Make Serious Money Playing Video Games 

Make Serious Money Playing Video Games 

Have you ever been told that if you could get a job playing video games you’d be a millionaire? If so, you wouldn’t be the only videogamer that was told that dismissively – but now it might be 100% true!

With the rise of video games becoming more and more popular each and every year, and with many kids deciding to play video games rather than play “real sports”, there are a lot of competitions popping up left and right offering cold hard cash for the winner of that tournament.

And we are not talking about a few bucks here or there – but instead millions and millions of dollars (the last DOTA 2 International Tournament just went over $1 million in prizes recently)!

Wouldn’t you love a cut of that sweet action? Tired of gold farming and trading virtual items for profits?

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to show everyone that you are hours and hours spent gaming weren’t wasted?

What would you give to have the chance to make millions and millions of dollars (just like professional elite athletes) just by taking advantage of your own videogame talents?

Well, with the right videogame competitive coach, you might be able to become and eSports professional in record time!


How would you like to make money (big money) never getting up from your couch?

The incredible thing about video games is that they are becoming more and more advanced, more complex, and more challenging as time goes on – and are as close to virtual sports as we are likely to get until full-blown virtual reality hits the open market.

With the introduction of online multiplayer, online multiplayer communities, and the overwhelming popularity of video games today, it was really only a matter of time until different groups began offering big prize money for their tournaments.

We are talking about a multibillion-dollar industry here and that is really starting to just get off the ground as far as professional competition is concerned – which gives you the chance to become the eSports “Babe Ruth” if you have the chops to do so.


Competitive video gaming is on the upswing – and there are millions of dollars to be had

As mentioned above, DOTA 2 recently announced that the international prize pool for their tournament has gone well over $10 million and it still has a chance to continue growing before the actual event. This means that people are going to be taking home some pretty significant checks for beating all of the other entrants that lineup against them as competitors – with someone taking home more than $1 million free and clear!

And that is just one eSports tournament!

There are a lot of different eSports tournaments out there showcasing different video games, different competitions, all with different prizes, but there are literally millions and millions of dollars up for grabs. In fact, one of the biggest tournaments (before the one we were talking about above hit the $10 million mark) is the annual Madden tournament which is credited as really getting competitive video gaming up off of the ground floor.


Weekend warrior skills aren’t going to cut it when you go up against the best of the best

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to just walk into any of these major events with your weekend warrior skills and hope to clean house. You are going to be going up against the best gamers on the planet, and since everyone knows that there are millions of dollars up for grabs you can bet that you’ll face the stiffest competition in the eSports world.

The global nature of online video gaming tournaments also pretty much guarantees the fiercest pool of competitors you’ll ever face, and you’ll never know exactly who you are going up against until you are dropped into that digital battlefield.

Well, when you decide to take advantage of the help offered by a video gaming coach, you’re going to be able to turn the tables to your advantage and squeeze every single drop of for formants out of your abilities to stand toe to toe against the best of the world without blinking.


Here’s how to turn your videogame skills into cold hard cash with an eSports “scholarship”

Finding the right eSports coach is going to be a little bit more difficult than you probably would have thought initially, but there are a bunch of different gamers institutions and “universities” that except eSports athletes and gamers that are ready to take their talent to the highest level. You’ll be required to really demonstrate your abilities before you’re able to take advantage of a gamer coach, but if you have the basics down most will be willing to train you up in hopes of turning you into the next eSports legend.




Nothing beats real world experience under pressure

Working with an eSports coach, you are going to be able to outline (with their help) a tailor-made curriculum for training that allows you to focus on your strengths while eliminating your weaknesses.

Obviously, this isn’t going to be quite as physically straining as the kind of training that professional athletes go through each and every day – but you are going to be mentally and physically pushed just as far as you can go without breaking so that you are built into an elite level eSports gamer.

Your coach is going to throw you into the fire just as soon as possible by scheduling different tournaments, different competitions, and monitoring your online gaming sessions – providing you with instant feedback and help so that you can correct on the fly and grow your skills even more.

This is going to allow you to become the best gamer you possibly can, and grow your talents and abilities into cold hard skills that you can implement when big money is on the line.

Real-world experience is always going to be better than going up against a bunch of bots, so dive into as many tournaments as you can to understand what the stress and pressure is like. You won’t be able to prepare yourself for a $10 million purse right off the bat, but you’ll be better off than those that don’t work with eSports coaches or put in the necessary training to become great.

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