Why Game Publisher’s Annual Report Is Important To You

Why Game Publisher’s Annual Report Is Important To You

Why would a game publisher’s annual report ever be important to a gold farmer? Believe it or not, there are details in these reports that could be very useful to your gold farming business. Knowing which games are doing well and which ones are on the decline can help you decide which games are worth your time. Here are the top reasons why a game publisher’s annual report is really important to you:


Know Which Games Are Worth Your Time

Why bother farming for gold in a game that no one plays? When subscribers are on the decline, it’s often a sign that it’s time to get out of Dodge and start focusing on games that have increased their subscriber base.

The more players and interest a game has, the higher the demand will be for the game’s currency. The higher demand, the more money to be made with your gold farming business. It’s simple economics, and as a gold farmer, you need to stay on top of the market.

If you spend most of your time farming Gil in Final Fantasy, but the game’s player base is on the decline, demand for Gil will also be on the decline in the near future. In this case, it may be time to start focusing on an MMO that has a larger subscriber base and a currency that’s in higher demand.

The question is: how can you tell which games are worth your time? The answer is simple: reading through game publisher annual reports. Here, you’ll find information on a game’s total number of subscribers and other helpful information that you can use to grow your gold farming business.

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Gauge Gold Farming Markets

Just because a game is performing well, that doesn’t mean it has a viable market for buying and selling gold. If there’s no demand for the currency, farming is a waste of time – even if the game has over 10 million players.

Games that are generating higher profits have larger player bases and players that are willing to spend real life money either on subscription time, in-game currency or virtual items. No matter the case, knowing which publishers and games generate the highest profits will help you find viable opportunities to grow your business.

By reading through annual reports, you can gauge which games are bringing in high profits, and which ones you should avoid.

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Get to Know the International Market

Gaining insight into gaming trends in different countries can help you grow your gold farming business. How? Maybe a game has a smaller U.S. player base, but a much larger player base in China or the UK. Targeting players in the UK or China, in this case, would be more profitable.

Getting to know the international market for each game is a wise move, and can help you find markets that are still unfulfilled. Finding out information about the game’s international player base is as simple as reading through the publisher’s annual report.

In Blizzard’s Q4 2013 financial model report, you can see a breakdown of the net revenues for each geographic location. In Q4, North America generated the most revenue, but Europe wasn’t too far behind. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, only accounted for a small amount of the publisher’s net revenue.

As a gold farmer, this little bit of information can be useful for your business. You know that Blizzard games are played mostly by people in North America and Europe, which means you should be targeting these players. On the other hand, you also know that targeting Asia Pacific players is mostly a waste of time as the player base is smaller and doesn’t generate much revenue for Blizzard.

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Make an Investment

Of course, you can also use the information in the publisher’s annual report to make an informed investment decision. If you’re confident in a company’s growth, why not invest in it?

Purchasing shares can not only increase your personal wealth, but help you support the company that develops the games you farm most. Ultimately, you may have a hand in helping increase the publisher’s player base, which would in turn, grow your farming business.

Let’s take a look at EA (Electronic Arts) as an example. The company’s earnings for the quarter ending on March 31, 2015 were higher than the previous year’s quarter. From an investor’s standpoint, EA may be a company worth investing in – especially if they have a promising MMO in the works or just released a hot new title.

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Game Publisher Reports

Looking to get a leg up on the competition and start reading publisher reports? Here’s a list of reports from some of the most popular game publishers in the market.

Found other reports related to game publishers? Do leave a comment below.

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