Nebula Online MMORPG for Sci-Fi Fans

Nebula Online MMORPG for Sci-Fi Fans

Nebula Online is another Sci-Fi MMORPG that has a lot of potential for gold farmers. The game is one of the first true cross-platform titles we’ve ever seen. You’ll be able to play this game on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Windows Phone
  • Facebook
  • Android

The best part is that you can play with others in one massive universe.

nebula online gameplay

Why You Should Play Nebula

Nebula Online offers three unique playable races that will allow you to differentiate yourself from others. The races include:

  • Humans
  • Borgu’zands
  • Kriptizides

Humans are, well, humans, and are the newcomers to the universe.  This race is meant to explore and has no idea what the world is like out in deep space. Worried about their long-term survival, humans are on a constant voyage for knowledge.

Borgu’zands are hive predators that are very aggressive and require working in masses to succeed. This race is all about military power and is one of the most relentless options in the game. Think of this race as taking “survival of the fittest” to a whole new level with their tough, rugged attitude.

Kriptizides are the oldest of all the races. This race covers their face with shrouded mystery and many believe that this race is actually part machine at their core. It’s an interesting option for your first race, and really allows you to play something unique in the world of an MMORPG. There are a lot of reasons to play Nebula, including:

There are a lot of reasons to play Nebula, including:

nebula online

Epic Space Battles
Space stations and ships are the core of the game. When chaos breaks loose, you’ll find players engaging in epic space battles that occur in real-time. These are massive universe events where players will be destroying some of the world’s most advanced spaceships.

These battles are epic, and you’ll need to be the strongest to survive.

Open PvP
There are no rules in space. It is up to you to be relentless and ensure that others do not attempt to destroy your ship. You’ll be able to fight epic battles against other players in open PvP battle where anyone can join in on the fun.

Player-Driven Economy
Build and trade as you make friends along the way. A player-driven economy means that there will be currency to earn and ways to get the best in-game items. Gold farmers will want to play close attention to all economy features to determine how to exploit this content to earn real cash.

Space Stations
You know that you’ll be flying around the world in your own ship, but you can also build your own space station. This is a station where a lot of your power will be harnessed, and you’ll be able to conduct battles right from the space station itself.

Fully customizable, the space station is your very own creation.

Unique Ships
Just like the space station, you’ll be able to craft your own unique ships following your own specifications. That’s right – your own unique ship. You’ll be able to customize all of your battle gear, looks, speed and power to create a truly unique ship that moves at warp speed.

Infinite Exploration
If you’re tired of hitting invisible walls in your MMO and wonder why they exist, don’t worry: they don’t exist in Nebula. You can explore the entire universe since space has no edge to worry about.

nebula module

Nebula is Greenlit

The Steam Community has chosen Nebula to be Greenlit. What this means is that Valve, the owner of Steam, has contacted the developers and discussed moving the game along so that it will be available right on the Steam portal.

Games that are greenlit have a far higher chance of being fully developed.

Nebula Online is also a pay once, play forever game that allows you to keep playing for just one low price. When you play Nebula, you won’t have to keep paying high monthly subscription fees.

Anyone that is planning to monetize the game should note that players will be more inclined to buy items with real cash since they’re not paying a monthly fee to play the game.

nebula online

What we do know about the game is that the original studio behind the game was purchased by Mizar Games. Ultimately, the purchase allowed for further investment and development into the game so that it could continue to be developed without any hiccups along the way. Investments made into the game have allowed for the following milestones:

  • An alpha launch of the game that is prepared for a fall 2015 release.
  • A beta taking place in Q1 2016.
  • Final release occurring some time in Q2 of 2016.

You’ll be able to pre-order the game right now with a lot of added benefits. Preordering will allow you the following:

  • A copy of the game.
  • A uniquely designed weapon.
  • Wallpaper pack.
  • A thank you on the developer’s website.
  • The “accuracy” skill.

nebula online

This is just the basic tier that starts at $19.99. If you’re willing to preorder the game, I highly recommend paying at least $24.99. With this tier, you’ll be granted early Beta access to the game.

Every tier has its unique perk, with the most powerful being the unique skill that is unlocked for the player.

If you want Alpha access to the game, you will need to spend $89.99. All tiers after the first tier will be provided with all of the previous tier’s benefits. This is a terrific option for players that really want to get a heads up on the competition.

nebula online

There is a massively expensive tier that costs $1364.00 that comes with a uniquely painted avatar and an in-game planet named after you. This is a tier that is dedicated to hardcore players, but that avatar will be worth a lot of money in just a few years.

Nebula Online is a sci-fi fan’s dream come true. You’ll be able to explore deep space like never before, and you’ll be able to battle for universe supremacy. Gold farmers and service sellers will find a variety of fun and new ways to monetize an MMO thanks to the unique system behind Nebula.

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