Stop procrastinating and start profiting from games

Stop procrastinating and start profiting from games

Seriously, you have to stop procrastinating and start profiting from games! Believe it or not, you really can make a fantastic living (we are talking about some pretty big bucks here) with video games – even if you aren’t that great of a player!

Sure, you’re going to have to be pretty passionate about specific games (the kind of games that are absolutely red hot out there today), and there are a handful of things you are going to need to master before you can start to pull down consistent cash – but the opportunity is there if you are willing to take up the quest.

You may not know it already, but there are thousands and thousands of people – right now, at this very minute – that are pulling down some pretty ridiculous amounts of money just by acting as an in game merchant out here in the real world.And who said that crafting classes or merchant classes were tough to play?

By utilizing this quick guide (and by taking full advantage of all the resources and opportunities that provides you with) you should be able to hit the ground running when it comes time to make a real living with video games.


Using tools to speed up the process

In order to succeed in gold farming, you will also need tools to gather the needed analytics on gold supply and demand for your current game server. The best tool I’ve came across during my gold farming days back then was the Dynasty addon for World of Warcraft.

Just for a minimum investment of $47, I manage to recuperate the cost of the addons in just 1 and a half weeks by relying on this nifty addon to expand my gold reserves. You can check Blezzo Dan’s video guide here.

If it’s so profitable why did you stop gold farming you say?

If you haven’t heard of it, Dynasty’s Tycoon addon is one of the best gold making modules (hands down) out there and it is not illegal to use in World of Warcraft.

If you want a bit of insider information and are ready to get started right now, this minute, don’t delay any longer. Become a legendary videogame merchant…in real life with!

The very first thing that you are going to need to do (even before you start a account) is understand the fundamental forces that drive success.This might seem like basic economics (and honestly, at its root core it really is), but it’s worth going over once again before you decide to take the plunge and become a videogame merchant (a legendary one, at that) in the real world!

Your entire career and your income stream is going to be predicated on top of the universal laws of supply and demand.

dynasty tycoon

There’s just no getting around it. If you are able to get your hands on something (anything) that is in a limited supply with a high demand, you can name your own price – and you’re going to be able to stuff your bank account a lot faster than you would have ever been able to imagine.

To get started, you could refer to my previous article on make real money from mmorpg and learn extra ways towards gold making for any mmorpgs.

Keep these basics in mind as you finish off the rest of this guide, and especially keep it in mind when you are going through the day to day motions, and before you know it you’ll be sitting on a hefty bank balance and a pretty reliable income stream!


Dip your toe in the water by trading virtual currencies

in game weaponsOne of the fastest ways to build up a bit of a “nest egg” in cold hard cash through video games is to start buying (or farming) and selling videogame currencies.

Just about every single major online game out there today takes advantage of some kind of virtual currency or another, and every single major game relies on an in game economy.

The value of one specific currency over another (across all kinds of different games) fluctuates wildly – just like it does in the Forex market place in the real world – and you can ride those waves to big financial windfalls if you know what you’re doing.

The easiest way to get started is to farm your own gold, or buy a couple of “mule accounts” to do the grunt work for you.

Once you build up a significant chunk of change you’ll want to flip it on the currency marketplace ( can help you), and from there you are going to be able to hit the ground running.

You can either stay as a currency trader, basically day trading virtual in game currencies for real cold hard cash, or move on to one of the other “legendary merchant” stages like the ones below.


Squeeze ridiculous profits out of your account with rare in game items or resources

In game rare items (especially those that are next to impossible – if not absolutely impossible – to get on your own) can command almost impossibly high values through online exchanges and marketplaces like the ones that you can connect with through

Whether you are looking at becoming in armor and weapons collector, a rare or treasure hunter collector, and add-on or award collector, or any kind of mixture of the bunch, you’re always going to have the opportunity to cash in big time on rare items when you come across them.If you are serious about really cashing in, though, you need to make sure that you specialize in a specific niche or a specific marketplace.

You want people (in game as well as on G2 to start thinking of you as the “go to” person for a specific thing, as that will help you command the highest prices when you sell and also get a flood of leads when you’re looking to buy product that you can flip!


leveled accounts

Consider building up top tier accounts and then slipping them for fast cash

One of the other key ways to make an almost unbelievable amount of money in the real world off of video gaming is to create multiple accounts, level them up – either through power leveling or just grinding – and then flip them to new players that don’t want to have to waste all of that time and effort.

This is a fantastic way to get started as well if you know what you’re doing, as you will (inevitably) stockpile a ton of weapons, armor, in game items, and currency that you can also sell later down the line.That’s how you create multiple income streams and squeeze extra value out of thin air!


g2g listing


Putting it all together for big bucks!

At the end of the day, you have to remember that if you’re serious about turning this into a full-time income you need to take it just as seriously as you would a real job.

You are going to be going up against global competitors that want to undercut you left and right, competitors that are just looking to squeeze a bit of profit out of some extra resources – with no real concern for what it might do to your burgeoning business.

If you keep your eye on the prize, rely on killer resources like the ones provided at, and always try to jump ahead of the “next big thing” in game, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you couldn’t turn your passion for video gaming into a pretty big business.It might not happen overnight (or it may, depending upon just how primed up you are), but it can definitely happen!

The path towards earning an income from video games is just a click away. Best of luck!


start selling now


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