Trove Flux is in Demand

Trove Flux is in Demand

Trove is an awesome adaptation to Minecraft. While not created by the same developer, Trove is created by Trion: the makers of Rift, Defiance and ArcheAge. Trove includes combat, PvP, adventure, exploration and of course, Club Worlds: a place to build your own items, lairs, dungeons and more.

You have the same great experience of Minecraft with a little more interactivity and fun in the mix.

The game’s recent release on Steam has increased player numbers so greatly that the game’s servers are struggling to keep up. As of recent reports, there are now over 700,000 players playing Trove, so it is seeing a huge spike in demand for the Trove Flux currency.

trove power pack

Trove Bundles for Added Stuff

Before you get started selling and farming flux, there are bundles that can be purchased for added in-game bonuses.

  • Power Pack: The Power Pack offers two class tokens, two flask tokens, 2000 of each primal block, trove topper, fire wings, supercycle and a Trovian Sail.
  • Necrofancy Pack: Unlock the Tomb Raiser class. This pack also gives you the Spite Biter Spider and Boneweaver Spider Mounts. The Acid Tomb Raiser costume and soulfire wings are also included.
  • Class Pack: The class pack provides five class tokens.

All of these bundles aren’t necessary to play the game, but they do provide the option of playing different classes, and getting extra gear and items to begin playing.

trove patron

Patron Benefits

If you’re serious about playing Trove, they have introduced “Patron Benefits.” This is a pass that will allow you to receive huge boosts and charge into battle with epic items. This isn’t something to overlook, especially if you plan on selling Flux.

With the patron benefits, you’ll receive:

  • 50% more experience
  • 100% crafting speed increase
  • +200 magic find

There are also a slew of other benefits that make your character stronger and better able to defeat foes in battle. The reason we’re mentioning just these benefits is because they allow you to progress in the game faster and start earning flux at a faster rate.

Even if you don’t want to sell flux, this is a great opportunity.

Trion provides 4 pricing tiers for their patron pass:

  • 1 month: $14.99
  • 3 month: $13.49
  • 6 month: $11.99
  • 12 month: $10.99

There are also passes that can be earned in-game for 15-day and 30-day durations. What I personally like to do is get a 1 month pass and try getting in-game passes, so I don’t have to keep paying for patron benefits.

It is worth every penny, especially if you want to sell Trove flux.

trove referral

Referral Program

Why not get your friends to join in on the fun?

You can send friend invites on social media and in email. When your friends begin to play, you will start accumulating rewards that start when they reach Mastery Rank 30. Upon your friends reaching this level, you will earn:

  • Elder Dragonling Ally

Now, when you invite more friends, your rewards will be greater. Three friends that reach Mastery Rank 30 will provide you with an Elder Dragoncrown. There are also rewards for 5, 10 and 30 friend invites that include 2 mounts and a dragon.

All of these referred friends cannot already be members and must make a new account.

Trion wants to boost their membership numbers as much as possible, so invite friends and start to reap the rewards.

trove game guide

Game Guides to Get You Started

You may be wondering how to get started in the game. First, you will not have access to all of the available classes unless you buy a bundle immediately. The following classes are available (some need to be unlocked):

  • Tomb Raiser: A necromancer that has bone chilling abilities and can create a Grave Golem.
  • Boomeranger: A fun class that allows you to fight with blades, use a boomerang weapon or throw bombs.
  • Pirate Captain: Parrot on your shoulder and a cannon, you will be able to set sail on the seas while destroying foes along the way.
  • Shadow Hunter: It’s hunting season, and you’re the master. Shoot razor-sharp arrows at your foes today with the Shadow Hunter class.
  • Ice Sage: The master of ice magic. You can control foes with ice, or shatter them to pieces.
  • Candy Barbarian: Use candy to fuel your battles.
  • Neon Ninja: Slice and dice foes with the Neon Ninja.
  • Dracolyte: Use Draconic magic and your own dragon to spit fire and burn foes to ash.
  • Fae Trickster: Masters of illusion, the Fae Trickster can charm his or her enemies to death.
  • Gunslinger: Armed for battle. This cowboy is ready to shoot his way through enemies one battle at a time.
  • Knight: Honor and justice propel the knight to fight and never give up in battle.

There are dungeons and lairs to battle in, and a lot of realms to explore from the Medieval Highlands to the Sky and Shadow realms.

If you ever wanted just a little more out of Minecraft, a little more adventure and fun, you will find it in Trove. It is fun and exciting and it has been able to lure 700,000 players to the game so far with more being added daily.


Flux Farming on Trove

What will you be able to farm and sell for real money?

Flux. This is a material that is found within Trove and is used to upgrade items, create diamonds and is the “unofficial” currency of the game. Many players will also trade flux for items and there is always a ratio provided. The ratio is seen as #:#, indicating how many materials will be provided.

Using flux at the Forge and Enchanted Forge, players will be able to upgrade to newer, deadlier gear.

You can get this invaluable material through dragon caches or through the Loot Collector. A lot of people will run the in-game dungeons and keep putting the items into the Loot Collector to continually earn more flux.

This is the currency also needed for the many of the game’s best crafted items.

Trove flux is in high demand from players that want the best in-game items and don’t want to play for days or weeks to obtain enough flux on their own. With the game’s growing popularity, gold farmers should begin farming flux and sell it in this high demand market.

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