Selling Game Accounts for Cash

Selling Game Accounts for Cash

Games are fun and exciting the moment you start playing them, but few games can hold your attention for years or even months. While some players will let their game accounts go dormant, others sell game accounts for cash.

There is even a market for account selling, but you need to know which games are worth the time investment when selling an account.

The Demand Is There

Not every account is worth the same price when selling. You’ll find that some accounts demand far more money than others. Why? The time spent on the account has a major impact on the cost of selling the account.

Hardcore players that have completed high-end achievements in game, obtained the best items and ultimately have an advantage over other players can sell their accounts for a lot of money.

There are a plethora of different game accounts that you’ll be able to sell to make money, too. You can sell MMORPG accounts (usually this is against the developer’s TOS), console accounts and even mobile accounts for some of the most popular games.

You can even flip game accounts for extra income.

Many people will choose a game they know they can power­­-level through, and then sell accounts. A great example of this is World of Warcraft. An account that has the latest raid gear or the best PVP gear, titles and achievements can sell for nearly $1,000. If an account is merely a fresh level 100 in all greens, the price will be very low.

It’s important to pick and choose the game accounts you would like to sell.

pc games

PC Games Account

There are numerous games accounts that can be sold. These are different than your normal MMORPG account because they can include several games. The following are the most popular:

  • Steam
  • Origin
  • Uplay

A Steam account, for example, can have hundreds of games attached to it that you can sell as a bundle. These accounts have an immense value attached determined by the game values in your account.

Some users have 100s of games in their account, which can fetch several thousands of dollars.

When you look at an account, such as, you would be purchasing an entire account and everything that comes with it. accounts can include Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and other games. The value attached would be determined by the value of each account, plus the value paid for each game and respective expansion.

Again, a new account isn’t worth much, but if you have rare Hearthstone cards or a high-level WoW account with the best-in-slot gear, you can sell an account for a lot of money.

It’s often very hard to flip entire accounts, but if you have an old account that you no longer want to use, it’s definitely worth selling.

video game console


Console accounts are great to sell, especially if you’ve moved away from console games. There are two big game accounts you can sell at the moment:

  • Xbox Live accounts
  • PlayStation Network

Why would anyone want to buy these accounts? Mostly for the games that already reside on the account. PSN, for example, allows you to purchase games and download them right to your console.

These games all have a value and will be part of your account sale.

There are also achievements and badges associated with accounts that will be transferred when sold. Since there are many games that might be included in the sale and potential game time with Xbox Live, these accounts can be sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

dragon blaze


Mobile game accounts are major sellers. These accounts are often pay-to-win, or they require a lot of time to build up for new players. When the social aspect of a game kicks in, it will allow players to feel like they’re in direct competition with their peers.

This means that accounts that are more powerful or have an advantage over the competition are very valuable. A few mobile accounts that sell for a lot include:

  • Dragon Blaze
  • Summoners War
  • Clash of Clans
  • Hearthstone
  • Game of War

Clash of Clans and Game of War are two games where accounts sell for a lot of money. Many Clash of Clan accounts sell for $300 – $400 and more depending on the power of the account. If you can create a high level account naturally without spending real money along the way, you can make a hefty profit with mobile games.

Game of War is a game that also has accounts that sell for a lot of money. Every account has its own power level, which is what really makes an account valuable. If you have an account with a billion or more power, you can sell it for thousands, depending on the power.

These are game accounts that are often abandoned by players that you can sell.

With mobile games, you need to make sure that you make your investment back. Spending a lot of money to be able to create a high level account will cut into your profit margins.

lost ark

MMORPG Game Accounts

The last account type we’re going to discuss is MMORPG accounts. These are your Guild War 2, Final Fantasy, Aion, SWTOR, World of Warcraft and virtually any other MMORPG accounts. The game’s popularity has a lot to do with the demand of these accounts.

World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy accounts that are topped with the best gear can fetch hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The hardest part of these sales is that your real name is often associated with the account, so transfer can be difficult. Using game cards is a great way to negate this problem as it allows you to create and pay for several accounts without it being tied to your personal name.

There are numerous MMORPG accounts that can be sold, and you can level them fairly quick if you want to make some nice side money.

So, what game accounts do you plan on selling?

f you’re not sure what accounts will demand the highest price, take a look at our game accounts listing to see the current going rates.

See also: Power Leveling Game Accounts

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  1. Hersh Shah March 2, 2017

    want to sell my MKX account.freash account all battles remaining
    payment accepted through Paytm
    value of account:50$(cheap)
    WhatsApp :8275884371(no calls)
    only serious buyers message

  2. Kareem March 18, 2017

    I want to sell my hungry shark account
    99999999999 coins
    All sharks
    For only ( 50 $ )

  3. Ayumi April 9, 2017

    Selling Game of War account.
    Selling Game of War account
    Vip 34 (very close to 35)
    Hero 76
    1.3b Gold
    Countless Speed Ups
    Taking offers

    Honestly just trying to get rid of this account. Price is Negotiable.
    My Line ID : ayumi6matsu

  4. Irshad April 12, 2017

    I want to sell my kill shot bravo game account with my Gmail I.D linked with game account.

    Player : Elite Ranking
    Level :47
    War rating : 200,000 +
    Vip level : 7 ( close to 8)
    Power ups : +999 slow motions and piercings.
    Weapons : All weapons owned with elite weapons also.
    Gear rating : 100,000 +

    I’m shifting to other game, so I’m going to sell.

    WhatsApp : +919573143409
    Line I’d : bloodrayne007

  5. Rekt April 16, 2017

    Selling 15.2T and 10.6T game of war accounts, my line id is xlrekt, message me for pictures and talk about price.

  6. dimex77 April 30, 2017

    I sell cheaper gold/gems/diamonds packs 20-40% off price for several mobile games (android):
    Mobile Strike , King of Avalon , Game of War , Kingdoms of Camelot , Dragons of Atlantis , Monster Legends ,
    Dawn of Titans , World at War: WW2 , Hobbit: KOM , Empire Z , Kill Shot Bravo , Legacy Of Discord
    the process is safe and legal , I do mobile games packs sales for 1 year already without players issues.
    Payment: PayPal
    For more info contact me:
    LINE ID: dimex77
    Skype ID: live:ezpacksnet

  7. Randy May 22, 2017

    Selling founders account blade and soul.
    Not really much on the account ,has a founders title,20,800 premium points ,bored of it. Havnt played much since i got it.
    20$ paypal

  8. GramsThrowDownGamin May 24, 2017

    Hey man Can you please hit me up have questions serious customer(702).793&&9203

  9. Umair Bashir June 25, 2017

    Guys,I want to brought my storm of wars sacred homeland game account This game is very advanture and intresting.I sell my this account 80usd western union.I give you detial when you brought my this account

  10. Umair Bashir June 25, 2017

    I am selling my boom beach account in 150usd.This is very cheap.My city hall level is 17 and my experiance level is 46.My spiners tower levels is 17 and my Cannon levels is 12 and Bomb cannon is 6 and rocket launcher level is 8 and shock launcher level is 2 and other all defends building are huge levels.My army levels are very huge.Who one brought my this game,i hope he play and also enjoy this game.

  11. Cyrus June 27, 2017

    Selling monster warlord account. Global 1 server from top 50 guild. 3.2T damage with Guild buff and dark leader. 8K honor. Few immo and divine cores. 8k monster points for limited shop. Tap warlord completedo with some very high upgrades to ooparts.

    $100 AUD. Contact my Pal+ LordCyrussss or leave contact info.

  12. Adam S July 3, 2017

    Selling my Transformers earth wars account. In 1 day all defense weapons will be maxed. Have 26 or 27 4*bots and 4 of them are over level 50 and a bunch pretty close. In a top alliance. Just 6800 medals. 1800 shards away from a 5 star bot.

    Line is is cameltoe69

    Add me and shoot me an offer.

  13. MarioOrSomething July 4, 2017

    Selling Guild wars 2 account (HoT included)
    There is some maps completed, some cosmetics bought. Message me here. Price is negotiable.

  14. Daylan E July 11, 2017

    I wanna sell my PlayStation account for 190$ with the following games and Subscriptions:
    PS VUE 2months
    PS Plus 1yr
    PS NOW 1yr
    Call of Duty WWII Digital Deluxe
    Call of Duty Black Ops III
    GTA V
    NBA2K 17
    NBA 2k 18 legendary edition
    Farcry 4
    Farcry 5 Digital Deluxe
    Farcry Primal

  15. Alex July 23, 2017

    Selling my Astronest account on Taurus, lvl 100 HDT 16 upgrades, 2 perk jam heroes, Clara and Peter, pc7, 2300 cry and many more things
    Price 500$

  16. Jimit August 22, 2017

    I want to sell my Clash royale account,8 legendary card, 1 legendary lvl 2 ,arena 10, 3413 trophies…. Positioned as leader in clan (want to sell the clan also)

    • David June 4, 2018

      How Much?

  17. Hibiki September 2, 2017

    Im wanna sell my steam account if you are interesting with it message me here. we can talk about the price and Ill tel you the games in the account and account’s level and everything you want to learn about the account.

  18. Chris September 9, 2017

    Make a offer, no low balling!!Wanting to sell my Clash of clans max th 10(buildings,most troops)..for further info please contact me through the app line my ID is cselvio86..Thanks you

  19. Evely September 18, 2017

    Selling off a bombman account with 200k pow. Monthly card 200days with additional perm card.

    Server : Canis Minor
    Email for more info
    Contact number : 90440044

  20. Rayuga September 20, 2017

    I want to sell my clash royale account having 4500 highest trophies all cards including level 6 epic cards 450+ 40k+ gold gems you can ask for more details on my email the price is 125 dollar

  21. Selling FFXV R305 C21 5M power September 25, 2017

    15 permanent boost c21 5M D305

  22. Max Sayer September 27, 2017

    I never knew that selling console accounts would be in such demand. I’m thinking about getting rid of my Xbox and buy a Nintendo switch. I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  23. WarQueen October 2, 2017

    Selling my king of avalon account stronghold 25 put a lot of money on this game asking 150$

  24. Gabe14 October 7, 2017

    Selling slots accounts
    Royal Slots 2017 – 2000000000000 coins and 300 diamonds -100$
    Paypal only

  25. Ganesh October 26, 2017

    Injustice Gods among us..
    With almost every hero’s with max level and some are with level viii..
    You can search my’s kanimo..
    Mail me if you are interested..

  26. David Nguyen October 27, 2017

    I have Uplay account with games The Crew for PC, Assassins Creed Unity, FarCry4, Watchdogs and The Division for PS4. I want around 80-100$. I will go first.

  27. Fahad October 29, 2017

    I want to sell my coc account townhall 10 almost over

    • Samiha December 30, 2017

      I want to sell my league of angels 2 account level 102 all hero level 102 price 200$
      For more information contact me 00905465614952

  28. Rayyan khan October 29, 2017

    I want to sell my clash of clans account townhall 10 running almost finish at champion 27 level king and 26 level queen walls level 10 and 11 price 70$
    For more info. Contact me

  29. bj tan November 13, 2017

    -Selling league of legend account (Malaysia) for rm80-100 molpoint 35 skins
    -Selling Clash Royale account for only rm60-80molpoint (all legendary card have except night witch,bandit and meganite)
    Add my wechat for more detail:) ID:jiat8364

  30. Anannya November 26, 2017

    Wanna sell my clash royale, clash of Clans and the hay day game accounts.. intrested to buy can contact.. cr xp level 11 wid all the legendary cards.. coc th 8 max..

  31. Anannya November 26, 2017

    Looking to sell my clash royale, clash of Clans and hay day accounts.. all d games are maxed out.. intrested to by contact to my mail..

  32. Ryan Deprived December 1, 2017

    Hi gamers,

    I would like to sell my 3 years gaming account in Clash clans account:
    1. Dual account( main base and Builder base)
    2. Currently leader in clan with Level 10 clan(maximum)
    3. Main base camp level=157;. Builders camo base=3000+trophies
    4. Main base levels:
    Clan castle

  33. Hasan alaa December 3, 2017

    Hi im selling league of legends account
    Division : gold 3
    Server : Turkey
    Skins : 170 skin _3 ultimate skins _ and almost all the rare skins
    For more information contact me here
    Phone : +905349142995

  34. Hasan alaa December 3, 2017

    Hi im selling league of legends account
    Division : gold 3
    Server : Turkey
    Skins : 170 skin _3 ultimate skins _ and almost all the rare skins
    For more information contact me here
    Phone -00905349142995

  35. Evan Tyler December 3, 2017

    ⭐️Selling Tons of mobile games , mainly , WOW, Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, League of legends, Guild Wars 2 + many more.⭐️

    Been selling for some time now and can show proof of legitness, and vouches add me on line:rexamungo44


  36. Hirmus December 10, 2017

    Selling Astronest account in Orion server. Lvl 100, hyperships 3 adv heroes and lot of good heroes.
    Played 1 year 3 months. Another account in Taurus lvl 92 with very good heroes and lot of stuff, also played one year. Both accounts connected with facebook account what i made specially for this game. Buyer get all acess.
    When interested connect me for further details.

  37. MrKlinky December 12, 2017

    Selling my mobile strike account – everything is up to date and high quantity of every resource. All buildings up to date with new update, 74TTT power, lvl 400 commander, much more.

    Contact me:
    Phone: 631-603-7529
    instagram: glizzymodding

  38. MrKlinky December 12, 2017

    Selling my mobile strike account – everything is up to date and high quantity of every resource. All buildings up to date with new update, 74TTT power, lvl 400 commander, much more.

    Price: $210

    Contact me:
    Phone: 631-603-7529
    instagram: glizzymodding

  39. John December 19, 2017

    Hey all, I’m selling a high level legionwars account look at my youtube vids to see the account, its pretty up to date and growing every day, best offer gets it. Message me on youtube (johnathan nichols) or facebook johnathan.nichols.142

  40. miseryskull December 23, 2017

    Selling a LoL account for 20$ with 3 legendary skins(Project Yasuo,Star Guardian Janna,Snow Day Syndra) and 1 legacy skin for Vladimir.3k blue essence(no Rp :( )+some unused champions in loot.The account is Level 36 and has Ahri level 6(1 token for level 7),level 6 on Yi and Xin Zao.I really want to get rid of this account so if you are interested,mail me.

  41. Mr.4NONYM4U5 December 24, 2017

    i am new to this website and i wanted to know that if anyone is interested to buy a 23 level pokemon go account .
    contact me on-9945437198.

  42. Grant December 25, 2017

    I a man selling my game of war account 55mttt power hero level 500 all building 525 VIP level 977 millions of trillions of rss and speed ups lifetime rss, speed ups and dbc 20ttttt troops all up to date £500

  43. Samiha December 30, 2017

    I want to sell my league of angels 2 account level 102 all hero level 102 price 200$
    For more information contact me 00905465614952

  44. LegendMasterRay January 26, 2018

    I want to sell my account heroes arena
    American server lvl 34 diamond rank V star
    Asian server lvl 29 platinum rank V star
    Europe server lvl 13 gold rank 3 star
    Price $600 – $700

  45. sivaprasad February 4, 2018

    I want sell my legacy of discords furious wings account, account details
    Type: sourceres
    Server hkt
    My watts app no: 9553748648
    Contact if want buy

  46. Sileen March 7, 2018

    I’m selling a Final Fantasy 15 mobile game account.
    Citadel is level 28, there’s a little over 2.5m gold and more in storage, and I have plenty of resources from Tier 1 to Tier 4.
    Price will start at $350, but negotiation is acceptable.
    Message me on Discord at Sileen#5856. Serious buyers only!

  47. Ricardo March 26, 2018

    Hey guys I wanna sell my Mafia City account, in city 97…1.4mill power, all t7 barracks and millions worth In rss packs..giveaway price.. Contact me at 18682731630 WhatsApp..

  48. eni April 1, 2018

    i have a lot of accounts to sell i dont play anymore games
    steam+uplay 420 euros worth of games
    origin 20 euros worth of games
    blizard 100 euros worth of games
    League Of Legends 500 euros worth of skins+all champions ulocked
    all prices will be really cheep and negotiable please contact me in this number for more info +355698685278 whatsup only.

  49. Anand Raj April 12, 2018

    I want to sell my legacy of discord android game account.. It’s level 100 BR 2.5 billion. I have activated every pet. More than half of wings. Mounts all legendary ones.. Red name.. Arena ranking 4. Leader of the top guild. If you are interested. Please contact me.. I can also share pictures if you are interested in buying

  50. Lindsey April 13, 2018

    I have been playing ARCHEAGE for 3 years since it was released in 2015, i have 35000 Gold with items valued at 70K+ Gear score unfortunately is lacking as i use to farm a lot so the money is there, what you do with it its up to you. Contact me and i’ll give you the details, price is negotiable.

  51. roberto May 1, 2018

    selling GTA v account level 89 + 1 billion cash HANDMADE + Purchase code to download

    WARRANTY 30 days

    Changeable email and password

  52. Sam May 2, 2018

    Hi I am selling a roblox account it has:

    21 robux, about 200 friends and lots of things in the inventory such as off-sell items and the latest event items it also has all the xbox characters.
    The username is iiBaconPlaysRoblox lol go ahead search it up if ya want!

    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED THEN CONTACT ME -> NUMBER: 8324787592 (TEXT ONLY) Ill send you then instructions and stuff like that…

  53. tryton May 21, 2018

    Want to sell 78lv WAR THUNDER ACCOUNT
    and platin acoount League of legends with alot of skin

  54. Bobby June 1, 2018

    Selling an Injustice account that has 1,343,012,477 coins and 999,774 alliance points for $25

  55. Bobby June 1, 2018

    Selling injustice account over 1 billion coins and almost 1 mil alliance points for $25 PayPal

  56. Rich aka Das Rumbler June 1, 2018

    FFXV 15 C46 3 high level Hero’s close to T6, all features active and most are maxed . $1500

  57. Nobody June 11, 2018

    Looking to sell my shinobi account, also known as ninja epiphany of hope, its an account on server 57 iruka, my username is nobody, email me for more info on the account details, selling it for $1000 (negotiable)

  58. ShadowxDread June 12, 2018

    If anyones interested in a new game, Epic Summoners is great and I’m looking to get rid of my account for $50. Im lv 117 with 278k power which is way above average and will give you a huge boost. Has 8k gems that value at $100 alone and includes a Level Fund that rewards diamonds as you lv up. Thats worth $25 as well. Just don’t have the time to play anymore and hate to see so much time be lost when someone could use it.

  59. Antu Basak June 19, 2018

    I want to sell 4 of my coc accounts and my level 9 clan in which I am the leader.
    Description of the coc accounts :-
    1) th10 (troops, spells and buildings are almost max. more than 7,000 gems are available)
    2) th8 (fully maxed out. You can upgrade nothing except for the townhall. More than 7,000 gems are available in this account also)
    3) th6 (fully maxed out, more than 1,200 gems are present)
    4) th8 (intentionally kept low on defense but troops and spells are maxed out for having advantages in clan wars)

    A complete package for players who are interested in having a high level clan and advantages in clan war. I am no more interested in COC that is why I want to sell my accounts and clan. Please contact if you can pay me enough.

  60. Prakash Solanki July 5, 2018

    1)i want to sell my Clash Of Clane TH8 full max.And a 7 lvl clan with leadership.The clan has won almost 90%war.
    2)Also has a Clash Royale account with 3300 trophies and almost all Legendary Cards.

    If anyone interested contact me on this number +916352967679.

    Amount will be disscused later.

    Thank You.

  61. Angel July 6, 2018

    Selling my Nintendo Japanese ID account. Comes with Monster Hunter XX only selling it for $30 if interested email me

  62. Aly July 11, 2018

    I was thinking to sell two of my party in my dorm (pind) account… Very cheap on ebay

  63. Artin July 11, 2018

    Im trying to sellmy clash royale account. Every legendary but 1 and each legandary is lvl 2+ and im a level 11 myself. Very good price. Contact for information

  64. syed August 1, 2018

    i am selling 8 ball pool coins at very cheap rate @ 20 $ per billion
    anybody can contact me on my wattsapp no 9807739964

  65. Yoda August 3, 2018

    selling my Eden Eternal Account lvl95 Human can use all class,all infused costumes pm me for more info

  66. Andrew August 8, 2018

    Im trying to sell my minecraft account, email,password,security answer are changeable.
    Contact me for information.
    Serious sell

  67. Jermell August 20, 2018

    Selling my M&M Elmental Guardian 6 five Stars 9 four stars and 3030 seal. Highly ruined. Seals soon are hundreds of dollars.

  68. Ak September 9, 2018

    Hello guys my castle is for sell in CLASH OF KINGS . Castle is fully upgarde , strong troops , high stats, 1.2 billion power
    My price is 6500 US dollars .
    My WhatsApp no is +91 8586860849
    For more details msg me if you want to buy .
    Thank you

  69. Rocky September 18, 2018

    I want to sell my Mafia city account Mension level 20,city 257, level 30 and allT-7 trops power700k so cheap in $100 only

  70. enri September 21, 2018

    i want to sell my League of Legends season 2 account. All Champions and a lot of skins plus 20 rune pages. VERY CHEAP. email me or ask for details

  71. Jack Ogg September 22, 2018

    Selling 2 tankionline accs 1st is second lieutennant 2nd is warrant officer 3 both have M2 if you want both together is £120
    but 1st is £80
    2nd is £55

  72. Javi September 25, 2018

    Hey guys I have an original gamer tag for Xbox love and am interested in sell because I no longer play. The GT is “My Chicks”. I also have like 30-40 games associated with the account such ads almost every call of duty game to date and resident evil series etc. I’m asking $145 for the account. You can contact me thru email at ogkingin1234@gmail[dot]com but please only do so if your serious about wanting the account.

  73. Ed October 2, 2018

    Anyone interested in a marvel puzzle quest account? Level 100. All but two characters. 5 more character slots than characters released in the game so far. Most characters leveled up completely. Email me if you’re interested. Thanks

  74. Saravanan October 4, 2018

    Selling clash of clans account maxed th10 with fully maxed heroes and troops

  75. Sean October 11, 2018

    Hey I’m looking at selling my PSN account. Trophy level 22 (with 36% to next level). Got 69 platinums, 264 gold, 746 silver, 2690 bronze and I’m still gaining more as i continue playing. one really high point to the account is that i have the ultimate pack for Fortnite STW (pack including all founders weapons & Nocturno). The game has been basically fully completed (level 72 all SSDs finished, lvl 153 collection book) and I’m looking to get the platinum (long grind). I’m more than happy to talk more about the account, open to offers. Feel free to message my PSN stating you’re potentially interested- CHIxROSE1.

  76. Bobby Hamilton October 17, 2018

    Selling Game of thrones account. Lvl 30, keep 22, power 10mil, over 2700 invested.

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