Now Is the Best Time to Sell Your Star Wars the Old Republic Account

Now Is the Best Time to Sell Your Star Wars the Old Republic Account

The new Stars Wars movie opened in theaters on December 18, and the world is still buzzing with news of the release. The movie has already broken all weekend records, and will likely be the biggest film ever created.

It’s a movie that people know and love, and has sparked interest in the Star Wars: The Old Republic videogame. SWTOR is not a new game, but a lot of people are just now starting to flock to this MMORPG because of all the hype surrounding the recent movie release.

If you’ve ever thought about selling your Star Wars: The Old Republic account, there is never been a better time than now.

You can capitalize on the Star Wars fever, and you’ll be able to enjoy a much higher price for your account than if you were to sell it any other time. This is the best time to sell, and you don’t even need to sell your entire account if you don’t want to. After all, this is one of the best MMO games available, and you spent a lot of time leveling up.

So, what will you be able to sell?

What You Can Sell in SWTOR

SWTOR has a lot of items that you can sell beyond just your account. You’ll be able to sell:

swtor firebrand armor

Armor Sets

Armor is one of the most valuable assets in any game. Being able to collect a whole set of armor is a major feat for any player. You’ll need to dedicate several hours, sometimes even weeks or months, to acquire these sets.

It’s a difficult process, and you’ll also be running down your game time subscription in the process.

Anyone who is inexperienced with the game or doesn’t have a high-level character will also have to spend a very long time getting these armor sets. People are willing to spend real money to buy these sets from you.


Credits are the in-game currency of SWTOR, and this will help you speed up your character’s progression in the game. The more credits you have, the more purchasing power you have to upgrade your character or acquire new items.

And the prices for credits are exceptional.

You can sell SWTOR credits for a great profit:

  • $7.83 for 5,000 credits.
  • $69 for 22,300 credits.
  • $23 for 15,000 credits.

The difference in price has to do with the actual server and faction that you’re playing on. While $7.83 is the lowest price we’ve seen for 5,000 credits, you could also make as much as $15 for 5,000 credits, which is a nice addition anyone’s income.


Don’t have the same passion you used to have for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Letting your account sit and waste away is not a good investment.

As the game gets older, leveled accounts are in much higher demand. People will have less time to commit to the game. Buying an account will allow them to play competitively with other players. These individuals also gain the benefit of being able to play end-game content, having high-end geared and saving money on subscription times in the process.

Instead of letting your account go to waste, sell it for a profit.

swtor credits


Maybe you don’t want to get rid of your account or your armor sets that you spent countless hours trying to obtain. Instead, use these great armor sets to your advantage by selling boosting services.

These services allow you to sell your expertise in the game, and coach others on how to play the game better. You’ll be able to guide people through high-level content or boost their characters for them. It’s a service that you will be offering, and you’ll be able to keep all of your items for yourself.

Before You Sell Your Account

Selling an account is a major decision. You spent a massive amount of time gearing up your character, getting credits, raiding and just leveling, so it is a major decision to finally let go of your account.

Selling an account is a lot like selling real estate.

Buyers need to have a reason to buy an account. There has to be something that distinguishes your account from other people’s accounts. If you have a home that you’re trying to sell, you know that you’ll get a higher price if you have:

  • Beautifully landscaped gardens
  • Large pool
  • Fully furnished purchase option

swtor character

The same goes for selling any game account. You need to have something that gives you the competitive edge when selling an account, and this will include the following:

  • Titles and achievements
  • Credit amounts
  • Maximum crew skills
  • Cartel items (packs, cosmetics, unlocks, etc.)
  • Rare items
  • Legendary items

The price of your account will be largely determined by your character levels, but items also have will add to the overall value of your account.

What are the top prices for SWTOR accounts in today’s market? Let’s take a look at what some of the most prestigious accounts are selling for:

  • $119 for an account with a level 65 Sith and a 60 Sorci.
  • $800 for a founders account.
  • $150 for a raiders account with several level 65 characters.

If you have a way to get some of the best gear, go out and do it before you sell your account. If something takes just an hour or two more to obtain, take the time as an investment before selling your account to get the item, achievement or title.

You don’t need to settle for less.

swtor pvp

Right now, the highest account prices are all for founder accounts. There’s no way for you to get these accounts anymore, so they are very rare, and people pay a lot of money for these. In all honesty, since the Star Wars movie has already come out, it’s quite hard to find any accounts worthwhile for sale because they’re already being snatched up.

So, if you’re looking to sell your SWTOR, do it this month before the hype of the new Star Wars movie dies down. You’ll not only increase the amount of money that you earn from selling your account, but you’ll also be able to sell your account much faster in the process.

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