The Art of Boosting For a Living

The Art of Boosting For a Living

You’ve probably heard of the term “boosting” before. While many people associate this term with stealing cars, it has nothing to do with grand theft auto in this case. Instead, boosting is a way to help boost a player in a game.

For example, if you’re a World of Warcraft player, you can purchase boosting services for:

  • Leveling: A fast and easy way to level alts or main characters.
  • Arena: Want to get an arena title or gear, but aren’t skilled enough to do so? You can have someone play your character and get you a high rating, or they may use their own character to help you win matches.
  • Raids and Dungeons: Whether you want a specific achievement or you want someone to carry you through a raid to get a specific piece of gear or complete a quest, you can do so with boosting.
  • Achievements: Titles, mounts and other rewards may be provided for completing a specific achievement. A boosting service can assist you in completing an achievement or jumping on your toon to do it on your behalf.

There are even mentorship programs that sort of teach you how to play the game better. This may not be needed in a dungeon, but it is a high valued service, especially in PVP.

Many gamers
think that there is only one way to go about gold farming in MMORPGs, but you can also use boosting to acquire in-game gold (later sold for cash), or for direct money from players.


Boosting Services 101

You want to start your own boosting services, but you don’t know how. This is a problem for a lot of gamers, but the process is quite easy. You need to pick a game you’re good at and familiar with to start. If you’re a WoW player, stick to WoW. If you like GW2, Rift or any other MMORPG, go with it.

Every game will have services you can sell.

Now, let’s look at the two ways that you’ll be able to start your service and it be effective.


Solo Services

Essentially, there are solo and group services. For the solo services, you’ll be:

  • Responsible for the boosting.
  • Receive 100% of the profit.

If you’re in an elite guild or you’re a master at arena, PVP or questing, you may be able to:

  • Mentor or coach players.
  • Boost a player’s arena / PVP rating.
  • Offer achievement completion services.
  • Level a person’s character.

In terms of arena (strictly World of Warcraft), you may need a partner to help you. Titles are awarded in 3v3 and 5v5 that aren’t awarded in 2v2 anymore. If a person wants to boost their MMR or simply wants to get all of their points for the week, this is something that you can do solo.

The majority of the time, in 2v2, you’ll find most people are DPS and want a healer, but keep both options available to make the most money.

You can also play the person’s account to level them up, get an achievement, or earn a particular arena rating.


Group Services

Group services are a necessity in some circumstances. If a player is trying to get gear or an achievement from Hellfire Citadel or Alexander – The Burden of the Father, this isn’t something you’ll be able to do alone.

You’ll need a guild or friends that are:

  • Skilled
  • Willing to help you at all times

Splitting gold or money amongst so many players really dwindles down your profits, so it is best if you can run with a group that is simply willing to help, but doesn’t want gold or money in return.

These raids can be 10+ players, so even a $100 wouldn’t prove profitable when split.

Group services will allow you to offer:

  • Higher cost services
  • Faster level boosting
  • Dungeon / raid achievements

There are also some games where kill ratios are very important. Why? Honor and prestige. Players are often willing to pay you (solo) or your group to voluntarily be killed in battle. This allows the person to have a higher kill ratio.

Some players will want to run the raid with your group, while others will simply want you to play their character. Any time a buyer wants to join in on a group, I charge them more. Why? You have to setup a specific time to run, and then the player may not know the fights, so they make the whole run harder and longer.

Once you’ve finalized the services you’ll be offering, you’ll want to promote them on various sites, forums and in-game.

Create your boosting services now.


What You Need To Prepare

There are a few other details that you’ll need to finalize before getting started. This includes:



What times will you dedicate to offering your services? If a player is in a different time zone, how will you accommodate him or her? Setting a strict schedule and treating boosting as a business will allow you to reap higher profits.



Every service you offer will have its own price. Running a 3 hour raid should be more costly than helping someone with a 20 minute quest. Attach a price to your services and even break them down.

For example,

You may charge $200 to boost a person from 0 to 100, but only $70 to boost a person from level 70 to 100.



It’s not wise to use in-game communication when offering boosting. Most games won’t allow this in their terms of service or allow another person to use your account. Decide how you will communicate with buyers:

  • E-mail
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • IM
  • Etc

I recommend choosing two avenues: email and any other avenue. Everyone has email, but not everyone uses Skype or WhatsApp.



Finally, the fun part. Payment is essential, so you’ll want to set up various ways to be paid, such as:

  • E-wallets
  • Paypal
  • Money transfer
  • Stripe
  • Etc.

Some people will even allow Amazon Gift Cards as payment. You need to have several avenues so that the buyer can pay you as easily as possible.

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