Shards Online by Former Leads of Ultima Online

Shards Online by Former Leads of Ultima Online

Ultima online was a big success, and Shards Online is made by many of the former lead developers of Ultima. Shards, however, is a completely different world that allows you to play off of your strengths as a player.


Every server is different with its own rules and content, allowing you to enter a universe that fits your playstyle.

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Introduction to Shards Online

Shards Online is different. You’re used to the same, mundane MMO that is trying to copy industry leaders in an attempt to gain market share. Shards offers much more than the same boring mindset and playstyle.

The game will have three different playstyles, which are currently being discussed:

  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Permanent Death

The permanent death servers will be for hardcore players, and every choice you make in the game comes with the ultimate risk of never getting your character back.

Okay, so things sound great so far, but they get even better.

The developers intend to allow players to control their own servers. This means that you’ll be able to create your own land with your own rules and items. Other players can join and enjoy your server. Making it even better, you’ll be able to add completely custom worlds.

All servers will be hosted and maintained by Citadel Studios for a low cost.

Players that purchase the game will be able to play on a player-run server and also be able to run a single “shard” with no subscription costs.

shards online world

Four Worlds to Protect

There are four main worlds in the game. The worlds include:

One of the most beautiful worlds that is forged on corruption. Celador is home to the ancients that worship the Goddess of Water with her shrine in the city of Petra. The once beautiful land holds the dead gateway. Here, the once-dead are now awakening, causing Celador to suffer.

The colosseum reminds players of a once glorious past and is home to the God of Earth. This world is filled with tournaments and games where bloodlust and brutality are the main parts of society. Your goal is to enter the games and fight for either the republic or to free the servants and slaves that most of the world will never witness.

Tower of Babel
A monument to the God of Air. This one-hundred-floor world is filled with immense challenges and monsters ready to destroy you at every corner. Death awaits as no one has yet scaled 10 of the monument’s 100 floors and lived.

An alien world with horrors no mortal has ever seen. A long-dead rare breed of geniuses lie in wait as well as mad gods. The horrors of every player awaits as there is no return from the world of Terminus.

shards online battle

Pre-Alpha Stage

Shards Online is in pre-alpha stage, which means anyone that is willing to support the game now truly gets in on the ground floor. The experience is limitless thanks to each server (official- or community-ran) having its own set of rules to follow and content to play.

You’ll be able to find a server that fits your playstyle.

It’s more freeing, and you can be the creator of worlds if you choose. You’ll be able to control a connected game world where you can customize everything, including:

  • How players progress.
  • Gameplay.
  • Player combat.
  • Items and equipment.
  • Monsters and AI.

You have complete control over the universe, which is huge for anyone trying to make some money with an MMO. Can you imagine offering leveling services or selling the best items to others on a server that you run? There are possibilities to make money with Shards Online that are literally impossible with any other game in existence.

shards online housing


There are a lot of awesome features currently listed for Shards Online. Will all of the features make it into the final version of the game? No one knows for sure, but they do have an impressive list that includes:

  • Official and community servers
  • No restrictive levels or classes
  • Own land and build a house
  • Tame animals and creatures
  • Craft items as you explore
  • Hire NPCs
  • Visit worlds spanning multiple genres
  • Obtain unique armor, artifacts and weapons
  • A variety of rule sets
  • Create your own rules and stories

The world is living where NPCs are actually helpful and there is a dynamic behavioral system.  Unlike other games, you’ll start to find abilities and learn them from other players in an effort to become a specialist. You’re not tied into the same level 1 – 100 scenario that other games offer.

Strategy is tactical, so you’ll be able to fight the way you want.



From player housing to abilities and servers, you’ll be able to customize your gaming experience. Custom assets will be able to be created by mods, and there is even live server editing to alter in-game stories and experiences.

You’ll be able to:

  • Create new skills and abilities
  • Create new crafting items
  • Code monster Ai
  • Create new stories and events
  • Create new game worlds

Shards Online is all about how you want to play – it sounds very promising.

pledge now


Still in pre-alpha, you can make a pledge to the developers in the following ways:

  • $20: You’ll get a digital copy of the game, a digital art book and concept art.
  • $40: A digital copy and access to Alpha 1, plus everything offered in the $20 tier.
  • $75: Everything in the former tiers as well as pre-alpha testing, playtests and access to a founder’s only shard.
  • $100: Everything in the $75 tier, plus a collector’s edition box with a cloth map.
  • $200: All previous tier items, plus a featured server.
  • $300: All previous tier items, plus the choice to have developers run an event on your chosen shard.
  • $500: Everything from the $300 tier as well as designing a unique weapon that will be used in-game.
  • $1000: This tier offers everything lower tiers offer as well as the ability to work with designers to create a unique house style and floorplan.
  • $5000: You’ll gain all of the items listed plus an invite to the exclusive launch party along with a plane ticket.

If you want to make money off of the game, you’ll be able to sell the collector’s edition for a high markup as well as the physical items, such as the game art or cloth map, for much more than your pledge.

A player-driven economy and professions will make Shards Online the perfect game to monetize. From seller start packages to game accounts, virtual currency and items, you’ll find numerous ways to profit off of this game.

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