Notable Virtual Items Collectors

Notable Virtual Items Collectors

Thousands of people all over the world collect valuable items from coins to art and even cars. But what about people who collect virtual items? Is it really a stretch to say that they’re no different than real life collectors?

In a world where virtual is constantly clashing with reality, digital items are starting to accumulate real value. And just like real life collectors, virtual collectors get a kick out of showcasing their items to the world. Check out these notable virtual items collectors.


Entity – EVE Online

Entity is an EVE Online celebrity of sorts. It’s estimated that the total value of his assets is 20 trillion ISK. Big deal, right? Let’s put that number into perspective.

  • In 2014, 11 trillion ISK was worth somewhere between $300,000 and $330,000 USD.

Entity has, roughly, double that. Using past numbers and rounding up to 21 trillion ISK, the sum total worth of his assets would be over $600,000 USD.

imperial issue armageddon

How exactly is this value calculated? By looking at the conversion rate of PLEX. For those of you who don’t know, PLEX is used to add 30 days of game time to your EVE Online account.

  • On the marketplace, a single PLEX sells for about 890,000,000 ISK.
  • Through the PLEX store, you can purchase one PLEX for $19.95.

Entity has also amassed a giant collection of over 5,000 unique items that took him over three years to collect. Some of the game’s most rare and obscure items are in his collection, including:

  • Silver Magnate
  • Megathron Federate Issue
  • Guardian Vexor
  • Armageddon Imperial Issue
  • Trinary Data
  • Blaze M

Entity could easily trade in his ISK for PLEX or sell his virtual items on the marketplace to gain real world value for his digital items. But for a dedicated player like Entity, it’s more satisfying to hold onto such a rare collection and show it off, or enjoy its perks.

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PAADA – Dota 2

PAADA is a Dota 2 player whose real name is Arthur. Arthur is from Brazil and is founder of paiN Gaming, one of South America’s biggest e-sports organizations. Although he’s retired now, Arthur once played Dota 2 professionally as captain and support of paIN Gaming.

PAADA is one of Dota 2’s most famous collectors of legacy couriers and a notable virtual items collector in the gaming community. His collection is worth quite a bit of money (at least in the eyes of Dota 2 players).

How much money? Let’s just say that one buyer paid $38,000 for his Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog.

dota 2

For those of you who don’t play Dota 2, couriers are in-game animals that run back and forth from item shops in the arena to players. Couriers, essentially, allow players to stay on the front lines. Players can buy couriers for cash in-store, or they may be found in treasure chests that are randomly awarded throughout the game. Treasure chests are free, but the keys cost money and many of the virtual items can be sold for cash.

PAADA sold his virtual war dog – which, by the way, is one of the rarest couriers – through an auction on Reddit. His personal collection is vast, with over 2,000 items, and some of his most notable items are showcased on his Steam profile page.


Deathifier – Entropia Universe

Deathifier made headlines when he purchased a virtual egg for $70,000. That’s right – $70,000 USD. Deathifier’s real name is David Storey, and the story behind his purchase of the egg is puzzling.

The egg was originally acquired by a player after completing a rare quest, and was sold to another player, NEVERDIE. NEVERDIE then sold the egg to Deathifier (David Storey) for the exorbitant price of $70,000. Apparently, David knew very little about the egg, which hatched into a Feffox, one of the ugliest creatures in Entropia Universe. It took six years for the egg to hatch.

deathifier egg

The egg was sold through MMOG Planet Calypso, a region of the Entropia Universe. Planet Calypso is run by MindArk.

It just goes to show you – people will go to great lengths (and spend lots of money) to get their hands on something rare that no one else has. It doesn’t really matter if that item is virtual – it’s worth something to someone.

What happened to the egg? After it hatched, the Feffox killed everything and everyone in its path. As part of an in-game event, players had to join together to stop the newborn Feffox in one massive battle to save the world. The event ran in April of 2013 and lasted almost an entire month.

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The Dahn

The Dahn – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With a name like The Dahn, it’s no surprise that this player is a well-known collector in CSGO. Somehow, he managed to accumulate an amazing collection of CSGO in-game items that were worth between $7,500 and $9,000.

The Dahn had one of the most complete collections in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His collection began on a whim when he started playing CSGO to snatch up all the achievements and stop playing. But when Valve added new skins, or gun customizations, to its Arms Deal update, The Dahn realized that he wanted them all.

Eventually, Dahn’s collection went from a whim to an obsession. From limited edition weapons to discontinued skins, The Dahn had it all, including:

  • About 300 skin guns
  • Every music kit
  • All 7 of the rare fade knives
  • All (37) of the container series
  • All 168 stickers

But after amassing such a massive collection, The Dahn finally sold his collection to an anonymous buyer for $7,500. It’s not unusual for players to sell their csgo skins, boxes and even stickers to marketplace that accepts them.


Clearly, The Dahn and so many other virtual item collectors are onto something. There’s a market and a demand for virtual items and currencies, and that market is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon.

With players spending vast amounts of time gather and collecting rare items, the value of these items will continue to grow in the future. For players who enjoy gaming and hope to make a little extra money on the side, this is great news. Now, the idea of farming for rare items in-game and selling them on virtual marketplaces for real cash (or in-game currency) is a very much a reality.

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