Supernova MOBA Set In A Sci-Fi Universe

Supernova MOBA Set In A Sci-Fi Universe

Supernova is a free-to-play MOBA set in a futuristic environment. Its mechanics and gameplay are similar to DOTA 2, but the storyline and environment will appeal to sci-fi buffs. With real-time strategy elements, a visually-immersive experience and a familiar gameplay feel, this is one MOBA game that gold sellers want to get in on.

Supernova is slated for a release date later this year, but closed beta testing began on July 23rd. And you can sign up for beta access right now.


What is Supernova All About?

Supernova is a MOBA, so the entire universe is one big battlefield. Players can choose to fight as humans or aliens to save their race’s existence. Only the strongest commanders (i.e. players) will be able to save their species from utter annihilation.

A number of different commanders are available, including robots, interstellar races and cyborgs. Lane minions can be upgraded in ways that players of other RTS games will be familiar with. Air, infantry and mechanized land units are all at your disposal. The way you use and manage these units will be the difference between an epic defeat and a stunning victory.

As if the all-out battle arena wasn’t attractive enough, Supernova takes things one step further by offering a crafting mechanism. Players can enhance their skills by mixing and matching drops from their battles to create commander boosts. These boosts allow you to enhance your commander beyond its base abilities.

A Supremacy ability is also available, which is an unparalleled line of commanders. This ability allows players to unleash an ancient technology that will give the team mega blasting drones that will rip apart the enemy’s defenses.


Supernova Commanders

Here’s a rundown of the commanders that are currently available for play in the closed beta:

  • Ares 5: Tank/Ranged/Support. Ares 5 is fantastic for defense, but great for utility, too. While not great for offense, Ares 5 is pretty quick moving and has a high armor rating.
  • Axion: Brawler/Melee/Assassin. Great for close-range combat, the Axion is quick, offers high weapon damage and offers great utility.
  • Blaze: Caster/Ranged/Support. Blaze is a well-rounded commander that offers both defensive and offensive abilities. Utility is another specialty of this commander.
  • Bloat: Caster/Ranged/Tank. Its name says it all. This grotesque commander is great for defense and utility, and offers long-range attacks. Its high health and energy levels make it a great option for tanking.
  • Maxim: Brawler/Melee/Tank. Maxim can serve as both an offensive brawler and a defensive tank. Although he’s not particularly heavy-hitting, he’s quick, has a high armor rating and plenty of health.
  • Mortanica: Caster/Melee/Assassin. Morganica’s primary role is an offensive one. With high weapon damage and quick movement, this commander is ideal for situations that call for close melee combat.
  • Reptus: Melee/Brawler. Mostly defensive, Reptus has an ample supply of health, can deliver heavy hits and is quick moving.
  • Skrime: Brawler/Melee/Tank. Mostly defensive, Skrime offers great support. Attack range is limited, but armor and health ratings are high.
  • Slith: Caster/Ranged. Offensive in nature, Slith is a long-range caster that’s quick and heavy-hitting.
  • Talo’Thrix: Brawler/Melee/Tank. This insect-like commander offers support and defense, but still boasts a few great offensive abilities as well.
  • Vikka: Sniper/Ranged. Mostly offensive, Vikka is a sniper that offers long-range attacks. While not heavily armored, Vikka is quick and offers heavy weapon damage.
  • Xenos: Sniper/Ranged. Like Vikka, Xenos offers long-range attacks as a sniper. Higher weapon damage and support make Xenos a welcome addition to any battle.

Supernova developers promise to add more commanders in the future, but you have plenty to choose from right form the start.


Closed Beta Features – What You Need to Know

Ready to sign up for closed beta access? Here are a few things you need to know:

New Commanders

Since the launch of closed beta, Supernova has introduced two new commanders: Targon and B.R.O.

  • Targan is a commander form a race of minotaur-like beings. He wields an axe and can deal some serious damage.
  • B.R.O. is a solitary robot that awoke on Carrion’s junkyard moon. He offers great team and lane support with slowing abilities and ranged attacks.

Founder’s and Starter Packages

The game’s developers added packages for both Cyborg and Humans to the store. These packages offer exclusive items that will help you get an edge on the competition.

founder's pack

Founder’s Package

  • 40% savings
  • 2 commander skins: Galagat (Viridian Warrior) & Maxim (Imperator Armor)
  • 1 force theme of a faction of your choosing
  • 3 profile icons
  • 6 commanders (Mackwell, Bloat, Galagot, Nefara and Nyx)
  • 7-day complete booster

starter's pack

Starter Packages

  • 50% savings
  • 1 force theme of a faction of your choosing
  • 3 profile icons
  • 4 commanders (Legatus Karnel, Blaze, Slith and Skrime)
  • 3-day complete booster

store items

Cosmetic Skins

New cosmetic skins are also being added to the store, with more being added on a regular basis. These can be purchased with real cash, and you can bet they will be a hot commodity for players.

Some of the latest skins to be added include:

  • Viridian Warrior
  • Emerald Warriors
  • Amber Brigade
  • Bioform
  • Afterburner


Sign Up and Start Playing

Supernova looks like a promising game, and it’s attracted plenty of attention. It’s still in beta phase, and you can start testing it now to see if it will be worth your time after release.

While you have the chance, do plenty of testing, and really get to know the game mechanics inside and out. Consider what types of services you could offer your customers in the future.

  • Are there opportunities to offer boosting services?
  • Can items be traded between players?
  • Can you offer power-leveling services?
  • What about achievements and rankings? Will players pay for these services?

When players pick up this game, you want to be able to offer the services they’re looking for. You can be sure that demand for boosted services will be high, especially in the early days after the game’s release.

It’s free to sign up for Supernova’s beta, so hurry up and create your account today. The sooner you get to know the game’s mechanics, the greater the advantage you’ll have come release date.

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