Power Leveling Game Accounts

Power Leveling Game Accounts

Power Leveling

Starting off as a brand-new player in an exciting MMORPG is always a bit of a nightmare, no matter how many times you’ve played other MMORPGs in the past or even worse, is knowing that particular MMORPG has been out for a while and some players have opt to purchase accounts or even power leveling game accounts all this time.

You’ll know that you are up against stiff competition right off the bat, competition that has a real head start over you, and competition that is just waiting for “newbies” to dive headfirst into their digital world – literally as fresh meat.

Of course, there are a couple of different ways you can get around having to deal with “newbie disease” – even if you’ve literally never logged into a game before. I’m talking of course about power leveling game accounts.


What exactly is “power leveling” anyways?

Power leveling (a video game term that dates back to the earliest MMORPGs, games like Ultima Online and a handful of others) is the process of intentionally going through a set of very specific motions that will lead you to efficiently level up your character.

And while that sounds like a pretty smart and strategic thing to do, the truth of the matter is it almost always involves “grinding” – spending hours and hours (and hours and hours) doing the exact same thing over and over again, until you worry about your sanity, or can replicate those same movements in your sleep (and often times do)!

Most people just aren’t up for a grind session, and so power leveling is left to the very dedicated few out there that are looking for every edge in advantage.

But you can’t find a video gamer that doesn’t want their character to be power leveled. Which is why, if you have the stomach for grinding, you can make a mint by power leveling game accounts for others!


How can you turn your power leveling into a legitimate income stream?

If you are serious about turning your interest in power leveling into a legitimate income stream, there are at least a couple of things you’re going to need to do before you jump right in.

For one, you are going to want to read as many strategies and guides about power leveling as you possibly can – making sure that they are not only specific to the game that you are playing, but also specific to the skills that you are trying to build.

Secondly, you’re going to want to focus on power leveling only skills and abilities that are going to be in high demand, especially if you aren’t power level with a specific customer in mind.

Power leveling new accounts and then selling those accounts “as is” is one of the easiest ways to start making money with this method, but it also carries a bit of risk.

Sometimes people won’t buy a generically leveled up character (or an army of generically leveled up characters). They would prefer someone to come in, take over their account for a few days, and power level for them – to their exact specifications!


power leveling


How can you make the most money from your power leveling?

Tailoring your power leveling service to a specific customer’s demands can be the easiest way to make a boatload of money.

Not only are customers going to pay you a handsome fee to climb into their character’s skin, use their resources (resources you won’t have to gather on your own), and build up the skills that they are looking for – you are also going to be able to guarantee payment on your end by refusing to hand the account over until they have paid you in full.

Think of this as the MMORPG version of escrow!

On top of that, you can charge specialty fees for leveling specific characters in very specific areas of expertise – especially if you focus on the hard skills to level.

If everyone could level up combat skills just by fighting low-level monsters for a few hours each night, you probably aren’t going to be able to ask for all that much money to do it on autopilot for them.

If, however, your customer wants their character to be one of the best smiths or merchants on the entire server, with legendary skills and abilities that only come from a ridiculously high level of training, you can probably set your price and make a mint without anyone trying to negotiate with you!

But there is a number strategy that you can take advantage of to make a lot of money while power leveling.

You see, no matter what kind of skill you are leveling up, you are going to come across raw natural resources, lucrative rare items, and a ton of in game currency – and you’ll be able to keep all of it on your own account (or sell it to the owner of your character account for a handsome fee).

Regardless of your approach to unloading all of those extra resources, you’ll be able to sell them for a bit extra to make everything worth your while.


Getting started as a power level specialist

If you want to get started as a power level specialist, the fastest way to do so is to level up your own account so that you can prove that it can be done.

From there, join at least a few guilds and offered to power level for a handful of your guild mate’s (usually 100% free of charge or for a nominal fee) just to get the word out.

Then, once people see that you are the real deal, start charging for your power leveling of abilities – and sit back, relax, and watch as the real world money comes pouring in!

Obviously, you can also level up a number of “generic accounts” (as mentioned above) and sell them wholesale through online marketplaces.

If you decide to go this route you can probably save a lot of time looking for specialty customers, but you’ll want to make sure that you are researching specific character templates that are in demand so that you have every chance of unloading them when the time comes.


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