Selling TCG Cards Online For Real Money

Selling TCG Cards Online For Real Money

You’re a die-hard TCG player (okay, maybe you’re an “avid” or even a casual player). You’ve built up a nice collection of cards, and you have a few that are highly sought-after by other players. Depending on the rarity of the card, it could be worth a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

Selling TCG cards online can make you real money. But why would you want to sell your cards if you’re a player?

Why Sell TCG Cards?

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TCG Cards are Popular All over the World

No matter what trading card game you play, there’s a good chance other people are playing it all over the world.

TCG cards are in high demand. And the market is huge. You’re not just limited to your home country or a few sparse regions. There are players everywhere who are looking to get their hands on your rare cards.

Why not sell your cards to make some extra cash? Unless you have an attachment to your collection, there’s no reason to hold onto it if other people are willing to pay you real money for it.

Some Games Have Huge Followings

Lots of TCG titles have huge followings.

Just look at Hex: Shards of Fate. It started as a Kickstarter campaign. When all was said and done, it became the 11th most-funded game on the site. That’s impressive. Hex: Shards of Fate generated a lot of buzz online, and it’s attracted thousands of players all over the world.

Other games, like Marvel: War of Heroes, Star Wars Force Collection, Urban Rivals, Pokemon TCG Online, all have huge player bases. You’d be surprised to learn just how many people play these games. And these are just the digital card games. Traditional TCGs have even more players.

The larger the following, the greater the market. And with a bigger market, it’ll be easier to find buyers for your cards.

TCG Cards Accumulate Value

Like other hot digital items, TCG cards accumulate value over time. For some games, the value increases significantly.

Think about it. If some of the cards you collect right now are rare, think of how much rarer and more valuable they will be in the future when that card is no longer in-game. People love having something other people can’t get anymore. And when it comes to trading card games, that statement becomes even truer.

It’s absolutely worth collecting TCG cards and holding onto them to sell in the future. Just be smart about which game you spend your time one. Choose games that have large followings and will continue to have big followings in the future.

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If You Know Your Cards, You Can Buy Low and Sell High

Whatever game you choose, make sure that you know your cards well. Know which ones are most valuable, and which ones players are dying to get their hands on.

When you know your cards, you can search for rare ones at great prices. Score a deal on a rare card, and resell it at a higher price. Or, buy a rare card and hold onto it to sell it in the future when it accumulates even more value.

If you’re a casual player but want to get into card selling, take the time to get to know the cards now. If you’re a seasoned veteran, keep up with changes in the game, so you know when new and rare cards are released.

Some TCG Cards Come with In-Game Items

There are plenty of trading cards that come with in-game items, and these virtual items add even more value to the card. Whether we’re talking about gear, mounts, or pets, people love cards that give them fun, unique in-game items that other players can’t easily get.

World of Warcraft TCG is notorious for this. And oftentimes, the in-game item you get is a unique mount (see some of the TCG mounts here). Mounts are a hot commodity in WoW, but not all players play the trading card game. These are the people who would be willing to pay a higher price for such a valuable card.

Players will pay more for cards that have items attached. Oftentimes, they’ll pay a great deal more.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

A card that is seemingly worthless to you may be extremely valuable to another player. Players are looking to complete their decks, and you may hold the last missing piece of the puzzle.

You may be surprised how much players are willing to pay for cards they need to complete their collections. Even if the cards aren’t valuable to the rest of the community, people will shell out real money to finally finish their collection.

A Hobby that Makes You Money

If you enjoy playing trading card games, why not make money off your hobby? You have cards people want, and they’re willing to pay real money for them. It’s a win-win for everyone –especially you.

Selling TCG cards can earn you some nice additional income. Can you quit your full-time job to become a TCG player? Probably not. But just a few rare cards can earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the game and rarity of the card.

Finding a card that’s worth thousands is rare, but if you have a lot of cards to sell, you can quickly earn that much if you sell on the right platform.

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Selling Your TCG Cards Online

Ready to start selling and making real money off of your trading cards? G2G makes it easy to create a listing for your cards.

Here’s how it works:

It’s simple and easy.

Whether you’re an active TCG player or retired and still have your collection, you can sell your cards for real money online. As you collect more rare cards, you can continue selling them and earning extra cash – all while enjoying your favorite hobby.

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