Should You Sell Blade & Soul’s Gold for Cash, or Exchange It for Hongmoon Coins?

Should You Sell Blade & Soul’s Gold for Cash, or Exchange It for Hongmoon Coins?

Blade & Soul – the hottest game of the year. The most anticipated game is faring well amongst players, and NCsoft has introduced new features that have a major impact on gold selling. Or do they?

We’re going to be taking a look at Hongmoon Coins to see if it is a viable way to make money.

hong moo store

What Are Hongmoon Coins?

NCSoft rolled out a new feature on February 10th called the “Currency Exchange.” This is exactly what the name implies – a way to exchange currency in the game. Essentially, players will be able to sell their gold for Hongmoon Coins.

These coins are able to be used in the Hongmoon Store. Fancy, right?

Now, this establishes a path to:

  • Sell gold to players safely.
  • Reach all of the game’s players in one portal.
  • Maintain an account in accordance with developers.

Gold sellers have never really been a major issue for developers, but they started to become an issue with botting and hacking accounts. Thousands of people in World of Warcraft have had their accounts hacked, depleted and ruined. Sure, the developer reimbursed a lot of these players, but it isn’t good for the community.

Plus, selling gold isn’t allowed within the game’s terms of service.

NCsoft realized that people are going to sell gold. It’s going to happen with every popular game in creation. And instead of fighting it like countless other developers, the company has embraced gold selling in a whole new way.

NCoin can be purchased for real money on the company’s store. You can buy gold for:

  • $5 for 400 coin
  • $20 for 1600 coin

hongmoon coins

Players that want to buy gold will purchase these coins and then head to the Currency Exchange. After scouring the exchange for gold, the player will then exchange their NCoin for in-game gold that is being sold by other players.

This is a great way to help stabilize the market a bit.

And there is a 10% transaction fee assessed to the seller to keep the economy healthy.

Where is the catch?

You’re not actually selling in-game gold for real money. You’ll be receiving Hongmoon Coins in exchange. So, while the premises are great, you’re really not selling your gold for real money. But this is a great way for players that want to turn real money into gold. You can easily buy the coin and trade it for gold, and vice versa.

For trading in-game, this is a great option.

And keep in mind that Hongmoon coins can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetic items, which is a nice bonus. You also can’t purchase Hongmoon coins with NC coins or credit cards at the moment, which makes it even more difficult.

Glaring Issues

I wanted to like the currency exchange, and I think it would have been great if it was possible to conduct these transactions with a real-world-money return. Maybe it’s too difficult due to a large player base with multiple currencies, but it doesn’t make sense to maintain a currency exchange where there are only a few cosmetic items that you can possibly buy with the coins.

We’re predicting that the market will dry up after months of hype over the Hongmoon Store.

Cutting into 10% of your profits is also a major downside, especially when you’re not talking about a cold hard cash exchange.

blade & soul

The Gold Farmer’s Outlook

You’re a gold farmer, and your aim is to make money – and boy are people making money with Blade & Soul. These aren’t people that are making hand over fist with Hongmoon coins. These are individuals that are still selling their gold privately to buyers and making an honest living in the process.

It is far more lucrative to continue selling your in-game gold for cash.

With the extra cash, you’ll be able to sign up for the game’s premium membership option, which offers you:

  • Increased XP
  • Increased gold
  • Extra Hongmoon coins
  • Reduced market commission fees
  • Increased market slots

And these are just some of the many benefits offered. You’ll also be able to enjoy dozens of other benefits that will make your money-making business even more profitable in Blade & Soul.

What are the going prices for gold in Blade & Soul? We’re glad you asked:

  • $9.32 for 20 gold
  • $159 for 500 gold
  • $6 for 15 gold
  • $20 for 60 gold

The prices are insane. And with the right tips, you can earn 500 gold easily, and start selling it to earn real money. We haven’t seen gold fly off the shelves like this since World of Warcraft was releasing their Burning Crusade expansion.

blade & soul raid

It’s one of the hottest games of the year, and you can check out the gold prices for yourself to judge the market.

Players are much better off selling their in-game gold for real money. I know NCsoft was trying to be revolutionary and change the way gold sellers make their money, but it’s simply not enough until the company offers real monetary rewards. After all, who would pass up $150 for in-game currency?

If you’re still not sure about Blade & Soul and might convert your gold to Hongmoon Coins, we encourage you to read one of our past articles: Players are Making a Killing with Blade & Soul.

We take an in-depth look into what the marketplace is currently demanding in terms of prices in Blade & Soul. We also look at items, selling services and other ways that people have been making tons of money since Blade & Soul has been released.

With the extra money, you can go premium to really get an advantage in the game, or you can simply save it to expand your current services. I have found that you never want to rely on just one source of revenue in a game – there are many.

Sell boosting services, runs through difficult encounters, rare in-game items and even coaching services to teach people how to play. This is the first money storm we have experienced in years in the MMO field, and you don’t want to miss it.

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