Tree of Savior by creator of Ragnarok Online

Tree of Savior by creator of Ragnarok Online

Tree of Savior brings back the feel of the old-school RPG with text dialog, while bringing the graphics and fun of the MMORPGs we know and love today. A game with a lot of hype surrounding it, Tree of Savior looks amazing and everyone that has had the chance to play the game (beta ended earlier this month), already loves it.

tree of savior gameplay

Tree of Savior’s Story

Happiness filled the kingdom with the blessing of the Goddesses. The capital was filled with prosperity thanks to the blessing of Goddess Laima, and the world was happy. Peace filled the land and prosperity filled the lives of the people.

Goddesses lived amongst the people and taught them how to use fire and live off of the land.

People prayed and found that their prayers were left unanswered. Hoping that the goddesses would return soon, the people did not take their absence seriously. It was a warning that the people blindly ignored.

Soon, the Divine Tree grew up out of the middle of the kingdom, destroying everything in its way. People fled the city, while many died in the tree’s wake. Trees and flowers turned into monsters, eating people alive, and soon, other cities beyond the capital began to suffer as well. The world as the people knew it was no more – it was a nightmare.

Four years have passed since the Divine Tree arrived, and people are trying to find a sense of normalcy once again.

Following a day of despair, people gathered and talked about how they dreamed of the goddess. Hope has filled their lives. But, it may be a sign to a world with a new looming disaster.

Tree of Savior Basic Guide

Gameplay is pretty standard, and while I won’t be going too in-depth on how to play the game, I will go through the basics, so you get an idea of how the game is played.

  • 1. Create Your Character: There are for class types: Swordsman, Wizard, Archer and Cleric. These are the four classes you choose before selecting your hair style and name.
  • 2. Controls: The basic controls are all covered in-game, such as using the arrow keys to walk and the “X” button to jump. Again, this is all taught to you when you start playing.
  • 3. Tutorial: A complete, optional tutorial, will start once you begin playing the game. This will run you through all of the basic game mechanics.
  • 4. Recovery: You’ll have both HP (health) and SP (stamina) when playing. Both of these can be replenished using potions, stamina pills or attacking tree root crystals. There is also a rest mode that will replenish these stats.
  • 5. Skills and Attributes: Like most MMOs, you’ll earn skills and attributes as you level to customize your character.
  • 6. Advancement: Upon reaching level 15, you’ll be able to undertake an advancement quest where you can achieve a class advancement to become even more powerful.

In-game, there are also companions that you’ll be able to train and aid you in combat, which is awesome. Items can be enhanced to be more powerful, and you’ll be able to join parties with others to enter into dungeons.

If you’ve played Ragnarok Online, you’ll find that both games are very similar. Why? This is because Kim Hakkyu created both games, so Tree of Savior has the fun and adventure that Ragnarok has – and more.

tree of savior cash shop

F2P With Cash Shops

Tree of Savior will be completely free-to-play, and there will be cash shops in-game to buy more powerful items. As a gold farmer, this means you’ll be able to monetize the heck out of this game because you can have multiple accounts without having to pay for subscriptions.

This opens up a few monetization options that you won’t have in other games:

  • Create accounts with unique names to sell them later.
  • Create and sell accounts.
  • Run multiple accounts at once, and power-level them to sell later.

tree of savior faq

A major question that players had was: can you trade between characters?

The answer is: YES. Trading allows you to start selling items, potions and gear right from the start of the game. All you have to do is right-click on the character you want to trade with, and a dialog box will open, allowing you to make the trade.

Currency can be sold offline, and you can make the trade in-game.

While we’re not 100% positive of what will transpire between beta phases and the final release of the game, we do have an idea of what services you can offer already:

  • Boosting: You can boost people’s accounts for them, allowing them to reach max level.
  • Runs: There are dungeons already introduced within the beta phase of the game, so we’re sure there will be more added in the future. People will want runs from experienced players to pick up gear and items.
  • Items: We’re not sure how items will be handled in the final iteration of the game, but you’ll be able to trade items, such as potions and hopefully gear. If you can obtain these items, you’ll be able to sell them for a profit.
  • Currency: Just like how people sell gold in WoW, you’ll be able to sell currency and trade it in-game. You can change game channels whenever you want, so this will open up the opportunity to sell currency to all players.
  • Accounts: While accounts may be free, you’ll be able to sell high-level accounts with great items for top dollar. We even recommend selling unique names to players that will want the names as a vanity.

tree of savior

These are just a few of the ways that we’ve already found to monetize Tree of Savior. You’ll be able to find a lot of different avenues to make money in-game and hopefully, turn a profit while having a lot of fun in the process.

Keep in mind that the current beta stage is closed, so you’ll have to wait until the next beta phase to try out the game for yourself and figure out ways you would like to monetize Tree of Savior.

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