Wildstar: Gold Farming While It’s Hot

Wildstar: Gold Farming While It’s Hot

Wildstar gold farming while it’s hot is about the recently released but already climbing the MMORPG bestseller lists, Wildstar is getting star acclaim across the planet – from gamers, grinders, griefers, and critics alike!

Definitely one of the more exciting MMORPG titles to hit the market in a while (and not just another World of Warcraft clone), Wildstar offers an unlimited amount of options to live out your daily digital life “in world” – but that’s not the only reason that you’ll want to grab an account and jump right in as soon as possible.

No, you’ve got an eye for gold – and who could blame you?


wildstar gold farming


So you want to farm gold, do you?

Even though there are still a lot of parents out there who believe that playing video games will have absolutely no impact on real life, the truth of the matter is (as a gold farming professional in Wildstar) you can pad your bank account – your digital vault as well as your real-life account!

Obviously, you’re going to need to be a little bit smart and savvy about Wildstar gold farming right now, especially in the early stages when gold is at its highest demand. You can command some pretty serious amounts of money for big chunks of gold right now on the open market, and people are willing to pay big bucks to those that can produce serious amounts of gold on a consistent basis.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive right in!


Here’s the step by step playbook for becoming a master of Wildstar gold farming

There are a couple of different things you’re going to need to keep in the back of your mind when you decide to become a Wildstar gold farming mastermind.

Hopefully, by paying attention to the information below, you’re able to jump right in with both feet and start farming gold at a breakneck pace – unloading it off to those that one to pad their Wildstar bank accounts as quickly as they can.




Setup your account – but be smart about it!

The very first thing you’re going to need to do to become a gold farmer in Wildstar is purchase a legitimate account license key, a purchase that is going to run you $55.99 for the US and $46.26 Europe version for it.

However, you can’t just purchase this key and then set up your account details without giving it a bit of thought. You might end up selling this account later down the line, and you’re going to want to try and minimize the personal data that is attached to it.

Don’t be shy about using a fake name, fake address, and maybe even one of those preloaded debit cards and credit card style gift cards you can buy all over the place – it will definitely help you sell your account later down the line.


Choose your gold farming class wisely

Now that you have all of your Wildstar account details taken care of, it’s time to pick the right class for your gold farming endeavors.

Obviously, some character types and classes are better than others – and right now as the Explorer class is probably the best the bunch. Explorers are those that go out into the uncharted parts of the world, explore (obviously) areas that other players cannot access, and find treasure across all corners of the digital world.

You’ll want to create some pretty killer macros to make your exploring expeditions while gold farming move a little quicker, but that’s something that you’ll learn to develop in time.

Other classes that you might consider include the Warrior class, the Medic class, or the Esper class. Each of these are perfect for newbies looking to dive right into some low level quests that pump out a bit of loot and some serious EXP, just be ready to do a lot of grinding until you’re ready to tackle the more valuable quests.

Other classes might be perfect for enjoying this MMORPG in whatever way you hoped to play it later down the line, but when it comes to gold farming in Wildstar you’ll want to stick to the Explorer class or one of the others outlined above.


wildstar gold farming


Take advantage of the CREDD system

When it comes time to extend your MMORPG game subscription, tried to do so through the CREDD program. This is basically a system where you can trade up your game gold for a game subscription – though it’s always going to be a bit more expensive than it would have been if you paid your money out right.

Stockpile some serious amounts of CREDD through gold farming, and you can turn around and flip that account (or push the gold you get to an alternate) and make some serious money in a hurry.


Steal some secrets from real life “insider traders”

The reason that insider traders are prosecuted so severely is because they gain insight information to details that no one else has, and it lets them manipulate the market to their advantage.

Well, thankfully, there’s no such governing body in the Wildstar world that will come down on you with a ban hammer if you do your research and due diligence to find out what auction items, loot, or gold values are worth focusing on at a specific time – and then using that information on your gold farming character to squeeze more value out of your time in game.

If it was good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s probably good enough for you!

Grab a guide and grind away

There are already a number of guides out there for gold farming in Wildstar, and while most people aren’t revealing their secret methods to stockpiling gold by the mountain full there are a lot of people that will help you get started.

Just understand that it’s going to involve a lot of grinding in the early stages, so set up those macros as we recommended above.


wildstar battle


Jump in a guild as soon as humanly possible

Obviously, the faster that you can get into a guild the better off you’ll be, as you’ll be able to slam through some pretty killer quests and raids with guild mates.

However, this means that you’ll need to develop a character, the skills necessary to tackle those kinds of dungeon crawls and quests, and get access to weapons, armor, and items you’ll need to survive – all things that take away from your gold farming and grinding.

Even still, the payoff might be worth it, especially if you want to enjoy the world of Wildstar and not just grind away at your keyboard for hours and hours on end.


Save, save, save…and then sell, sell, sell!

Lastly, you’ll want to do absolutely everything in your pocket to save gold and stockpiling into gigantic amounts as much as you can – only been flipping it in bulk to cash in on the popularity of this title right now. Get a price estimate from us and start making serious cash!

Who knows how long Wildstar is going to be around, even if all signs point to the fact that it will enjoy a long run at the top of the charts – so cash in on the gold farming Wildstar rush right now while the getting is still good!

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