What you need to know about Warlords of Draenor

What you need to know about Warlords of Draenor

What you need to know about Warlords of Draenor – Finally, the Warlords of Draenor has now come live! This is the era of an Old Horde that has been forged with steel instead of fel blood. This will be a union of the great Orc clans, where the Iron Hordes tramples with the planet Draenor right beneath the terrifying war machines.

Then Azeroth will fall next. The worlds uncounted will soon follow and you must mount a frantic charge towards Draenor by savaging the home of Orcs as well as the adopted bastion of Draenei, right at this pivotal event.

Your allies will be the legends coming from across time and your fortress will be the foothold to an alien land. So go ahead, lead the armies of one world in fighting against another, just before the future has been unmade.


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Take Command of Your Garrison

With the Warlords of Draenor, you will be able to take command of you own garrison. First, you will build a mighty garrison which is an enduring home base right within the world. You will then have to tame a deadly realm and then create an unbreakable monument for achieving victory.

You will be able to customize it using specialized structures such as farms, workshops, stables, armories and more. You also have to recruit stalwart followers in order to man your base and then send them away to loot dungeons and fulfill missions.

Soon enough, you would be able to craft items even if you are not online.


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Character Boost

There are newly boosted characters in the Warlords of Draenor. They will commence their experience on the Tanaan Jungle along with a basic set of spells as well as great abilities for their class while being acquainted with a new hero.

You will soon be able to unlock new class mechanics and abilities while you take part in a counter strike alongside the Iron Horde in order to shut the Dark Portal down. Leveled toons with powerful equipments can be obtained here, should you ever need one.


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Quest System

The quest log as well as the world map on the Warlords of Draenor will now show where the main story arc quests as well as side quests are to be found. You have to remember that there might still be some surprises that you will encounter on the way and not everything is provided.

Of course, we simply do not want the quest log to ruin the fun and excitement. Some other areas in the Draenor will come with bonus objectives while its progress is being tracked within the world map.

Finishing up the bonus objectives will make you earn more experience and extra gold. Questing might be a mundane thing to do for veteran players, might as well get some gold from other players instead.


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New Raid Armors

The Azeroth armies have pushed back towards the Dark Portal and right across Draenor. And finally, the right time has arrived to get into the Highmaul.

Here are the epic armor sets that you will soon find waiting for you on the Tier 17 Raid Armor:

• Warrior
• Shaman
• Warlock
• Priest
• Rogue
• Monk
• Paladin
• Hunter
• Mage
• Death Knight
• Druid

Raid armor sets ain’t easy to get and you will need to prepare your character for raids. Always ensure you have ample gold for repairs, potions, equipments that fulfill the needed item levels requirements for raids, consumables and time.

Take the initiative and join a good raiding guild and learn the mechanics of a boss fight in advance on youtube before raiding is a good preparation.


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Warlords of Draenor: Journey into Highmaul

The Highmaul is considered as the highest seat of power for the Empire of Gorian, known as the ogre civilization which has governed Draenor for several generations until such time that the Draenei arrived.

The Highmaul is a massive city which contradicts the ogre’s reputation for brutish stupidity. It is filled with wealthy nobles and bustling markets and you will hear the loud roar of the coliseum crowd echoing throughout the slums.

The Imperator Mar’gok’s citadel is highly visible from anywhere in the city and casts a long shadow which is a good reminder of his very watchful eye and fierce iron grip. Below are some of the bosses that you get to encounter in Highmaul.

Kargath Bladefist – Kargath is known as the warlord of the Shattered Hand. He honed his combat skills as a slave within the gladiatorial games of ogres and slaughtered various opponents for freedom only to be rewarded ultimately by being locked far away along with other “champions” that have retired. He is said to have severed his own hands in order to escape and lead a revolt that soaked the Warlords of Draenor with blood. Finally, he is coming back to the arena in order to teach you what savagery really is.

The Butcher (Optional Boss) – The Butcher is born right within the underbelly of Highmaul. This ogre has once had a proper name. However that has long been forgotten. He is said to have been abused and beaten badly from since his early days and the hardship has only helped to strengthen his body even though it broke his mind.

Tectus (Optional Boss) – Tectus is said to be an ancient embodiment of the chaotic forces that has helped to shape up the terrain of Draenor. He has been enslaved and twisted by the Pale Orcs who barely maintains full control over the imposing force of nature.

Brackenspore (Optional Boss) – When the Iron Horde Juggernaut has moored through the waters of Highmaul, this attracted the attention of the Brackenspore, which is said to be an ancient walker the deep. Brackenspore is an aquatic giant that spreads the growth of fungal and moss in its wake, driven by its primal instinct to remove all traces of civilization within Draenor.

Twin Ogron – Twin Ogron guards the entrance towards Gorthenon right on top of Highmaul. He is the personal guard of Imperator Mar’gok and is known for their peerless determination and strength. What bothers them is their lack of intelligence which they make up for with their sheer size as well as monstrous force.

Imperator Mar’gok – Considered as the grand Imperator of Highmaul, Imperator Mar’gok came from a long line of sorcerers who has ruled the Gorian Empire for so long. With his cunning mind and brutality, he can recognize the rising of the tide of Iron Horde and what has to be done to oppose them.

In order to help players to be able to plan their escapades right within the heart of the Highmaul, a dangerous new place, there has been a raid unlock schedule that was provided.

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