Pokémon Go – Gotta Milk ‘Em All

Pokémon Go – Gotta Milk ‘Em All

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the major success of Pokémon Go – everyone is playing it. And it’s a great way for kids and adults to get out of the house and explore the world around them.

Nintendo’s market share jumped $7.5 billion in just two days and $17 billion in a week. The game is also on pace to bring in over $4 billion in revenue this year alone. The company’s stock jumped over 50% since Pokémon Go was released.

The game is so popular, it’s said to have more active users than Twitter

This is a rarity in the gaming world, and people are finding ways to make a lot of money off of the game already:


Chauffeur Service

Seriously, people are paying others to drive them around to find new Pokémon. CBS ran a story of a man offering this service. UPI ran a story on this, too, with many people charging $25 an hour for their chauffeur service.


Pokémon Trainer

What does $20 get you? A Pokémon trainer – really. Ivy St. Ive was offering a Pokémon training service for $20 an hour. The smart and innovative girl was bombarded with offers, but many people started telling her that the service is not allowed under the game’s terms.

And Ive decided to shut her service down.

Talk about being an entrepreneur. She would walk around for 1 – 4 hours on a person’s account in New York and capture Pokémon for them. She even sent customers hourly updates on her progress.

pokemon go account

Pokémon High Level Accounts

Pokémon fever is also causing a big stir in the gaming world. People are forking over a ton of money for high value accounts. People that don’t have time to “Catch em all” will pay top dollar for your account – check out these prices.

The highest priced account is selling for $1,060, and it’s a level 23.

Boosting Service

Other gamers want your help – they want you to capture and level for them. You can offer your service here and start offering your own boosting for Pokémon.

pokemon lure module


Businesses are using Pokémon Go as part of their campaign strategy – and it’s working very well. How? Well, there are a few ways:

  • 1. Use lures to bring in customers
  • 2. Providing offers to different teams
  • 3. Give tips on social media
  • 4. Host gym battles
  • 5. Offer charging stations
  • 6. Advertise rare Pokémon in your area

And businesses are making a killing. L’inizio’s Pizza Bar in New York boosted its revenue by 75% by having a dozen Pokémon lured to his location. The price for the lures? $10.

pokemon cake

Pokémon Inspired Items

Pokémon isn’t just a hit for ground businesses or your local pizza shop – it is also a hit for online businesses, too.

People are offering:

  • Apparel
  • Costumes
  • Cakes
  • Vape mods

And a quick search on Google will show you people – and business – offering Pokémon inspired items at cafes. Pokémon pancakes, or a burger anyone?


Making Some Extra Money on Pokémon

We’re masters when it comes to making money off of games and virtual items, and Pokémon may be the biggest trend we’ve ever experienced. You can make some extra dough off of this craze before it ends, but you need to act fast.

No one is quite sure what the next craze will be, and it’s not likely to produce the same buzz as Pokémon.

But why not milk the game while you can? Everyone else is making money off of it.

Let’s outline what gamers and businesses can do today to start making some real money off of Pokémon:


You’re dedicated to making money, and Pokémon Go will provide you with some fast cash. A few of the ways people are profiting are:

  • Boosting Services: Offer to level an account or catch em’ all for another person for a fee. This works well in local communities.
  • Accounts: Start, catch, and sell. Accounts are priced very high now, so sell while it’s still lucrative.

As a gamer, these are your two best options to make money.


If you own a business, you have a lot of ways to cater to Pokémon players:

  • Products: People are buying apparel, toys, cakes and even pancakes designed as Pokémon. If you get in on the craze now, you’ll earn a lot of money along the way.
  • Services: Cakes, pancakes, cupcakes and more are being made and sold that look just like Pokémon – trust me, the word will get out fast about your offering.
  • Mods: Vaporizer companies are offering vape mods featuring Pokémon – really.
  • Lures: When people drop lures, it attracts Pokémon to an area. This is a genius way to bring people to your location. And if you can pay people to drop lures, you can make out like the pizza shop that had 12 rares in their store. People came for the Pokémon, and stayed for the pizza. If you’re near a Poke-stop, drop a lure – people will come.
  • Gym Battles: If you’re lucky enough to have a business at or by a gym, you can host gym battles. “$1 off for the player who gains control of the gym” or “two slices of pizza for free for the player controlling the gym” will lure customers to your door. And the hungry players that don’t win are still going to be likely to buy anyway – they’re hungry.

pokemon go

The craze has become so big that you have to look at these statistics:

  • It took 13 hours to hit the No. 1 spot in the U.S. sales chart
  • Over 10.81% of daily Android users downloaded the game four days after its release
  • The game’s popularity is on par with Star Wars in 1977

Pokémon may fizzle over time, but it goes to show you that the right technology can truly change the face of the gaming world. Nintendo is likely to offer further augmented realty apps in the future, and rumor has it that someone is working on a Game of Thrones augmented realty app – can you even imagine?

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