Repopulation a Sci-Fi Sandbox-Hybrid MMORPG

Repopulation a Sci-Fi Sandbox-Hybrid MMORPG

Hybrid, fun and thrilling is what people are saying about Repopulation: a Sci-Fi MMORPG with a creative twist. The developers have made an attempt to emulate the social aspects of Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies by taking the sandbox-driven approach.

Innovations and a unique world allow the game to be played how you want it to be played.

You’ll be able to play the game in an RPG-like manner, or as a first/third person shooter. You can advance your character through combat and blood, or through political and decisive means as a peaceful player.

repopulation combat

Welcome to the World of Repopulation

epopulation doesn’t want to force the same MMORPG mechanics on players that other titles force on you. Instead, they want you to be able to craft and harvest the items you need without being ganked by other players in the process.

Don’t worry, there is an immense PvP aspect to the game, too.

But, you have a choice with every action you take. Be the villain, or hero. Be an entertainer, crafter, or a thief. Heck, you can even be a diplomat. You don’t have to fight other players if you don’t want to. And, that is a refreshing take on a world filled with personality and a unique player base.

Before we really get into the features and gameplay aspect of the game, let’s talk about the lore.

Repopulation goes back three centuries when the earth’s inhabitants realized that the earth we know today was set for destruction. There was no room for everyone to go to a new colony, so they took the DNA and recorded minds of the world’s technicians and scientists so that they could be cloned in a new world.

The game takes place in just one of the colonies: Rhyldan.

Cloning and transferring the mind or memories of others became second nature. And, at first, the world was following a common goal. But, things changed quickly and disaster began to strike the first settlement of Plymouth.

A long history commences, but players are thrown into a world that is now in an open state of war.

repopulation steam kickstarter

It’s on Steam and Kickstarter

The game is stunning, and I don’t use that world lightly. In fact, graphically, you’ll find that Repopulation has better graphics than some of the world’s top titles. And, this is a game with an endless amount of fun where you can travel seamlessly from one point in the world to another.

There are very few instanced zones in the game.

A little help was given to the developers through Kickstarter where you can see how the money has been used to further enhance the game.

You can also find the game right on Steam. Buying the game on Steam costs either $19.99 or $39.99 depending on what package you choose. And, this is essentially early access to the game where you can start playing right now.

Note: The game is still in development, so the early access may be buggy.

repopulation town

Features and Gameplay

Combat System

The way you fight in Repopulation is unique and refined. A complex system allows you to:

  • Master several combat lines (one active at a time).
  • Skills and abilities tied to weapon type.
  • Play different roles effectively but never at the same time.

Combat is skill-oriented, so you may pick up a shotgun and be given abilities for long-range combat, or bladed weapons to show off your melee skills.

RPG and action mode allows you to enter into either a FPS type combat or combat that is seen in traditional MMORPGs.

Health is similar among all players. There is so much more to combat, too, such as armor type, chains and openings, ranged accuracy and several other fine points that make fighting a blast.

repopulation combat

Read more about the combat system on the official site.


Three pet types are available: Tamed, Genetically Engineered and Robotics. These pets will fight alongside you and have their own vulnerabilities. Robotic pets need to be recharged, while genetically engineered pets will perish forever when killed. Tamed pets gain special abilities but they need to be taken to the Veterinarian occasionally, or they’ll weaken and could die permanently.

Player Housing

Player housing is available with predesigned modules that can be used to build your own home design.

repopulation pve

PvE Overview

PvE is robust with missions, engagements, ranks to be gained, and exploration that needs to take place. The one key aspect of PvE that stands out is that it will be dynamic. If one branch isn’t a success, it may change over time to keep players engaged.

repopulation pvp

PVP Overview

Players will need to activate the Active Military setting to be able to fight against other players. You’ll be able to enter contested regions, gather resources and setup outposts, build nations on plots of land to become more powerful, and even join a hardcore server for real PvP.

This is an advanced system where you’ll be able to choose playstyle modes to customize the experience.

Siege System

A truly advanced siege system allows players to wage war on one another to take over cities. You can launch complex attacks to take over a city or land you want, but it’s not going to be easy by any means.

Sieges occur in different stages, so the enemy and you can prepare.

There will be times of vulnerability and chaos, and times when massive resources will be depleted. The siege system adds a complexity to the game with dire consequences, but players can still defend themselves in the process.

repopulation customization

Skill System

The skill system is broken down into 6 different classifications:

  • Armor
  • Combat
  • Defensive
  • Beneficial
  • General
  • Trade

All skills have their rankings, which are divided among 14 different titles, so there is a lot to do to rank up and become powerful.

But, you’ll also find rogue and scout skills where you can choose assassination to be more deadly, or acrobatics that allow you to enhance your movement and evade attacks. There are several branches to choose from when customizing your toon.

And, you’ll gain abilities with the weapons you wield.

Early Access

There is early access pricing available ranging from $19.99 – $99.99, depending on which of the four tiers is chosen. All of the tiers allow for early access to the game with name reservation and repop tokens. The main difference is the amount of store credit granted and the Head Start that will allow you to play the final game before anyone else.

Head start ranges from none to 3 days in advance of other players.

You can start early access now to search for ways to monetize the game. A few ways I can already see are:

  • Boosting services
  • Selling in-game items
  • Selling currency
  • Crafting (a complex system)

repopulation pvp

And, if you don’t want to spend the money on early access, you can sign up for beta testing where only an unspecified amount of players will gain access to the game to test it out.

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