage to having already purchased Wildstar is the Loyalty Points system. Pre-existing accounts will receive an amount of Loyalty Points based on the type of game client the player purchased as well as the total number of months the player was subscribed.

Once a certain amount of loyalty points have been accrued by a player, he or she may exchange them for special items and perks. Every player who has ever paid NCSOFT for anything Wildstar related will have earned some Loyalty Points. NCSOFT plans to reveal more specifics about loyalty rewards in the near future.

If a player has been subscribed to Wildstar continuously since its launch, the rewards they reap will be greater than those who had subscribed for less time.

For those subscribed the full time, extra rewards include an exclusive :-

  • Ikthian Crawler mount
  • Exclusive DJ Caretaker décor item for housing
  • Disco Snoglug companion pet
  • New housing music track
  • Four free months of Signature service
  • Two extra character titles – “Living Legend” and “Nexus Loyalist”

Those players who were not subscribed since launch but remain subscribed into the free-to-play transition will be awarded with just the DJ Caretaker, Disco Snoglug, the housing music track, four months of Signature service and the “Nexus Loyalist” title.


Free vs. Signature Player Benefits

Luckily for free players, the full content of Wildstar will be available to everyone come free-to-play transition day. Free players will have access to every zone, dungeon, raid and battleground in addition to being able to level up to level 50 and path level 30. NCSOFT has stated that all updates to the game will be available to all players.

However, they also claim that they may still introduce exclusive, paid content such as expansion packs sometime in the future. If a player wants to be considered Signature, he or she must continue (or start) paying Wildstar’s monthly fee even though the game will be free-to-play.

There are numerous advantages granted when players choose to keep subscribing. A few of these are :-

  • 30 active buying and selling slots on the auction house and commodities echange
  • Ability to join five circles and then invite friends to the circles
  • -15% overcharge risk in circuit board crafting
  • 25% bonus to earned currency
  • 10% bonus to material gathering
  • Ability to create and invite other players to a guild
  • Priority access to queues

Free players will be very limited in all aspects listed as well as a few others such as XP rates, Warparties, Reputations and PTR access. Both Signature and Free players will play on the same servers.

Free players may seem like they are at a large disadvantage but through loyalty points, many of the restricted aspects of the game become less so.


How to get ready for the transition to free-to-play

Current Wildstar players should strive to earn as much in-game currency as possible so that they have an even larger advantage to the free players. All incoming free plays can really do as of right now is read up on races, classes, paths and how to play Wildstar the most efficiently. New players don’t necessarily have to be at a disadvantage though.

They may purchase gold as well as armor, weapons and consumables.

If new players do not wish to grind out their characters to level 50, they can purchase a maxed out character. If a max-level character is purchased, new players will immediately be able to join raids and other end game content currently only available to subscribers. WildStar Is going free-to-play this fall.

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