New way to trade Steam CS:GO Skin!

New way to trade Steam CS:GO Skin!

The popularity of Counter Strike : Global Offensive largely come from it’s skin trading, which is an integral part of the game. There’s a catch however. Valve has recently imposed a restriction on the trading process called the 7-day Trade Restriction.

What does the 7-day Trade Restriction entails?

Whenever you completed a trade with a person or bot, the item you received is not tradeable for 7 days, similar to when you purchase items off Steam market.

The advantages of trading through G2G Marketplace

1. Sellers are not required to surrender their items to us before selling, but only required to provide Steam Trade URL to list the items for sale.

2. Seller will deliver the items directly to the buyer once payment has been made, resulting in a safer and faster transaction, bypassing the 7-day Trade Restriction altogether.

Don’t wait any longer!

Check out what G2G Marketplace has to offered now:

And that’s not all!

If you are a seller, the service fee for every completed sold order is only 4.99%. Sign up today and list your CS:GO skins for sale!


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