Warlords of Draenor Sale

Warlords of Draenor Sale

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The Iron Horde is on the march, and the Warlords of Draenor are primed to invade Azeroth on November 13! We’re giving out 5% discount on in-game currency purchase at G2G.com, to prepare yourself ahead of competition.

Warlords of Draenor sale is just for a limited time only, so stockpile on gold and save it for professions, flying mounts, epics, materials, vanity items and for raid progression.

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Coupon code – G2GD84001E6356389C2F71F

Terms & Conditions

  • Copy the coupon code above and redeem it during checkout to enjoy a 5% discount on selected product(s).
  • Promotion valid from 3rd September, 00.01 – 30th September, 23.59 (GMT +8)
  • This coupon code may be used for a maximum of FIVE (5) times only.
  • G2G.com reserves the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.


warlords of draenor

Forge your future from the iron of the past

The Iron Horde must be stopped. Garrosh Hellscream has escaped to the past and united with his father Grommash, fierce leader of Warsong clan. Together they are forging the orc clans of Draenor into a savage war machine. It falls to you to crush the Iron Horde before the Dark Portal is completed and the invasion begins.

Travel to the Draenor of the past: a world of giants and monsters, a world the fearsome and legendary orc chieftains call home. Face the dangers of this untamable world and bring down the Iron Horde — before both the past and the future are lost forever.

Drop into the action at level 90

Boost your hero or roll a new one. Start out fresh in armor fit to push back the Iron Horde’s invasion. Been away from the battlefield? Embark on quests integrated into the action to sharpen your skills and get you back in the fight.

Stake your claim on Draenor

Build and customize your own Garrison, a personal fortress to house your spoils of war, seamlessly integrated into the world. Level up your new domain and recruit followers to do your bidding, even while you’re not logged in — then reap the rewards they provide, including epic gear.

Behold striking new character art

See and feel the intensity of battle in greater detail with all-new character models and animations. Each of the classic character races have been reimagined and painstakingly rebuilt from the ground up with amazing fidelity and expression.

Unleash powerful new abilities

Summon your friends and guildmates and quest through 10 new levels of epic content. Storm the massive Iron Citadel, assault the Bladespire Ogres of Frostfire Ridge, and battle alongside your brothers and sisters in arms in the Bloodmaul Slag Mines.

Journey to a classic age

Travel to a mythic era, and brave the untamed orc home world of Draenor. Quest alongside the lost draenei of Karabor. Adventure with Warcraft legends like Velen the Prophet; Durotan, chieftan of the Frostwolf Clan; and more.

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