Players Are Making a Killing with Blade & Soul

Players Are Making a Killing with Blade & Soul

What’s your excuse for not starting a gold farming business? Many people state that the time when gold farming was a viable business has died since just five years ago. But this could be the biggest misconception among gamers in the world.

Blade & Soul is cleaning up, and people are making a time of money selling digital items on this game. The game was finally released in North America and Europe on January 19, 2016. The wait is finally over.

blade and soul pve

And if you’re thinking that such a new game could not reap profits, you are wrong. Currently, there are people selling the following:

  • Gold: In-game currency is selling for the staggering price of $31 for 500 gold on average.
  • Accounts: There are already accounts that are selling for $500 with max level characters that have good items. Think about that. The game has been out a little over two weeks, and people are already flipping accounts for $500.

It’s a profit-making machine. If you were to get in right now, you’ll find that there are tons of opportunities to become a dominant high-level player and make money off of this game. The hype has finally come to fruition, and people are flocking to this game like never before.

We are going to be talking about different ways that you can make money off of this game and what current virtual goods and services are selling for.

blade and soul kungfu master

Power Leveling

Power leveling is simple. You’ll start a new character, level up, learn the techniques to boost your character faster, and then repeat the same techniques for other people that want to boost their character without having to play for hours and hours on end.

I’m currently seeing the following prices for leveling services:

  • $100 for either leveling from level 1 to 36, or level 1 to 40.
  • $149 to level a level 1 character to level 45.
  • $40-$45 to level from 36 – 45.

Typically, you’ll be required to level a character to level 45 in about 5 to 6 days.

A few tips for power leveling include:

  • Check out guides and YouTube videos.
  • Stay with your main story quest.
  • Work as a team to boost questing efficiency.
  • Use soul shields.
  • Bid on gear that will help you level faster.

If you’re leveling multiple characters, why not group them together and level them at the same time? This will allow you to double your profits in about the same time.

So, how long will it take you to level a character to maximum level? Most experienced players can do this in 20 to 30 hours.

blade and soul summoner


In-game items are always popular. You have two options here: sell them for real money, or sell them for gold and sell the gold. Unfortunately, it’s far too early to know which items will sell for a good price – so you have to do the research yourself on this.

blade and soul guide


Guides are a very popular option, and there are several different ways to offer them to other players. Now, you can go the route of Zygor Guides. This is a company that offers World of Warcraft guides, and they have made a substantial amount of money.

What does this is company do?

  • Offers starter guides for all classes.
  • Offers guidance for every zone.
  • Offers dungeon and raid guides.

Step-by-step guides are a hot commodity in the gaming world. This company has probably raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have also leveraged affiliate marketing to drive more sales. They offer commission to marketers who sell their products, and you can do the same thing through ClickBank.

You can also offer video guides that you send to other people, or you can offer to train people how to play the game effectively.

Why not make your own guide, and sell your own product?

blade and soul boosting

Boosting Services

Boosting services are available for more than just leveling. You’ll be able to offer boosting services for:

  • Dungeons
  • Difficult quests
  • Item farming
  • PvP

You’ll find that a lot of people are simply dying to advance in the game and will pay a hefty price for somebody to help them along the way. Many people want to still experience the game, so they will pay somebody to help them along the way without actually doing all of the work for them.

You can choose to use boosting services for getting in-game gold, or you can sell them for straight up cash. If you have a healthy gold selling network, this may be the best option as people are more willing to give away virtual currency than straight up money. But you will find optimistic and happy buyers willing to give you their money for virtually any boosting service you can think of.

blade and soul accounts


If you want to go the route of selling your account, you have to know that price ranges vary significantly. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to make more money selling a boosting service to boost someone else’s account to maximum level.

But you will find accounts that range from $100-$500.

If you want your account to be valued highly, you need to make sure that your character is maximum level. The more characters you have, the better. Having a high amount of gold and rare items will also boost your account’s value.

blade and soul gameplay

Since the game is rather new, we’re seeing many prices in the $100 to $200 range for accounts, and a few epic accounts selling for $500.

I personally wouldn’t sell my account for a low sum, and I would want something in the $200+ range. But if you can level several accounts at once, it may be worthwhile to sell them for $100.

Blade & Soul was one of the most anticipated games of 2016, and gold farmers are already finding ways to make hundreds of dollars a day by selling in-game items and currency. Start playing the game for yourself, and find ways to capitalize on it before the market becomes saturated.

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