Player Studio – Design your own virtual items for cash

Player Studio – Design your own virtual items for cash

Let’s face it, things are expensive nowadays you would think that with inflation and minimum wage increases everything should just level out, but truthfully, that is not the case.

Companies are still playing catch up and if you work for a job that already pays you the minimum there is no incentive for them to adjust your pay to reflect for new costs and wage increases.

So yes everything is becoming increasingly more expensive and that includes games and the systems / hardware people play them on. Back in the 90s you could buy a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game for $30 and if you were a big spender $50 for a PC Game.

Then Playstation 2 and Xbox came about along with some other systems as well and the new price point was somewhere in the $50 range on average.

Gamers are now spending upwards to $60 for a disc copy of the game with the exception to things like Steam. So what is an obsessed gamer to do? How can one afford these rising prices for the things we love?

The solution is simple assuming you are crafty enough and have a good graphic design skills and understanding of graphic design software. That solution is to either begin making products you can sell in the digital space or gold farming on MMORPGs and sell it to a virtual marketplace like this one.

You already love these games like Everquest, Everquest II, Planetside 2 so why not start making them your business. You can do this by making your own items and selling them in game.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Well it is pretty cool and it hasn’t really been easier. Player Studio is a initiative program that provides gamers the opportunity to learn how to develop, design and personalize items by reshaping the item’s geometry. You will be able to create in game items to be used and possible inclusion to Sony Online Entertainment Marketplace.

Looking to make battle rifles that could intimidate the hell out of your enemies with +100 awesomeness, than you can do just that! It’s really simple. How you essentially make these items is you get the ability to manipulate the items that are already there in the game.

You aren’t responsible for creating anything from scratch. You simply download sample geometry files to your computer and use third party art tools to reshape, re-color and reconfigure the items to suit your preferences. Of course this job is also one part sales and you will need to design a good pitch for the item.




Pitching the item for sale

So like we said before you are going to have to pitch this item to be added to the game. This isn’t some sort of illegal mod we are talking about. You are designing an actual item for an actual video game.

That is perhaps what makes this opportunity so cool in the first place. If your item gets accepted it officially becomes a legitimate part of the game that can be downloaded.

How it works is you need to basically pitch to the Sony Online Entertainment Marketplace why your item should be included and how it contributes to the narrative of the game. Simply making a dagger that gives you +5 with all the lady NPCs isn’t a good enough reason.

This is where your creative side comes in and you can actually start to draft a backstory for the things you create. Keep it fun and interesting and if Sony Online Entertainment decides they want to use your item, then be prepared for a huge windfall of cash to come your way. Well expect some additional income because the the company will share 40% of their profits for the item with you. That could result in a decent chunk of change so put in some time and effort into the creation of something cool and unique.

Who knows maybe they’ll give you a job? We’re not promising anything though.

There are a few things you should first be aware of and that we suggest. One of those things is to check out other designer items so you aren’t repeating something that is already existing but to also see the type of quality expected. Second be sure to use the color palette and textures provided for the items. Finally, make sure you save it in the right format.


Eligibility Requirements

People who are eligible to partake in this unique opportunity are players who are 18 and older with a good standing. Also people eligible are players 18 and under with good standing and consent from an adult.

So assuming you haven’t been using racial slurs or talking about Hitler on your friendly game banter with other players you should probably be alright. In that regard right now the program is only open to United States Players. The program should be expanding however fairly soon so players in other countries can look forward to their own chance to make money for their favorite video game.

To get involved its pretty simple you just need to got the website and click on the tab ‘How to Get Started‘. This will give you a basic outline of what is expected. From there you can click a link to see further requirements for whatever game you are interested in making an item for.

Once you’ve made your item, then submit it by following the submission guidelines on the website. It is that simple.


Additional Software

You are going to need some different software to design your items. Player Studio is supplying you with the basic models but the things needed for the creative process is entirely up to you. Choose which software you’re comfortable with and let your creative juice flow from there.

The following programs are recommended :-

3D Modeling:

Maya -

3ds Max -


Wings3D -

Modo -


Photoshop -

Paint.NET -


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