Thanatos: The Dragon Chaser

Thanatos: The Dragon Chaser

The world of fantasy comes to life in Thanatos: The Dragon Chaser. A fantasy MMORPG that was developed by Inixsoft and JM Studio, the game offers stunning visuals, an interesting storyline and a lot of gameplay mechanics that are new and refined.

Thanatos raid

Introduction to The Dragon Chaser

The world begins with God’s creation of life on Pangaea. Eight dragons were created to help God bring the lifeless plant to live. The eight dragons were defined by their color:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Green

There is also the Divine Dragon Gnosis. Arche, the world where the dragons were born, allowed them to make nests where they willingly obeyed his orders. After the dragons came the rivers, forests and mountains before humans were finally created.

thanatos world

Suddenly, God’s creations started being destroyed, and he and the eight powerful dragons descended onto the earth to find the God of Destruction. The world was thrust into chaos, and the God of Creation banishes the God of Destruction forever.

The demons that helped destruction were left behind, and moved to corrupt humans. And, Gnosis decided to sacrifice himself forever to destroy all of the demons, but it was too late. Humans had already been corrupted. The dragons slaughtered a third of humanity before hibernating for a long time.

As the dragons await Brakia, a magical dragon, to return, they hibernate as demons rain down on the continent of Arche.

The planet is left in chaos as humans battle among themselves in everyday quarrel. Demons and monsters begin to ascend on the continent with no hope for humanity – but you.

thanatos dark mage

Character Info

Seven different classes make up your general character creation. The one you choose will have a major impact on your gameplay:

  • Defender: A male-only class with a one-handed sword and shield. This class is known for defending others in their group against the terrors of the world. Close range attack is the defender’s specialty.
  • Archer: With bow in-hand, the archer class descends on the enemy before they’re able to defend themselves. This class is also male, and is great for their evasive skill and wide area of attack.
  • Enchanter: The first female class is the enchanter who uses her orb to help debilitate enemies, heal her party and reinforce attacks.
  • Warrior: The warrior is a close-battle damage dealer that wields two axes as he chops down everyone in front of him. Warriors can only be male.
  • Dark Mage: The dark mage is a female-only class that uses a bone as a weapon and deals destruction with her magic. This mage can use her powers to make enemies weaker and cause chaos on the field.
  • Thief: Little is known about the stealthy thief class aside from them staying in the shadows to defeat their enemies.
  • Knight: A specialist on the battlefield. Knights can only be males and are never taken off guard as they kill their enemy.

Every class has its own special abilities and skills that make them a vital part of the PvE experience.

thanatos battle

Game Guide

Free-to-play, the game focuses on PvE, and has several different functions and features that allow you to enjoy the game’s adventure along with your friends. The game includes several options, such as:

  • Interface: The interface is similar to World of Warcraft. You’ll have all of your icons and key binds available to quickly control your toon.
  • Battle: You’ll invoke your special abilities, destroy foes with your skill, and use potions to give you an advantage in battle.
  • Chatting: A chat is located at the bottom left of the screen to easily talk to friends.
  • Party: You’ll be able to invite other players to your party to overcome difficult quests along the way.
  • Mail: You can send mails to other players and attach valuable items in the process.
  • Enchance: All of your items can be “enchanced” or enchanted to allow for different stat increases.
  • Storage: Visit your local bank to store your most valuable items.
  • The Force: Players can gain rank and show their influence on the world by joining the force. You’ll be to join a force, or guild, but this is a continuous choice that will not be able to be changed in the future.
  • Trade: You’ll be able to trade items with other users through a dialog box. This is a smart choice for gold sellers that want to sell rare items for profit.

Thanatos has cards that you can collect along the way through hunting and quests. These cards have their own abilities and level up effects, and will allow your character to grow more powerful. You’ll even find summoning cards to call upon powerful allies to cut down your foes.

A new pet system has been introduced that allows you to hire different pets to help support you in battle.

The developers like to leave a lot to the imagination with Thanatos. While the official website provides basic information about the game, you’ll be left to explore the game for yourself to really experience the excitement.

And this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, a lot of people have already started playing the game. It’s free to play, so you really have nothing to lose in the process. Anyone that wants to play the game will need to download it first, and register for an account.

Thanatos pve

I will admit that registration has been buggy, but that seems to have been corrected.

If you’re trying to profit off of the game, you’ll find that you can help players boost their characters, farm rare items and trade them for in-game currency, and also sell items or currency on markets. There is no PvP aspect to the game yet, so you’ll have very little opportunity to help boost players through epic PvP battles, but you can boost character levels or help players gear up in exchange for money or gold.

So, what do you think of Thanatos: The Dragon Chaser?

The reviews so far have been very promising, and the game has been widely promoted online. Give the game a test for yourself and try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

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