Should You Get the Aion Prestige Pack?

Should You Get the Aion Prestige Pack?

Should You Get the Aion Prestige Pack? Many Aion players aren’t sure or indecisive on whether to get the Aion Prestige Pack, which could be a blessing in disguise or just another form of cash milking strategy from the game publisher.

Aion is an online RPG game that features cutting edge imagery with stunning environments set in a unique fantasy world. The various regions of the world provide generous visual backdrop and is one of the reasons why a lot of online players are drawn to the game.

The game is so popular all over the world and in fact, there are already more than 3.5 million subscribers in Asia as of May of 2009. There are lots of skill chains in the game.

Most of the skills are acquired when the characters progress and can only be performed in a specific order or chain. In general, the skills that are located farther away from the chain are more powerful as compared to those that are in the beginning or those that do not have any prerequisite.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Aion Prestige Pack, a pack that is said to be built with the PVP and PVE in mind. It’s filled with new and updated items that can help players to be able to easily achieve victory on the game.


aion prestige pack

Aion Prestige Badge


Prestige Badge

First on the Aion prestige pack is the Prestige Badge. This is good for 30 days and is packed within a special type of cube that provides a lot of benefits for the players. Among these benefits are the following:

• Increase the Kinah drop amount to +100%.
• Produces crystals that could be exchanged for certain items from a special vendor.
• Increases the drop rate to 10% for you as well as for your party.
• It helps to increase speed by up to five percent and provides several other benefits to the user.

Kinah farming is much easier with the additional 100% drop rate. If you’re unsure whether to subscribe to the Aion Prestige Pack due to tight budget, you can always unload your extra kinah or items for cash to other players and maintain the subscription to this prestige pack for free!

Take note that there are certain restrictions for the Prestige Badge Aion prestige pack. First, it is not stackable and it is not sellable to the NPC. It is not tradable as well and is not storable to the Legion Warehouse or on the Account Warehouse.


aion prestige pack

Aion Prestige Case


Prestige Case

The Prestige Case is open once in each day for thirty days allowing you to acquire one of these items:

• Up to two Major Ancient Crowns
• Up to two Mithril Medal
• One Ceramium Medal
• Up to three Ceramium coins
• Up to four Blood Mark
• Twenty Greater Running Scrolls
• Twenty Greater Courage Scrolls
• Twenty Greater Awakening Scrolls
• Three Saam King’s Herbs
• Big Boy Shugo Egg for three days
• Greater Divine Remedy Bundle that has the Reviving Elemental Stone, Greater Divine Life Serum, Greater Divine Wind Serum and Greater Divine Mana Serum.
• Prestige Crystal

Take note that the restrictions that apply for the Prestige Case is pretty much the same with Prestige Badge Aion prestige pack.


aion prestige pack

Aion Instance Entry Boost Pack


Instance Entry Boost Pack

The Instance Entry Boost Pack is good for thirty days. It comes with great features. Aside from being available for 30 days, it helps to increase the entry counts for level 61 plus instances.

As soon as this pack is used, it will be applied to each and every character that the player has on the account. As for the restrictions, this pack is not stackable and it is not sellable to NPC.


aion prestige pack

Aion Lucky Scroll Pouch


Lucky Scroll Pouch

Each of the Lucky Scroll Pouch provides scrolls that are highly relevant to the class of your character. For the Greater Running Scroll, there will be five for one hour.

As for the Major Crit Strike or the Crit Spell Scroll, it is good for one hour and there are five. The Greater Courage or the Awakening Scroll has five for one hour. The only restriction for this Aion prestige pack is that it is not sellable to NPC.


aion prestige pack

Aion Prestige Pack Monthly Rewards



For each month that a player stays subscribed on the prestige pack, they will earn valuable rewards. These rewards will begin on your first renewal and will go on as you stay subscribed to the Aion prestige pack.

For every month you stay subscribed to the Prestige Pack, you will receive valuable rewards.

These rewards start with your first renewal and continue as you stay subscribed to the Pack. Here are the bonus rewards that players will receive for the first six months: First month will be three Major Ancient Crowns and three Ceramium Medals.

Second month would be the same. For the third month, it will be six Major Ancient Crowns and Six Ceramium Medals. Fourth month will be four Major Ancient Crowns and four Ceramium Medals and this is the same for the fifth month.


aion prestige pack

Aion Prestige Wings


Finally, on the sixth month, the player will get prestige wings and eight each of the Major Ancient Crowns and eight Ceramium Medals. With the added rewards, kinah farming would be much easier.

Buying NCoins

If you need to purchase any of the Aion prestige pack, you will need NCoins. This is a virtual currency that you can use in buying digital items and services and allows you to access certain forms of contents.

Buying NCoins would require the use of real currency and only NCoins can be used to buy items from the Black Cloud Marketplace as well as from the exclusive web store systems of Aion. First, you need to log in to your account to be able to purchase NCoins.

As soon as you’re logged in, just click on the “buy more” option right next to the NCoins balance which you can find on the “My Wallet” section. You will then need to check what variety of coin denominations will be available in accordance to how much NCoins you will be buying.

Remember that the NCoins can only be bought using the US Dollar currency and as soon as you have chosen the amount of the NCoins that you want to buy, just click on the “Buy Now” option.

Should You Get the Aion Prestige Pack?

Now the question is – should you get the Aion prestige pack? Will you be able to benefit from it? Indeed! Players can benefit a lot from the Prestige Pack. In fact, you can get so much more if you will subscribe to it.

It will only cost you $20 and it is definitely worth the perks that comes along with the Aion Prestige pack.

It could cost you a lot to stay subscribed in the long run, but, you could mitigate the cost by selling off any excess kinah to the marketplace. You don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet to enjoy all the benefits Aion has to offer.


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