Tera Online: Elite Status

Tera Online: Elite Status

Get Tera Online: Elite Status for the enhanced gameplay each time you play. Tera online stands for The Exiled Real of Arborea. It is a 3D fantasy game that was developed by the Bluehole Studio.

The game was first released in South Korea in January of 2011. In August, the game was released in Japan and in May of 2012, the game was launched in North America and in Europe. Download the game client here.

There have been close and open beta testing that have been conducted before the launch of the game.

The good news for Tera gamers out there is that there is now an Online Elite Status subscription that gamers can take advantage of. By subscribing for the elite status, gamers will now be able to enjoy lots of exclusive perks, including store discounts, mounts, convenience items, boosters and a whole lot more.

Read on to find out more about the Elite Status subscription.


Tera Online: Elite Status

Tera online Razermane Mount


Exclusive Perks

Gamers will enjoy a whole lot of exclusive perks by subscribing to the Tera Online: Elite Status. Among these are the following:

Razermane Mount – Elite gamers will have access to an exclusive Razormane mount that is not available to other players. This alone is reason enough to get it.
Boosts – gamers who are subscribed for Tera will be receiving daily boosts for Gold, XP and the reputation.
Store Discounts – all elite gamers will enjoy exclusive discounts on items available in Valkyon Oufitters.
Free Gifts – being an elite player, you will be receiving some valuable gifts from Tera each month.


Tera Online: Elite Status

Tera online exclusive perks


Convenience Items

Elite gamers will get to enjoy exclusive convenience Items. These items can certainly be a big help to your game, allowing you to have a more enjoyable and adventurous game. Among these items are:

•  Travel Journal – with a travel journal, you will be able to bookmark up to five distinct travel locations and this is only available if you subscribe for the elite status.
•  Travelers Insurance – another great item that elite gamers can take advantage of is the travelers insurance where they get to teleport merchants and bankers or trade brokers instantly.
•  Village Atlas – by subscribing to the Elite status, you get to travel through the main Tera hubs without so many hassles. Aside from the one that was provided on the elite bar, you will be set to both your main character as well as your alts.


Tera Online: Elite Status

Tera online exclusive perks


Enhanced Game play

There are certainly lots of enhancements that one would get to enjoy by having an Elite Status. First of all, for the Dungeon Entries, standard gamers will only have it in default, but Elite Status will have a shortened cool down.

As for the Daily Bonus Quests, Standard gamers will only be given ten per day, but Elite status will have 20.

For sending the Gold via Parcel PST, Default gamers will only be allowed for up to ten gold cap for every message while Elite gamers will have unlimited. The Brokerage Postings for Elite Status will be 50 which is way more than what standard gamers will have which is only 10.

There will be a Brokerage Listing fee of 5% for standard players but there is none for Elite players. As for the Brokerage Sales fee, standard gamers will pay 15% and only 10% for elite.


Tera Online: Elite Status

Tera Online: Elite Status


Purchase More Gold

So as you can see, having an Elite Status for Tera is definitely more advantageous for all gamers. It gives players more rewards for everything which makes the game to become even more exciting. Players get to experience a true action combat in an immense and beautiful world.

Unfortunately, not all gamers have the financial means to pay for the $14.99 subscription fee. If you are one of those who cannot afford, then you should work hard on improving your character’s abilities to make gold.

If not, then you might as well purchase gold from us and then use it to obtain much better weapon and equipment in the future.

If the characters are raid ready or if they are accessible to high level dungeons, then the drop will be much more valuable and this can be sold for gold. If the players will be able to farm a good amount of gold, then they also have an option to sell the extra gold to us in exchange of cash.

In return, they can make use of the cash as added funds in order to sign up for the Elite Status subscription.


Elite Discounts

As soon as you become Elite for Tera, you get to receive a lot of daily boosts, store discounts, exclusive mounts and several other perks.

There are also “elite only” specials that gamers can take advantage of such as receiving a 10% discount on costumes and accessories for Castanic Female Bloodshadow, Elin Bloodshadow, Castanic Male Bloodshadow, High Elf Female and Male, Human Male and Female Bloodshadow, and so much more.

To sign up for the Elite Status, simply check out the official website of Tera. Refer to the upper right hand corner of the page and click on “Elite Status”. After that, choose “Get Elite Status”.

A new page will then open up where will find information about the Elite Status, including all the perks and benefits that you can earn if you subscribe for one. Simply click on sign in and a new page will open up.

Key-in your email address and your password and click on “log-in”. If you still do not have an account with Tera, then you can click on an option to create an account.

Creating an account will require that you provide your email address and a password. There is also an option to sign up through your Facebook account. As soon as you are signed up to the website, you will then become a Standard member.

But if you want to take advantage of all the perks and privileges of being Elite, then go to the section of Elite Status. You will then be asked to provide your payment information.

You can choose to pay with a credit card or debit card for the $14.99 subscription fee.


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