Monetize your videos while playing video games

Monetize your videos while playing video games

Gamers all over the world are coming to the same realization that kids who dreamed of becoming professional athletes when they got older have for decades:

There’s only so much room at the top for highly paid professionals that get to play a game for a living, but that there are a lot of other options out there to make a buck doing something that you love.

Most of the people making money off of video games (outside of those that make the games themselves) are doing so by of avoiding – intentionally or not – the allure of the “professional gamer community” and instead snapping up tools like FRAPS and Movavi to record their own personal video sessions, uploading them to the web, and making money pour into their bank account.

How would you like to know how to do the exact same thing?

Best of all, anyone can do it!

Well, anyone with a passion for video games and a little bit of technical knowledge, that is. But if you love to do a bit of gaming, have the patience to go through a couple of bumps in the road, and are willing to pay attention to the insider information below, it will be all that long until you’re cashing checks from playing video games.

And it’s a lot better to do that then play in your basement all alone for free!


Jump on the bandwagon with screen recordings

To get started making cold hard cash from your video gaming, you’re going to need to start firing up screen recording software and making short little videos of your gaming sessions.

This can be done with tools like FRAPS, Movavi, or even Camtasia (if you have a rig that can handle the extra resources required by that hungry software) for next to nothing – or literally nothing, with some of the free open source options.

These tools are going to be the backbone of your budding video game empire, and are going to be tools that you use every single day (or almost every single day) from here on out.

You’ll also want to get your hands on some video editing tools, but you don’t really need anything fancy – just something that can make cuts, transitions, and add music to a video file. Camtasia handles all of that in one neat little package, but there are other options out there as well.


Create a superhero persona

Once that’s taking care of, you need to focus on building up your “superhero persona”.

The reason that most people aren’t able to make a dent in the world of video game screen recordings has little to nothing to do with the fact that there are so many people releasing screen recordings every day and everything to do with the fact that they LOOK and SOUND just like EVERYONE else out there releasing screen recordings every day.

You need to have something that separates you from the rest of the crowd, and though you can go with whizbang transitions, obscure games that no one cares about, or some other kind of differentiating factor, you (and your personality) is going to be the highest leverage thing you can take advantage of.

But you – and just plain old you, the videogamer– isn’t going to be enough to “cut the mustard”.

Sure, I’m sure you are pretty cool and then your friends over there and mom) absolutely adore you, but you need to create an almost fictional persona that you can slide into in an effort to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Make this persona a little bit larger than life, a little bit more audacious and out there than you would normally be, and someone that immediately grabs attention.

You also need to make this persona likable, interesting, and full of depth (not unlike the characters that you play in video games), or people are going to lose interest and flip to someone else’s videos.




Build a platform

Secondly, you’re going to need to build a platform by choosing the right games to record as well as the right focus for each and every one of your videos.

There is something to be said about cornering the market on a specific video game title or type of video games, but in the early stages you’re going to want to stick with popular titles and cast your net a little bit wider than you might have otherwise.

This allows you to capitalize on new video games that just hit the market when they are at their highest peak of popularity, which means that getting the views to your videos is going to be a whole lot easier.

As far as the focus of your videos is concerned, it’s a good idea to come up with a specific “point of view” that each of your videos try to tackle.

Maybe you become the video games walk-through guy, the “hidden secrets” guy, or the “let’s go through the entire game in less than 15 minutes on ultra-hardcore mode” guy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of platform you build, it’s just important that you have one.


Grow a herd

Not unlike a cult, your video gaming screen recording business is going to be dependent upon the amount of people that you can pull into your circle of influence and hold their – either pushing more views to your videos (if you are all about add support), or selling other products and services to them (something that will talk about in just a moment).

The more views you have, the better off your business as a video gamer is going to be, regardless of your strategy for monetization.

Use popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube to get the videos of your video games sessions out there, and they will even do a bit of the marketing and advertising for your videos for you – taking over a lot of the heavy lifting without you having to waste any time or energy on it.

Always focus on building that herd.


Follow up, follow up, follow up

Lastly, you’ll want to try and capitalize on your success and your popularity as much is possible.

Like any other good business, all of the money in this comes from the backend. Whether you sell video gaming guides, tips and tricks, premium content, or a monthly membership to all of your video games videos before anyone else gets a chance to see them (or something else entirely) makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

It’s just important that you do have something to back you up when you want to make money off of screen recording your favorite video games.


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