Video Games Affiliate Marketer

Video Games Affiliate Marketer

There is a lot of money to be made as a video games affiliate marketer

Every single year, video games companies (major AAA companies as well as independent developers) are responsible for billions and billions of dollars in sales – and revenue – in the video games industry.

Ever since Pong first exploded onto the scene more than three decades ago, video games have been a big part of the entertainment world, but never quite like this.

Sure, the Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox all have played a role in pushing video games to the top of the entertainment industry – but new technology (like tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices) has almost tripled the size of this business in just the last 10 years.

Far and away one of the most competitive businesses on the planet, it’s very, very difficult for new video games companies to strike it rich and make it to the big time – even if the video games that they are responsible for making our groundbreaking titles that people are falling in love with.

There are just so many other competitors that making a little bit of noise is nearly impossible, unless you are leaning on a worldwide army of video games affiliate marketers that are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for you.

So you see, as a new video games affiliate marketer, the video game industry is going to be behind you 100% (rooting for your success) – because when you win, they win!

Wouldn’t you like to cash in on a multi-billion dollar industry without too much headache or hassle?


It’s ridiculously easy to start making money with video games (if you know how to do it)

When you decide to become a video games affiliate marketer, you are basically deciding to become an independent contractor and salesman for the video games that you are going to be pushing.

Almost all major (and minor) video game developers today have affiliate marketing programs that you can sign up with (usually 100% free of charge), and you can begin making money off of that affiliate account later that afternoon.

All you have to do is know how to set up your affiliate account, get a website up and running, and then market your new web property – which is a little bit more difficult than it might seem on the surface.

Well, at least it would have been more difficult than it seems on the surface. But now you have this quick guide to mastering the world of video games as an affiliate marketer, so you don’t have anything to worry about!


Business Interaction


Setting up your own video games affiliate marketer business

As mentioned above, the first step in this process is finding video games that you are excited about, video games that are positively reviewed, or video games that you think are about to really “breakout” in a big way – the kinds of games let you get in on the ground floor before they really skyrocket.

We’re talking about games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Words with Friends, and Flappy Bird here.

Mobile games are probably the easiest “world” in video gaming to break into as an affiliate marketer, so that’s where you are going to want to begin your journey.

Once you’ve found a handful of games that you are excited to promote, you’ll want to make sure that they offer affiliate marketer programs.

Usually the developers will have information that you can take advantage of right on their website about their affiliate programs, but sometimes you’ll have to look elsewhere.

This is when Google will be your best friend.

After you have signed up with a legitimate video games affiliate marketer program, then (and only then) are you going to want to invest in a domain name and web software (like WordPress) that you can use to get a website up and running in record time.

Don’t worry too much about the overall design or the content that you’re going to put up quite yet. The domain is going to be everything, and you’ll need to find a piece of web software or CMS tools that you are comfortable using – that’s the real “backbone” moving forward.

From there, you’ll want to spy on a couple of your competitors in Google. Search for the video game title that you want to promote followed by “affiliate”, then check out the top two or three pages worth of results to see what kind of content they are publishing, what kind of marketing strategies they are using, and the kind of profit generation techniques they are taking advantage of.

Once that’s done, you’re going to want to replicate they are system as much as you can – at least in the early stages.


Critical details to separate you from the rest of the video games affiliate marketers out there

After you are up and running with a bare-bones solution, it’s time to start leveraging a handful of critical details that will separate you from the rest of the pack when it comes time to make money off of video games as an affiliate marketer.

You are going to want to focus on three things and three things only:

– Fresh content added to your website daily

– Video content added to your website at least once a week

– Email content that you send out to your subscribers every day or every other day

If you make in these areas your big priority as a video games affiliate marketer, you are going to have a legitimate business up and running in record time – and you’ll be crushing your competitors along the way.

Make sure that all of the content you produce is not only targeted towards video gamers that you feel would be prime targets for the games that you are promoting, but that it is also unique content that has a bit of a “viral attitude” behind it.

You want to try and get your visitors to share your content as much as possible, using them as your “indivisible sales force” so that you earn higher and higher commissions off of your video games affiliate membership.

After that, the sky is the limit!

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