Sell CS:GO Skins for cash quickly and easily!

Sell CS:GO Skins for cash quickly and easily!

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Making money from playing CounterStrike is a distinct possibility if you have the skills, patience and ability to play and sell regularly. While some players prefer to just enjoy the game, many are cashing in on new opportunities as the Steam marketplace grows.

The hype over rare items on Counterstrike and Team Fortress is surprisingly large given how much time and energy it takes to farm these items relative to how valuable they are.

The biggest problem with selling skins and other in-game items like gold is that it is extremely easy to get scammed. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, the transaction could go in either direction.

As a seller, you could go into a trade ready to give someone their skin for the agreed upon price and hand it over, only to see no money ever hit your account or see the charge come back as disputed after it is sent over. As a buyer, just the opposite.

You send over the money via Paypal or another service and plan to meet the buyer online to complete the transaction. They never show up. Now you’re stuck without cash you’ve wasted and no shiny new items.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common ways to keep yourself safe from scammers while either buying or selling Counter Strike Global Offensive skins as well as other items such as World of Warcraft gold, Guild Wars gold and EVE currency. There is plenty of money to be made for those that are willing to work for it!


Ways to Avoid Scammers

Scammer are everywhere in this industry. It’s just a fact of the world. Most games do not allow for trading of gold in the game itself for real life currency. Blizzard calls this manipulation of the economy and it is a one-time bannable offense.

Getting caught basically means losing your account. While it is not quite as strict with selling Counterstrike Global Offensive skins, it is still a bit of a risk.The best way to avoid scammers is to start by knowing exactly who you’re dealing with.

This is one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in the industry. Some forums such as OwnedCore and EpicNPC have reputation systems and reporting features that make it a bit easier to know when you are working with a scammer and just how to get the product you bought on time.

The shortfall with most of these websites is that they still expect you to transfer money via a third party without any escrow service to insure that both parties are satisfied with the exchange.

Without someone to mediate the deal, it can quickly become an issue as it might either get disputed after you send the person the item legitimately or it might end up being the other way around by buying and never getting the item in the first place!

You can report the person to the forum, but at the end of the day, they have no control over the exchange being taken place at all and so they can’t really protect you.With services like G2G, payment is secure and moderated.

The transaction does not take place until both parties have confirmed that they received what was promised to them in regards to the sale. This means no more fake buyers and bullcrap promises from people who end up reversing payments, blocking you on Skype and then running away from you on forums all day with their free stuff.

However, if you are going to go outside of a system like G2G, some payment methods are a little bit better than others. Here are a few of your best options.




Most Secure Forms of Payment

Paypal is one of the top choices for secure payments. While it is far from perfect, having a payment from a verified Paypal account is as good as cash in the bank. They have an excellent support team and handle disputes fairly well.

You can get a Paypal account pretty quickly and start accepting payments for Counterstrike Global Offensive skins within just a couple of minutes.Another highly secure choice is Skrill Moneybookers.

This is not nearly as large of a company as Paypal so please keep that in mind with their support. While it is not as much of a name brand, it still has a tremendous following and it is really powerful for gaming trades as it does not allow for payment reversal.

You cannot dispute anything once it is sent on this service. That makes it great for preventing scammers from disputing payments after you send them the skin they requested.The rest of the payment processors are a bit less reliable.

Remember, when dealing with transactions for gaming products and currency, keep in mind that the quality and support is even more essential. If you are scammed, there are even fewer guarantees anyone can give you that the money will ever be returned to you. Make sure if you are forwarding the money through any payment system, it is well known and trustworthy.


How to Find Quality Sites

Finding a quality site to get someone to buy your skins is very tricky. While we obviously recommend G2G, regardless of the site you choose to go with, anywhere you are selling skins should at the very least meet the following conditions:

  • Active user base. Are there plenty of people exchanging on the site regularly? If so, it is likely a great place to be doing business. You can check the Alexa rank and look at how many registered members are on the site by poking around and doing some research.
  • Does it have members who get banned for violating the rules? It may seem scary to see someone with banned by their name on a forum, but it’s actually a good thing. It means the moderators are doing their job and keeping the garbage out.
  • Is there a reputation system and a reporting system? Buyers and sellers care about their reputation as that’s all there is on these sites sometimes. Make sure that there is a system to report someone for scamming you or giving you poor quality service so it will cost that person money in the future.
  • How long has the site been around? You can look it up in the WHOIS registry information to see exactly when the domain was registered. The longer it has been in business, the more likely it is to be a trusted website.
  • Does it have a secure payment service? Some websites offer payment mediation in between the buyer and the seller. This makes it amazingly secure to transfer your money or goods and make sure that both the buyer and the seller are in business securely.

If you follow the above standards, you should be safe selling your CS:GO skins in a secure, online format and be able to avoid the scammers!


buyer protection


Introducing G2G, a Moderated Exchange for Gaming Items and Currency

G2G offers all of the above for selling skins and much more. With G2G, you have a secure payment transfer that allows you to communicate upfront with your buyer and make sure that the deal is acceptable and that both parties are better.

You are dealing with a real company that has been in business a while and sells a lot more than just skins for your Counterstrike guns, but also World of Warcraft and Guild Wars gold too as well as many other gaming currencies and items!


seller protection


What Makes G2G Better? uses a transaction system called Gamerprotect that initiates a trade between two sellers and provides a secure Escrow transaction the entire way. The process looks like this:

1. A buyer purchases your item on the G2G website. The money goes into the G2G secure Gamerprotect Escrow account for a pending transfer. Meanwhile, you receive the order for the item you are trying to sell.

2. You chat with the buyer in the G2G interface and set up the transaction. You meet up with this person in game and make the transfer. Afterwards, you both confirm in game that the transaction has occurred properly.

3. Finally, the G2G staff receives notice that both parties are satisfied. All the money is released to you!

If at any point, this process fails, the G2G team will mediate over the issue until a resolution is made for both parties to be happy.



What Can You Trade on G2G?

On G2G, you can trade more than just CS:GO skins. You can also trade:

  • World of Warcraft gold and items
  • Final Fantasy XIV gold and items
  • Guild Wars 2 gold and items
  • Archeage gold and items
  • FIFA 2015 coins

There are lots more but those are some of the most popular!


How Much Money Can You Make?

It varies wildly depending on your level of commitment. Items vary in price from a few bucks to as high as 2000 dollars for rare knives and weapons.

Just keep playing for drops, trade with other players and opening cases, you should see some consistent money coming in within a few weeks!


Start selling skins for cash in 6 simple steps.

Before you can create a listing for your items, you will need to login into G2G.

Click on the blue “Sell” button at the main site.

Choose in-game items and Counterstrike Global Offensive.

Select your item type – knives, pistol, rifles etc.

Give your product a title and description.

Add in an image of your weapon skin.

Set the price and stock level if there’s any. Just put “1” on stock and minimum unit per order.

The exchange is done through trade on Steam, so select the mail option. Put a tick on the terms and click on ‘Submit’.



After you’re done, check your new listing under Counterstrike Global Offensive product page and wait for buyers to place their order from you. Here’s the page in case you’ve missed them.

listing page


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    For example, OPSkins got a two-way authentication where you have to scan a QR code with your mobile phone to get through.
    Besides that, they also have a CloudFlare spambot check on their website.

    And for emergencies, they even have a “ban me” button in your account in case you think someone else is screwing with your account.
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