Multiboxing: Gold farming like a boss

Multiboxing: Gold farming like a boss

Can you think of anything worse than grinding away hours and hours of time just to fill up your digital bank account?

Most people can’t, which is why gold farming is so overwhelmingly popular – at least in the early stages of you playing a MMORPG.

After all, why spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to scrape and scrounge up enough gold to outfit your character (or characters) completely, and then hoping to have just enough left over to make sure that you’re protected should the worst happen.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with all of that headache and hassle any longer – especially when you decide to take advantage of multiboxing.

A pretty simple and straightforward solution that allows you to take control and command of multiple game accounts (well within the rules – usually) of all your favorite MMORPG games, you’ll be able to do the work of 10 men – quite literally – when you decide to use this gaming approach.

But if you’ve never multi-boxed before, you’ll want pay close attention to the inside information included below to navigate this sometimes rocky water.


How would you like to have (almost) unlimited gold – whenever you need it?

The big benefit to multiboxing is that you are going to be able to speed the amount of time you need to spend collecting resources and farming gold – two critical components of modern day MMORPG.

Almost exclusively in advance tactic used by those that have been playing these kinds of titles for years and years, multiboxing is not for the faint of heart but can pay off some serious dividends if you master everything there is to know about it.

The way multiboxing works is pretty simple and straightforward. Either using a software set up or a hardware set up (or some combination of the two), you won’t just be controlling a single client in an MMORPG – but instead as many different accounts as you can reasonably manage all on your own.

This is going to require a number of resources that will be detailed below, but the basic just of the matter is that you will be in charge of and responsible for the movements and actions of all these different game characters in the world.

Usually this requires you to have a bit of a bankroll built up already so that you can focus exclusively on the most efficient methods for gold farming, but you can start off as a new be as well and still enjoy some pretty powerful results.

A side benefit event multiboxing brings to the table is the ability to create your own highly skilled “strike team” that obeys your every command without any questions whatsoever.

This little assault group can help you clear out dungeons (or even do a bit of PVP, if you’re feeling up to it) by opening up a world of tactics and strategies – not to mention capabilities – that a single character would never ever allow you to enjoy.

A bit of a challenge for sure, when you use this method to multibox you are going to have the game world and that digital universe by the throat, and will have all the potential in the world to become a benevolent ruler or something much, much more evil – it’s entirely up to you and the characters that you decide to play.



The software side of things

The easiest way to multibox (provided that you have a gaming set up that can support multiple clients at a single time) is a software set up like the one offered by

A tool that allows you to set up multiple accounts (provided that you have valid software keys for each and every account, as well as different installations for every one of the claims that you hope to run), this software set up can be installed and up and running inside a 15 minutes or so.

Definitely a little bit resource intensive, you’ll need to have a pretty heavy duty gaming set up to tackle this kind of implementation.


The hardware side of things

On the other side of things, you could simply built a number of smaller (and less expensive) gaming setups and then run them all to a central keyboard and mouse set up – giving each and every instance of the game its own screen or monitor.

This can get clunky pretty quickly (especially if you have a lot of accounts you like to run it once), but maybe the most efficient way to do so at least as far as resources are concerned.

Virtual machines can start to take up a lot of resources in a hurry, but when you give each instance of the game its own physical hardware to run off things are all the more streamlined.


Setting up your macros and scripts

Finally, you’re going to need to make sure that you have set up different macros in scripts that you can run with just a couple of quick keystrokes – orders that are already “presaved in preloaded” that can be deployed in a hurry.

Controlling all of these different characters at once is going to be a real headache and hassle unless you take the time to establish your own custom macros and scripts, though you can usually find libraries of these different codes all throughout the Internet.

Just make sure you are grabbing the right macros and scripts for the MMORPG titles you hope to play.


Rock and roll, baby!

Once all of that is taken care of, you should be able to jump right into your favorite digital world, fire up your “gold farming” characters, and then head out to pile on the resources much faster than you ever would have been able to before.

You’ll want to clear this kind of action with the TOS of the game that you hope to play on a regular basis – there is little to no sense in getting the ban hammer immediately after you get the hang of multiboxing.

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