Pathfinder Online with Open World PvP

Pathfinder Online with Open World PvP

Pathfinder Online has all of the right features to offer endless amounts of fun, plus a lot of ways for gold farmers to monetize the game. Action-packed, Pathfinder allows players to collide in an open world PvP environment with a lot of PvE elements included.

From the initial videos, the game has a medieval feel to it.

pathfinder online

The World of Pathfinder Online

A fantasy sandbox, you’ll make impacts on the environment with all of the structures you build. You’ll even create an economy of crafted goods to sell to all of the players vying for control of the territory.

Being open world, you’ll be responsible for controlling:

  • Territory
  • Trade routes
  • Resources

The central aspect of the game is conflict, and you’ll be defending your territory while trying to take over other territory constantly. While some areas of the world don’t provide the same level of risk, there are rewards for being in the center of conflict.

Players have reputation, so you’ll need to be careful when attacking others without purpose or context.

Pathfinder offers a real-world twist to a fantasy game where your actions have true impact on how you progress. Everything aside from low level gear relies on the economy. This means the world is forged by other players, including:

  • Building materials
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Consumables

You’ll even need to arrange your own transport of materials.

Beautifully designed worlds and landscapes are immersive, and will have you spending hours exploring and trying to find land to call your own. The game is extremely complex, yet it has features that many players of other MMORPG will be accustomed to from prior gameplay.

Pathfinder Online Features

There are a lot of features that the developers have divulged to players thus far. Starting with characters first, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the character you choose to defend your territory.

pathfinder character

Character Features

Every character starts with a baseline and will earn experience along the way. All characters will have the following:

Attributes: Basic attributes are available. These attributes define a player’s:
– Strength
– Speed
– Health
– Persuasiveness
– Perception
– Cleverness
Skills: Skills are earned through XP and aren’t dependent on the amount of time you play. Experience accumulation occurs whether a player plays hours or minutes a day all at the same speed.
Abilities: The acquisition of skills lead to new abilities. These abilities vary from damage and defense abilities to crafting abilities and more.
Power: All characters will gain power. These characters, often older toons, will have more flexibility or power, but this doesn’t lead to a distinct character advantage over new players.

pathfinder inventory

Economy Features

The economy is what will drive the gold farming market and will be where a lot of the advanced functionality of the game is seen. The following economy features are available:

  • Harvesting: This is the basic harvesting seen in games like World of Warcraft. You’ll mine ore, gather herbs and so on. Secondary harvesting requires an outpost to be built where each outpost can be advanced and leveled and will produce bulk resources over time.
  • Crafting: As mentioned briefly, all of the items in-game will be created by players after the initial leveling experience. This system will be much like EVE Online where you assemble the materials and pay a fee to have them created.
  • Markets: Distribution of all of your crafted items will occur in the market. This will be a fun experience where settlements (discussed shortly) can create their own market.

One of the fun aspects is the transport of goods and trade routes, which can be taken over or ambushed. Players may even be responsible for protecting these routes.

pathfinder pve

Social Aspects

The open world PvP environment comes with a lot of social aspects, some of which we discussed briefly:

  • Parties: A group of players working together to meet a specific objective.
  • Companies: A more advanced party, much like a “guild” in WoW. These will be large groups of players connected under the same affiliation. Companies will be the center of the game’s outpost system.
  • Settlements: Large in-game structures where social groups gather describe settlements. These areas of the game come with ownership and management. This is an immensely complex system with rules, regulations and several variables that relate to how players can play the game. Two or more settlements will turn into kingdoms.

You’ll be able to choose between a variety of class options in-game, such as:

  • Fighter
  • Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Cleric

pathfinder town

Will There Be A Cost To Play Pathfinder Online?

The developers are working on a hybrid type of subscription. There are no pricing details finalized just yet, but we do know that a hybrid subscription and micro transaction model is being discussed. This will allow players to pay a flat monthly fee for access to all of the game’s content, or pay a micro transaction for access to just certain features.

During early enrollment, subscriptions will be the only option to play the game and will cost $15.

Players that want to start playing the game and test it out can do so during early enrollment. This is still a testing phase, and the game will come with the $15 surcharge as previously discussed. Keep in mind that many features may not be available during this part of the testing.

pathfinder online

Early enrollment has evolved greatly in the past few months, and participation is a must for gold farmers and anyone trying to profit off of the game.

With early enrollment, you’ll be able to test out the game’s features and find different ways that you plan to optimize the game to make a profit.

Open enrollment is scheduled for early 2016 with no finalized date mentioned.

All players are able to try a free trial of the game and test it out for themselves.

Pathfinder Online has a lot of potential and offers characteristics that many other MMOs simply do not offer. With a very complex world and player system, you’ll have far more control over your player and the outcome of the game than with other titles.

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