What to Do in September? Gold farming FIFA 17 Coins Of Course

What to Do in September? Gold farming FIFA 17 Coins Of Course

September is gearing up to be an amazing month for gold farmers. Everyone in the industry will be focused on the release of World of Warcraft Legion, and the game comes out on August 30, so the craze will spill well into September.

But not everyone has confidence in the resurgence of WoW, and some gold farmers would rather do something else.

FIFA 17 comes out on September 27, 2016, and it’s going to be huge. The previous iteration of the game was a major hit for gold sellers, and if you haven’t monetized the game yourself, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

There is a lot of money to be made with FIFA.

fifa 17 scoring

What’s New in FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 is on pre-order now, and people that decide to order the game before the release date will receive a few perks with the Super Deluxe version. You’ll receive:

  • 40 Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
  • Exclusive FUT
  • Team of the Week loan players

And since you’re buying the game anyway, you might as well take the dive and pre-order right now. If you get lucky with your packs, you can turn around and sell your account if you have a roster to envy.

fifa 17 super deluxe edition

The game has advanced from what we saw in FIFA 16, but if you’re an avid player, you know that EA makes small changes with each year until something major happens and the game is completely different.

FIFA 17 brings these small enhancements to the game, so don’t expect anything revolutionary. But the changes definitely bring the game to a new level:

  • Physical Play System: The physical play system has been overhauled to make FIFA17 even more real and true to life. You’ll be able to perform 360-degree shield dribbles, collisions are more lifelike, and trapping has been enhanced, too.
  • Active Intelligence: The active intelligence system brings new gameplay mechanics to the game, which increases the ball activity. Spatial analysis allows for the AI to be able to better identify opportunities on the field. New run types have been added to introduce creative ways to split the opposition.
  • New Attacking Techniques: Create new and exciting chances in front of the net with the new attacking techniques. Driven finishes have been added, and driven goal kicks and threaded-through passes allow you to become a true threat on the field. Downward headers have been added to the game, too, allowing you to truly be in control of your heads.
  • Set Piece Rewrite: The set piece rewrite allows you to control the game a little more. You can add personality to each kick made and control the ball in every situation. You can control your run up to a free kick to kick the ball with precision and deliver a kick unique to your gameplay and style. New penalty kicks have been added, corner kicks and more – all with the intent of giving you complete control.

fifa 17 freekick

Gameplay has definitely been enhanced by EA, and the changes are sure to be enough to bring people over to FIFA 17 that have been playing the 2016 version. It’s a lot of fun (so it looks in the trailers), and people are going to continue to make money off of the game this year.

FIFA coins will remain king for anyone trying to make money off of this soccer goliath.

fifa ultimate team roster

How People Are Making Money in FIFA 17

FIFA coins, or FUT coins, are FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. These are the bread and butter for anyone that is trying to make money off of FIFA. Why? These coins are used as a form of currency to buy players, packs and consumables.

These coins can be earned in-game, but they are slow to get, so people truly wanting to build the best roster will purchase coins.

And FIFA has caught on to the selling and buying process, so it’s imperative that you conduct business in the most discreet manner. If you’re caught promoting coin sales, you’ll receive a permanent ban from the game.

fifa 16 ban process

Buyers will have a two strike system, with the first offense being a coin wipe and a warning email.

Coin selling and farming will go to a straight ban for all EA games. So as a seller, you need to make sure that you’re not promoting on the game platform if you want to keep your account.

Our discreet platform allows all coin sellers to conduct business in the safest way possible. And people are making a killing selling coins through the platform:

  • $91.75 for 400 K Coins on Android
  • $31.81 for 400 K Coins on PS4

Older consoles are selling coins for less because everyone wants to be on the next generation platforms.

But as you can see, there is money to be made as a coin seller in FIFA 17.

What else can you sell?

fifa 16 menu

  • Accounts: Sell your entire account for a massive profit. You want to make sure that the account has a highly-sought roster. These can sell for hundreds of dollars. If you have a stockpile of coins, the price will also go up.
  • Boosting Services: Believe it or not, people hate grinding to make their team better and to bolster their own account. People are willing to pay you to play on their account to boost their team. You can charge per hour or weekly, or come to another agreement – people will buy.

All of this can be done on the side while you’re selling on other games, too. Of course you can sell WoW gold while selling FIFA coins and make a lot of money in the process. We encourage you to try and make money off of every “it” game that comes along, as there is always an initial rush of players that are looking to buy.

fifa 17 block goal

We expect FIFA 17 coins to sell extremely well from the release date through the New Year, as many players will be getting their hands on the game during the holiday season.

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