Mythros: The Rise of El’Arog MMORPG Created In Minecraft World

Mythros: The Rise of El’Arog MMORPG Created In Minecraft World

Farmers who are fans of Minecraft should keep their eyes on Mythros: The Rise of El’Arog. Set in the Minecraft world, this new MMORPG is still in pre-alpha, but will be free to play at launch.

While you won’t be able to play or even test the game just yet, developers release updates every month on the game’s progress. A pledge system can give you early access, but before we get into game access, let’s take a closer look at the story behind Mythros and its gameplay.

mythros town

The Backstory

Mythros has a rich backstory and lore, which focuses on two Primes: order and chaos. Each of these primes followed the paths that their ethereal architects created for them.

Both sides have been fighting for thousands of years, and towering above them were the two Aspects forged from the elements of life. Strength and power became Ursis, the great ice bear. Decimation became the blazing Phoenix.

The land of Mythros was near complete destruction under the increasing power of the aspects, so the Primes agreed to leave the land and ascend to the great above – taking both aspects with them. But their departure concentrated the power of both Primes and Aspects. Their combined sheer power raised the earth beneath them, causing the land to float up into the air. This is where the land of Nova emerged.

The power of these ethereal forces rained down on the world to create life. This is the birth of Mythros and the world of Nova.

Roleplaying Inside the Minecraft World

Mythros is, essentially, an MMORPG inside of the Minecraft world. Players can take on the role of just about any heroic character they want. With rich and robust lore and backstory, players can create their own characters and take on adventures with their friends.

If adventuring is not your cup of tea, you can sit back and socialize with other players in one of the game’s many taverns. Play music, or tell stories of your next adventure – it’s all up to you.


Socializing is at the Heart of Gameplay

One of the great, and promising, things about Mythros is that the game is mostly a social experience. Every single one of the game’s features was designed to give you and your friends a place to create new adventures, play together and explore the world.

As of right now, we know that the game will offer:

  • Player housing
  • Friends lists
  • Guilds

These may be typical elements that you’d find in most MMORPGs, but they add social aspects that will make Mythros fun for players and their friends.

mythros island

A Rich Storyline and Questing System

In the world of Mythros, there are plenty of quest-givers to help and dungeons to conquer. Repeatable content will also be available each time you log into the game.

Unlike other MMOs, Mythros offers a rich storyline that drives the game’s questing system. Each dungeon run, world location and world boss that you come across has its own individual story, too, that players will discover.

mythros battle

Player vs. Player Combat

No MMORPG would be complete without PvP combat, and Mythros offers an in-depth, competitive player vs. player experience.

Players can fight one-on-one in the arena, or they can hunt down and defeat players that have bounties on their heads.

We’re still not sure what the consequences are of being hunted down and having a bounty on your head, but the PvP elements of this game add a level of competitiveness that may give you, as a farmer, an advantage. Selling boosting services for arena wins or bounty kills are very real possibilities.

A Unique Crafting System

If you’re familiar with the Minecraft world, you know that crafting is really at the heart of the game. That aspect is carried over into Mythros, too, and the game implements the same crafting design that Minecraft uses. A system of complex recipes and skills makes crafting a fun and rewarding experience.

mythros pledge

Pledge System

As of right now, Mythros is still in pre-alpha stage, so no one is testing or playing the game just yet. However, you can create an account and pledge to gain early access.

There are three pledge tiers:

mythros pledge tiers


  • Beta access.
  • In-game and forum title – you’ll receive the SQUIRE title.
  • Behind the scenes access – watch game development behind the scenes.


  • Alpha access.
  • 1 month premium benefits.
  • Behind the scenes access.
  • In-game and forum title of HERO.


  • Alpha access.
  • A lifetime of premium benefits.
  • A Squire pledge code for a friend.
  • Behind the scenes access.
  • In-game and forum title of LEGEND.

Aside from these pledge tiers, there are also six pledge add-ons that you can add for an additional fee.

Three of these add-ons are familiars, or pets:

  • Golden Golem
  • Fire Drake
  • Fiery Imp

Two of the add-ons are pledge upgrades, which allow you to boost your pledge to a higher tier. The last add-on is a helmet plume, which is a cosmetic upgrade. Essentially, it adds a plume of feathers to any in-game helmet you wear.

mythros opportunity

A Great Opportunity for Farmers

Mythros is a unique MMO with plenty of new and interesting features, and comes with the added benefit of being built into the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft has a huge following, so there’s no doubt that fans will jump at the chance to play this MMO.

It’s also free to play but a Minecraft account is required. If you do have the budget, you might consider buying a pledge to gain early access. This will give you a chance to get in on the ground floor and learn the game’s mechanics before your competitors do. As of right now, the Squire pledge is only £9.99 (about $15.41), which will give you beta access. The Heroic pledge is £24.99 (about $38.55) and will give you alpha access.

From the looks of it, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to monetize this game. Crafting is a huge part of the game, so materials and any other related components will be hot commodities. PvP boosting services may also be offered.

It’s still too early to speculate a release date for this game – or even when we can expect the game to go into beta. Keep an eye on Mythros: Rise of El’Arog, and sign up to play as soon as the opportunity becomes available to secure unique names.

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