Video Games Guides for Profits

Video Games Guides for Profits

If you ever want to make money from video games (not just a couple of bucks selling back your used titles to the video game store), you might want to look into selling video games guides for profits.

Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry today, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger each and every year. AAA developers are pumping out top-tier titles all the time, and with the latest next generation consoles still pretty much the “new kids on the block” there is a lot of excitement and people snapping up consoles and titles left and right.

Combine that with the fact that mobile gaming has absolutely exploded in popularity in ways that people couldn’t have imagined until it actually happened, and you’re looking at a popular culture shift that is all about gaming in ways that it never was before!

Pong might have been cool 30 years ago, but it was still only a video game that a small handful of people “got”. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to run into anyone (at almost any age) that hasn’t played a video game at some point in their lives.

That means that the market is absolutely right for those that know video games inside and out, those that know how to create game guides and walkthroughs that other people are desperately searching for.

But to really cash in on this marketplace you need to know exactly what you’re doing – which is why we have created this super simple guide to help you hit the ground running.


assassin creed guide


It’s all about positioning

The first thing that you need to know is that the success (or failure) of your business selling video game guides and walkthroughs for popular video games is not going to be determined by the quality of the products that you release as much as the positioning of those same products.

Sure, you’re going to need to have guides for video games that are actually useful, walkthroughs for video games that help people navigate the sticky spots in all of the latest and greatest titles, but you need to have something more than that.

There are hundreds and hundreds of websites out there offering those kinds of “bare-bones, cut and dry” gaming guides to the masses – and they usually offer there’s 100% free of charge!

To charge money for your guides for video games, you need to bring something else to the table. This is where positioning comes into play, as it’s the only thing that would let you differentiate yourself from the competition enough to make big bucks.

On top of that, your customers will fall love with you for positioning your business properly, and you’ll find it a lot easier to create repeat business, referral business, and tackle your marketing and advertising problems without having to spend a small fortune.

Positioning is everything.


Strike while the iron is hot

Secondly, you need to focus on creating video games guides and walkthroughs for popular titles that are being released (or are about to be released) as opposed to creating and cranking up guides for older titles.

Sure, you might pick up a smaller market of video gamers that are looking to be a little nostalgic over games from the past – but the odds are pretty good that they’ve already played through those titles that they are be visiting, and they aren’t going to need a walk-through to get them from Point A to Point B.

Brand-new titles come on the other hand, offers you the ability to reach out to gamers that might be getting frustrated with their inability to get past certain levels, certain bosses, or find hidden treasures, tips, tricks, and other secrets – and you’ll be right there, positioned perfectly to help them out!

Newer video games are definitely the way you want to go.


gta 5 guide


Fall in love with multimedia

Text based walkthroughs and video games guides have been done to death already.

On top of that, there just isn’t all that much “intrinsic value” that you can conjure out of thin air to make your new video games guides more worthwhile, more valuable, more desirable – which all plays a role in you being able to charge more money for them!

Instead of pumping out another cut and dry, drop dead boring, almost textbook like walk-through, consider making the video walkthroughs (of the right way and the wrong way to tackle a specific object, for example) that lets your viewer see how things are supposed to be played while at the same time giving them alternative options that they might try out on their own.


Even though these people are looking for video games guides, secrets, and insider information that they would not have had otherwise, they still want to play the game.

By giving them a video of how to tackle things (but also giving them extra options as well), you’re going to let them find their own way through the sticky situations – feeling like they’ve accomplished something without you holding their hand and pushing them to the finish line.

It’s a psychological difference that is pretty subtle on the surface, but it might make or break your new video games business.


Frontend products should support your backend products

Lastly, you’ll want to understand the fundamental difference between success and failure in most businesses today.

You see, a lot of otherwise smart and savvy business owners out there think that they have to make as much money as possible on each and every sale they make.

This means that they’re trying to cover their overhead with each product purchased, trying to boost their bottom line with each piece of merchandise moved, and they are operating very tactically and not very strategically.

This is a major mistake you cannot afford to make.

Instead of trying to make money on everything you sell, divide your products into two different groups:

Guides for video games that you sell at entry-level prices – i.e. for next to nothing – as your frontend.

Guides and walkthroughs for video games (and other video game related products) that you sell at premium level prices – i.e. for all on more than your frontend products – as your backend.

Getting your first customer or convincing someone to purchase something from you the first time is going to be the most expensive thing you do as a business owner.

However, follow-up sales to that same person are going to cost you next to nothing with the power of modern marketing tools like email marketing, social media marketing, and others – and that’s where all your profit lies.

Practice loss leader’s concept and add it into your marketing funnels with almost impossible to believe offers, over deliver on that quality content, and you’ll be able to sell them backend products hand over fist and really make some serious chunks of change in the process.

And that’s how you build a video games guide and walk-through business!


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