Riders of Icarus 3rd Closed Beta Underway, Possible Launch This Year

Riders of Icarus 3rd Closed Beta Underway, Possible Launch This Year

The time is now to enter the skies of Hakanas. Flying, mounted combat awaits players of Riders of Icarus as the game just entered its phase 3 closed beta. Testing is progressing rapidly, and it’s our firm belief that we may see Riders of Icarus released by the end of the year barring any serious issues in phase 3 of beta.

riders of icarus

Legendary combat skills and a majestic world with hundreds of tamable beasts all with their own unique abilities awaits players.

Versatility and unique combat are the strengths of Riders of Icarus. Massive boss battles take precision and skill to overcome as land and air combat takes center stage. No more riding a fierce lion through the sky and not be able to defend yourself.

How to Start Playing in Riders of Icarus’s 3rd Closed Beta

“Closed beta” always sounded like an internal testing to me, but you can start testing out the game for yourself. A step-by-step guide to entering into the beta phase of the game is as follows:

  • 1. Download Nexon Global Platform.
  • 2. Create a Nexon Account.
  • 3. Open the Nexon Global Platform.
  • 4. Log in to the account.
  • 5. Click the down arrow at the upper-right corner of the platform, next to your name.
  • 6. Click Activate Product and enter the closed beta code.
  • 7. Select Riders of Icarus.
  • 8. Click play now.
  • 9. Wait for the game to download.

It’s essential that you download the Nexon America’s Global Platform. If you don’t have a Nexon America account, you’ll need to create one at this time. This includes anyone with a European account as beta is only available in North America territories. Don’t worry, Nexon is the one recommending you create a new account for beta purposes – your existing account will not be affected.

riders of icarus

Beta and Gold Farming

As you know already – I hope – all of the beta data will be wiped before the game goes live. So, it doesn’t make sense to stockpile gold or anything of that matter as you’ll lose it all before the game goes live.

And there isn’t really a market for beta gold selling.

But this is a time when you should be learning the ropes, having fun and preparing for your gold selling future. A few key tips to help you bolster your gold farming business when the game does go live includes:

Farming Spots
: Explore the world (it’s vast and beautiful) in search of the ideal farming spots. Look for spots where you can make nice coin and gather items that you can sell for coin, or items you can sell directly to other players. These are spots with fast respawn rates and little competition.

Learn the Fastest Way to Level
: Get ahead of the competition when the game goes live by learning how to level fast. The gold seller that has a lot of inventory at the start of the game and can fulfill orders will find that they have clients for the entirety of the game. And if you learn how to level fast, you can sell leveling services.

Experience the Game: Professions or jobs are always huge money makers, and dungeons and end-game content will provide you with gear and rare items that can be very valuable. During beta, don’t make it all about business – have some fun in the process, too.

There may be restrictions on trading items which makes the normal gold selling routine obsolete, but there is always a way to profit from an MMO.  You can list your services on the marketplace. Services may include:

  • Leveling or boosting services
  • Selling currency
  • Selling in-game items
  • Dungeon runs
  • Accounts

When you’re playing in beta learning how to level quickly and uncovering the best spots to farm, you’ll also be learning how to gear your character to the hilt. Gear is of the utmost importance, and rare items are extremely valuable assets to an account.

If you find that the market for Riders of Icarus isn’t prospering on the gold front or you’re just bored of the game, a geared account can sell for a very nice profit.

riders of icarus

Riders of Icarus NDA Lifted

Beta players were under a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that means streaming, videos and even images were not legally allowed to be released.  Now the NDA has been lifted. Finding the ideal farming spots is a lot easier when people take to YouTube and Twitch to show off the game to their subscribers and friends.

You’ll want to look for videos on:

  • Speed leveling
  • Farming spots

Don’t forget to bookmark these videos or subscribe to their respective channels. The goal is to have a leg up on the competition. You’ll use these farming spots and tricks initially before the spots become overrun with other players.

We always found it ideal to be able to find a handful of spots to start farming via Twitch and YouTube, and also find a few spots of our own.  You know – the spots that no one is farming but you. Even if these spots are less than ideal, they’ll supply you with farming opportunities as other spots are overrun.

How to Get a Riders of Icarus Closed Beta Key

Great. You’ve went to the closed beta sign up above, but you can’t activate because you don’t have a code.

riders of icarus founders pack

One way to get the code outside of contests and giveaways is to become a founder. When you decide to become a founder, you’ll be able to receive a lot of perks:

  • 7-day open beat head start
  • Closed beta access
  • Exclusive mount
  • Wolf skin
  • Ellun box
  • Exclusive title
  • Health potions
  • Mana potions

And this is just with the Elite Riders Pack ($24.99). the Heroic Riders Pack ($42.99) comes with:

  • An additional mount
  • A pet
  • An additional wolf skin
  • Premium service (30 days)
  • Beautification voucher
  • Extra character slot

The Legendary Riders Pack ($89.99) comes with a ton of stuff over the Heroic pack, including:

  • 2 additional mounts
  • 24 extra inventory slots
  • 30 additional days of premium service
  • Additional skins
  • Onyx Order outfit
  • 2 talismans

riders of icarus

It’s an amazing offer, and it’s one that will pay dividends if you decide to sell your account in the future. People go crazy over exclusive titles that you can’t get anywhere else.

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