The Division’s Underground Release for PC and Xbox

The Division’s Underground Release for PC and Xbox

The waiting is over: the Division expansion has been released yesterday, June 28. But the release is just for PC and Xbox – PlayStation 4 players will need to wait until August 2 to play. I really feel for PS4 gamers that have to wait so long to get their hands on the new expansion because it looks great.

If you’re not caught up to speed just yet, there is a patch update prior to the release.

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The Division Pre-Expansion Patch Update Information

A patch is being deployed ahead of the Underground expansion. This is update 1.3, and it brings about a lot of new changes to the game. Keep in mind that a lot of the patch’s content will require you to own the Underground expansion.

Obviously, the Underground is off limits unless you own the expansion.

But the 1.3 update is available to all players. There is some bad news: the PlayStation 4 patch has been delayed – bummer. The patch is available for Xbox One and PC as of June 28, so if you’re reading this, you can go ahead and start enjoying the patch right now.

What’s the patch bring to The Division?

  • Bug fixes
  • Content
  • Changes

A few of the biggest additions and changes are:

  • The addition of the AlphaBridge gear set
  • 9 new high-end weapons and weapon types
  • Hudson Refugee Camp and Queens Tunnel Camp will both receive challenge mode difficulty
  • Heroic mode difficulty has been added

When you enter into heroic mode, you’ll be facing tougher foes that are harder and require more precision to kill. Daily missions don’t include heroic modes, but numerous main missions and incursions do include heroic mode challenges.

There are Base of Operations Extensions added, too, including:

  • The Terminal (a social space)
  • All new vendors have been added
  • The special equipment vendor has been changed, and split into a vendor and a blueprint vendor

Fast travel has been added, so you can transport directly to the terminal.

And this is just the start of what this massive patch has to offer. Players will be able to recalibrate their weapons in new and exciting ways. Countless gameplay changes have bene made to compliment higher-end players. A new Dark Zone bracket has been added, and in free roam mode, level 30 characters will face enemies of the same level or higher.

Weapons have also been tuned with varying damage percentages, plus a lot more. If you’re interested in reading all of the patch notes, view the official site for more details.

the division

Expansion 1: Underground

The Division’s Underground expansion is here – for everyone but PS4 players that is. And if you’re profiting from the game already or want to start making some side money, there is no better time to get into the business.

What many people fail to recognize is that markets have the most activity when expansions are released.

People that stopped playing will return to the game, and the boost in advertising will bring in new players that are excited to give the game a try. This is an opportunistic moment that you should never underestimate.

You’ll be able to:

  • Offer new boosting services
  • Sell old accounts

But don’t jump the gun just yet. If you’ve never played this game before, you may want to take the time to really start researching it. Don’t get me wrong, you can always sell your account no matter how small the player base is, but selling services may not be as much of a viable option, depending on how the expansion pans out.


Ubisoft rushed the game, and has been too slow to fix bugs and major underlying issues.

The result of such a horrible release – and that is putting it nicely – is that the player base has shrunk by 81% since the game launched. Being a new game, this is a steep drop and one that has put a hold on a lot of sellers’ operations.

If the player base doesn’t start to move upward again, you’ll have limited people to sell to, which will be a problem. But there will still be a demand for services, and with little competition, you can definitely add to your bottom line as a result.

the division steam charts

I suggest you check out Steam Charts to keep an eye on the amount of players the game has at any given time.

A quick check shows 11,188 people currently playing, with an all-time peak of 113,877. No one expects such a high number to remain forever, but this is a steep drop nonetheless.

That’s not to say that the Underground doesn’t have a lot of potential – because it does. Hopefully Ubisoft is able to address many of the issues that have plagued the game to correct its path. What does the expansion bring to the table? The first expansion allows players to go underground into the belly of New York where enemies are regrouping. Stench is rising from the subways and tunnels that will be the endless environment players traverse in the expansion.

New gear and deadly weapons await as players will go into the tunnels as teams that are trying to see what remains in the underbelly.

You may have shotguns and LMGs that aren’t so appealing, and you’ll be happy to know that the new DLC makes a lot of these weapons more viable and appealing to players. Damage ratios have been boosted so that you have a few more options when blasting away an enemy. The only downside is that these must be weapons obtained after the patch.

Much of the patch’s inclusions are only available to DLC owners.

the division underground

Dragon’s Nest is a new incursion that has been added to the game and allows level 30 players to try their chance at obtaining the Cleaner weapon.

New weapons and gear sets will be available as well as dozens of missions that can be taken on solo or in groups of up to four people.

The Division Underground has been experiencing launch issues, but as they rollout quick fixes and updates, we’ll really be able to see if the expansion is a success or not.





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