Riders of Icarus Set to Entice Players with Its Aerial MMO

Riders of Icarus Set to Entice Players with Its Aerial MMO

If you’ve ever played an MMO, you’ve probably wondered why in the world you have this awesome mount that you can’t really use? You’re riding on a fierce dragon, and all it can do is cart you from one place to another. It can’t even breathe fire.

Don’t get me wrong, aesthetics is nice, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually use your mount to fight?

Riders of Icarus allows players to do just that. You’ll be thrust into a world that looks very much like a mythical scene right out of Greek mythology, and you’ll be able to engage in both ground combat and aerial combat. That’s right. You’ll be able to use your mount to fight.

And this game includes both PvE and PvP content.

riders of icarus

Mounted Combat

The one thing that will draw players to this game is the fact that the mounts are able to engage in combat. But what can they do?

  • Mounts will have their own abilities.
  • Mounts need to be tamed – which is difficult.

When you go to tame your mount, it is sort of like a mini game. It isn’t easy. And there’s a possibility that you could fail to tame your mount. If you do fail, you’ll be thrown off the back of your aerial mount, and fall to your death.

You are limited to the number of mounts that you could collect (no limit information is provided just yet), and if you are bored of your mount, you can convert it to a small pet if you no longer want to ride it.

This is a mount that will fight with you to the death. You’ll be able to ride a flying dragon that breathes fire at your enemies, or you’ll be able to jump on a bear that will maul your enemies to death. It’s important to remember that mounts are able to be used on both the ground and in the air.

Mounted combat is possibly the most enticing part of Riders of Icarus, but I’m here to tell you that there is far more to this game than just aerial combat.

rider of icarus

Riders of Icarus – An Evolving Landscape

You’ll find that this game is action-packed. This is an all new action thriller, and aerial combat is just the beginning of the game. According to news releases from the developer, you’ll be able to dive right into a vertical gameplay that offers players a vast world that is both majestic and ever-expanding.

You’ll be able to collect several hundreds of different wild beasts that you can make your own. With the ability to have your mount learn different abilities, this brings a whole new element to gameplay. Not only will you be a threat in combat, but your mount will also be a threat. Imagine going into a PVP battle where not only the other player has to worry about your abilities, but they need to question how you trained your dragon to fight alongside you.

Combat is fantastic with a melee combo system in place.

The story is rather the same: the hero needs to save the world from a great threat. But you’ll be able to do this with both your mount and your special abilities.

Characters also have the ability to play several different classes, and each class will be able to match every player’s particular style of gameplay. There are some people that love to be in the thick of battle as a melee character, and the assassin or berserker may be the right choice for them. You’ll be able to go crazy with the berserker that can cut down forwards with massive weapons, or you can go the subtle route as an assassin that cutthroats from behind the shadows.

And if you don’t like being one of these two melee classes, you’ll also be able to play as a priest (your typical healer class) or a wizard (your typical magic-related class). If you want to be a tank, the Guardian class is your best choice. But don’t get me wrong, the Guardian class is also very deadly in combat and offers a little more than your typical tanking class.

The Riders of Icarus class trailer is what you’ll want to watch to decide which class you want to choose. The trailer can be seen on YouTube.

Note: The details and the graphics are phenomenal. Not only are the abilities aesthetically pleasing, but notice that when you hit an enemy, you’ll actually see blood spill from them. This is a little bit different than the other MMOs where they seem to ignore these details.

riders of icarus

Also, don’t forget that there is an archer class that is available. There is very little footage available on this class so far, so it will be exciting to see with the archer has to offer players. We can only assume that this class will be a deadly ranged class, but they will also be able to provide more protection than a wizard.

Built on CryEngine 3, the game is definitely a visual treat, but you won’t see many streams available. Why? The company has a very strict NDA, and beta is just starting.

Click here to sign up for beta.

If you’re excited about this game, there are some resources available that show videos from Japan’s beta. You can see one here.

I do want to point out the combat seems very impressive. If you look at the assassin, you’re able to jump up in the air and perform pretty impressive combos, which adds a little bit of complexity to the game. It’s not just the same old button smashing.

riders of icarus

Now, if you’re looking to monetize Riders of Icarus, you’ll want to sign up for beta and find ways to profit off of playing the game. One key area that I currently think will be a big hit is selling accounts that have a large collection of mounts. These will definitely be highly valued accounts, and if the company decides to retire mounts in the future, there is a good chance that these accounts will be considered premium and fetch a higher price.

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