The Division Guide: How to Make Money, Like Literally

The Division Guide: How to Make Money, Like Literally

You’re a hardcore gamers and people keep telling you: you can’t make money playing games. But the truth is, a lot of people are making money playing games. We’re not talking single player games like Mario, but interactive games with communities that span into the millions.

The Division by Tom Clancy is one game that people are making a killing on.

Released on March 8, 2016, The Division is a third-person shooter that is a multiplayer game and is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You’re thrown into downtown Manhattan, and the map is as epic as anything Rockstar had made – it’s that good.

Gameplay is epic, but AI is a little predictable at times from our experience.

the division

Always frantic and challenging, the game is intense, and you’ll go through numerous missions before being able to play campaign missions, which are extremely intense. Four-man teams can be formed, and you’ll need to level along the way, too.

Then there is what’s called the Dark Zone.

When you choose to exit the normal mode to go to the Dark Zone, you’ll find that you’ve entered into a massive world of player-versus-player combat. And your “friends” can either help you traverse the world and finish campaigns, or blow your brains out.

It’s a cutthroat world, and there are different levels offered here, too, making it even more challenging.

And the same player that decides to kill you rather than help you kill AI can steal your loot. So, there are some real consequences in the game. You’ll also find that loot is very important, and the stats matter a lot.

I’ve spent hours comparing stats in-game because the loot you get can make or break the experience. Such a high value for the loot makes earning it very challenging and rewarding. And the developers did not make this a loot-friendly game. Loot is scarce, so when you come across an unmatched weapon, you know you worked hard to obtain it.

Ways to Monetize The Division

You’ll find that The Division is highly addicting, and for some reason, you’ll keep playing and playing. And the good news is that other players will also be doing the same exact thing. They’ll be playing a lot.

But this is a good thing.

When a game is addicting and has a large player base, there is money to be made – and lots of it. A few of the many ways you’ll be able to monetize the game are:

the division

Boosting Services

There are two ways you can level: normal and Dark Zone. And people are playing to have their characters leveled on both of these spectrums.

When playing on “normal,” you’ll be capped at level 30. The maximum level currently in the game, normal is a rather fast leveling experience that elite players can reach in just 15 hours. But people are impatient, and they’ll happily pay you to help them level.

Current leveling prices for normal range from:

  • $70 – $75

And this depends on the platform, too. You’ll find a lot of people will bundle normal and Dark Zone leveling together for a much higher price ($400 or more in some cases).

Dark Zone

Leveling in the Dark Zone takes more patience and skill. And the zone allows for levels up to 99, so it’s far more tedious and time consuming. Not to mention people can kill you and take your loot, which is always a bummer.

And the prices are inflated here. You can expect:

  • $50 – $100 for level 1 – 50
  • $180 – $200 for level 30 – 75
  • $120 for level 50 – 75
  • $180+ for level 75 – 99

And a lot of people are offering the whole works, level 0 – 99 for $400 or more. So, there is a lot of money to be made on The Division.

the division

Gear Sets and High-End Items

Gear sets and high-end items are always going to be in demand. These items can be found in:

  • Incursions
  • Blueprints
  • Daily Missions
  • Dark Zone

The best part is that you can charge a premium for these sets. Sets give your players a unique look, adds power with each piece that is added, and gives you the upper hand over the competition.

Falcon Run (Hard & Challenge Mode)

Falcon Runs are another avenue to make money. And people are already selling runs that include all of the loot going to you. These runs can be as cheap as $25 for hard mode and $55 for challenge mode at the moment.

And as more runs are added and they become more difficult, you can expect these prices to go even higher.

Phoenix and Dark Zone Credits

Phoenix and Dark Zone credits are also fetching top dollar at the moment. And you can earn some nice, real-world cash in the process. A few of the offers that we’re seeing posted include:

  • 500k credits for $35
  • 100k Dark Zone funds for $50
  • 1k Phoenix Credits for $50

If you have the experience, you can easily start making credits and funds today, and begin selling them tomorrow. It’s a very lucrative market at the moment, and we’re seeing a lot of momentum pushing markets higher for digital items in The Division.

the division


Believe it or not, people are already beginning to sell accounts to other players. This may be an option for you if you want to make a lot of money quickly. One of the most revered accounts up for auction at the moment includes:

  • Gear score of 214
  • Max level
  • All missions completed
  • All appearance items that can be found in the game
  • Dark Zone level 85
  • 300k Dark Zone funds

As you can see, this is a serious account that will fetch top dollar. This player has spent a lot of time on the game, and they’re selling their account for $432. The account is a PC account, and you’ll get the entire uPlay account.

The Division is one of the hottest games right now, and there is a lot of money to be made if you put the hard work and effort into it.

Side note: Patch 1.2 – The Conflict goes live tomorrow, May 24th.

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