Skyforge Currency Is an Untapped Market

Skyforge Currency Is an Untapped Market

New games allow us the opportunity to dive into untapped markets, and hopefully, start making sales from selling services. When you enter a new market, it is a lot easier to find customers, and you’ll be able to establish yourself as a reputable seller faster.

What new game is worth it? Skyforge.

skyforge gunner

What is Skyforge??

Skyforge opened their “Open Beta” on July 16th, allowing everyone to play this much anticipated game. Beautiful graphics and a strong storyline, this game will appeal to MMORPG players for two reasons:

  • Stunning visuals.
  • Futuristic, yet small-town game feel.

Think of this as a small town feel like WoW, but with futuristic ships, and abilities in some cases. It’s the perfect game for anyone that wants to fight on an earth-like planet, yet experience the magic and allure of a new world.

This free-to-play game is best described as “Sci-Fi meets ancient mysteries.”

Mortals and immortals will be tasked with fighting off invading gods and the armies that they control. It’s a difficult game, and it is a game developed by Allods Team, a Russian-based team.

skyforge collectors edition

Collector’s Edition

There is a Starter Pack and the Wardens of the Wasteland collector’s edition pack. While the game is free-to-play, the developer still needs a way to make their money, and Wardens of the Wasteland comes with a slew of perks to help you along your journey.

Costing just $59.99 (USD), this edition offers:

  • Exclusive costumes.
  • Exclusive mount for every costume.
  • Early access to two upcoming classes: Alchemist & Knight
  • Exclusive title and mount
  • 150,000 credits
  • 1000 spark replicators
  • 24 bag slots
  • Legendary starter weapons
  • 25,000 celestial threads
  • 20,000 agents
  • 60 days premium access

Is this worth it for someone selling services to the world of Aelion to buy the collector’s edition?

That is up to you. It will provide you with a fairly early boost in the game, so I would recommend it so that you can reach max level as fast as possible.

There is PvP in Skyforge as well with both small and large scale battles. The large-scale guild battles are considered a war and will include 100vs100 player battles. It is an epic experience and will be a great option for anyone selling gear or gold to help gear up other players that want to experience true MMO war.

skyforge lightbinder


There are a lot of great features that will make Skyforge a big success, especially in the F2P market. A few of the great features already implemented include:

  • Ascension Atlas: A very important element of the game. This allows you to unlock skills, talents and even classes. The atlas allows you to develop a truly unique character, with nodes unlocking as you progress.
  • Class System: Players are able to choose their desired class at the start of each battle. There is no need to progress each class separately.
  • Player-vs-Player: PvP combat is both large and small scale, with guilds being able to engage in war with other guilds featuring 100vs100 player wars.
  • Invasions: Large-scale invasions take place where you’ll need to help protect cities and the world from deadly foes.
  • Orders: Becoming a god requires you to join an order wherein others will follow you.
  • Raids: Large, immersive raids are available where you engage in PVE with 10 total players to kill gods.
  • Divine Form: Not quite a god, but you’re close. Divine form brings great power and responsibility.
  • Anomalies: Random events where monsters from past invasions break through the veil and cause mayhem that only players can stop.

There are a ton of features, and you’ll have plenty of fun with Skyforge. This highly touted game may be one of the best free-to-play games ever made, so it will attract a lot of players.

skyforge pvp


What classes will you be able to play? There are several classes available to all players:

  • Paladin
  • Cryomancer
  • Lightbinder
  • Berserker
  • Gunner
  • Kinetic

If you choose to buy the collector’s edition, you will also have the opportunity to play as an Alchemist and Knight.

skyforge berserker

Making Money with Skyforge

Making money with this game will be a little different than what you’re accustomed to if you sell currency in other games. The makers of Skyforge have put restrictions in place to limit the amount of currency you can earn, including:

  • Money
  • Sparks
  • Rarities

There are weekly limits to the amount of currency one character can earn in a week. This setting resets every Wednesday and is meant to keep gold farming at bay while also leveling the playing field of the game.

While these awards are limited, you will still earn alternative rewards once the limits have been reached.

There are limits on the following:

  • Money (credits, myrrh drops, celestial threads, argents)
  • Sparks of Insight
  • Particles of Mastery

It will be harder to earn money from selling currency, but it is still possible, especially if you have several characters across different accounts that can max out their earnings every week.

What a lot of people will want to offer to this untapped market is:

  • Currency: Multiple accounts will be needed due to limits.
  • Items: People will pay real money for unique, high-quality items.
  • Boosting: Some players want to experience end-game fun without actually leveling their character themselves. This will be a huge seller in the coming months as the game is still new.

There have been over 1 million people that signed up for the Skyforge Open Beta. You bet that a lot of these people are just waiting to buy the best gear to boost their character’s chances of reaching god status. Many others will want someone to take the hard work out of leveling and gearing up, and will pay top dollar for a service that is fast and efficient.

Right now, it is too early to predict the future of Skyforge – it may turn into a wasteland in the coming years.

What we do know is that a lot of gamers have showed interest in Skyforge and being free-to-play, players will be less reluctant to spend a few bucks here and there to buy items, currency and services that you can offer.

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