Otherland – A Virtual Multiverse

Otherland – A Virtual Multiverse

Otherland is an action MMORPG based on the highly-acclaimed novels by Tad Williams. With stunning graphics, a unique multiverse concept and a compelling storyline, this is a game that farmers will want to keep their eyes on. Currently in beta, Otherland is developed by Drago Entertainment. What makes this game worth keeping an eye on? Let’s explore that Otherland and what its multiple universes have to offer.


Otherland Multiverse

Most MMORPGs offer multiple zones, regions, or areas – whatever you want to call them. But there’s always a general underlying theme. Some are futuristic, while others are medieval or fantasy-based.

In Otherland, you can explore a multiverse of different virtual worlds ranging from futuristic to Asia-themed and medieval. The great thing about having such a wide variety of worlds is that you can interact with different and strange NPCs, explore unique lands, or gain new gear and weapons with varying themes.

The multiverse concept is a fun addition, but there’s a story behind this concept. The game is set during a time when virtual reality is a part of everyday lives. But behind all of this is a conspiracy with some very powerful figures pulling the strings. Only a few people are actually aware of this plot, and are on a quest to put an end to it. Along the way, they explore a variety of different virtual worlds.

Each virtual world is different from the next in every conceivable way – including the effects of gravity.

Otherland Features

A great storyline is a great place to start, and is the foundation of a great game. But it’s the game’s other features that really tie it all together. Otherland offers:


Stunning Graphics

Each new world offers visually stunning landscapes. From medieval/steampunk to ancient Egypt and futuristic cities, all of the worlds are meticulously designed and immersive.

Non-Targeting Combat

Unlike other MMORPGs, combat is more complex in Otherland. Non-targeting combat means that you have to aim directly using your mouse to control the direction of your blows. This style of combat is used in both PVE, PVP and in battlegrounds. Non-targeting combat can be challenging, especially if you plan on farming for resources, but you’ll quickly get used it.


Character Customization

Otherland lets you make your character your own with complex character customization. You can choose to make your character short, tall, muscular, fat – whatever you choose. You can wear anything you find, too. The ability to customize your character adds a nice personal touch to the game and an opportunity to make money.

Player Housing & PvP

Player housing was recently added to Otherland where players get to enjoy their own instanced apartment. Inside, you can choose from a range of customizable textures and rooms. You can also enjoy a view of the city from the privacy of your own home.

Auction houses have also been added to the game, so players can buy and sell items. This gives you a good chance to gauge the demand for various items, and to see how robust the economy will be after release.

Open-world PvP is alive and well in Otherland, but players can also choose to stay in safe areas where they cannot be challenged by other players. Players also have the option of entering and leaving PvP mode whenever they want.

otherland classes

Otherland Classes

Otherland offers some great features, but what about classes? There really isn’t much to write home about here. Like other MMORPGs, the classes are very familiar. There are four to choose from, and each one can take on two different roles.

  • Assassin: A light melee class. Most of you know them as rogues. Assassins can sneak around in the shadows and take their enemies by surprise. They’re excellent for controlling fights and taking down enemies quickly.
  • Warrior: A heavy melee class. Warriors wield a large, two-handed weapon and wear heavy armor. They can either dish out high damage, or take the brunt of an attack to protect allies.
  • Marksman: A ranged class. Marksmen use bows and rifles to take enemies down from a distance. They can also plant traps and knock back enemies.
  • Energizer: A ranged class. Energizers can manipulate energy to either deal damage or heal players with their weapons. This class can also convert its own health into healing energy. They can heal either single targets, or an entire group at once.

These four classes may not be innovative or unique, but they offer a great combination of utility, protection, healing and damage-dealing.

otherland crafting

Gear and Crafting

No MMOPRG would be complete without a gear and crafting system. The gear in Otherland is just as unique as the customization options and worlds you can explore. Each virtual world offers its own set of unique weapons and armor, so you can choose a look that fits your mood or the look of your character. Over at the Lambda Mall, the game’s main hub, you can also purchase vanity outfits and additional looks that will help you make your character your own.

You can also craft gear with SOMAforges, and gear can be socketed to take on a variety of mods that will customize the item’s stats. To craft gear, you’ll need to collect SOMA. SOMA can be gathered from the world, or players can add a SOMA lab to their space to grow their own.

Otherland is still in beta, but it looks like a promising MMORPG. Farmers will want to get to know the crafting system and become familiar with SOMA. If it can be gathered from the world, then you can farm it. It might be a good idea to check out how SOMA is gathered and grown, so you can gain an edge on the competition.

While you can still sign up for beta access, Drago Entertainment is bringing the game to early access on Steam on August 26. The MMO is expected to hit store shelves sometime next year, so this is your chance to get your hands on a new promising game. With auction houses, crafting, player housing and resources to gather, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to make money with Otherland.

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