Make real money from MMORPG? Yes way!

Make real money from MMORPG? Yes way!

Make real money from MMORPG? Yes way! The possibility of making real money from mmorpg ain’t a myth anymore. If you do a quick search on Google about topics related to ‘making money from mmorpg’, you will probably receive several results and references on this matter.

The virtual market has achieve exponential growth in becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, plenty of companies have made huge profits from it and young entrepreneurs are starting up business in order to get a slice of the virtual economy.

MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars, EVE Online, Runescape 3, Lineage 2 are some of the best ROI (return of investment) games if you are considering making a little income from online games. Most game publishers easily rakes in several millions of dollars each month from game subscriptions alone in the gaming industry.

Think about it, if time is money and MMORPGs cost money, why not make money out of it? Our parents often advise us to follow our passion when it comes to life decisions and if your passion is in gaming, then you should pursue that.

The freedom to play your favorite MMORPGs for free and making some cash out of it seems like a wise decision. If you are the type of gamer that worries being frugal on your weekly paycheck to support your gaming interest, then just read on.

I’ve created this to-do list 7 years ago, to serve as a reminder before playing any MMORPGs. My focus has always been the same; to try and figure out a way to play subscription based MMORPGs for free. This list is applicable to most online games out there and it will give you a wider perspective towards earning a reasonable income out of online games.

If you are willing to put some time and effort into it, you will be rewarded greatly for it. It takes time for the cash to roll in but in the long run, your great efforts will eventually paid off.


Make real money from MMORPG


To give you a rough idea on how easy anyone could start playing MMORPGs for free and make some little cash along the way :-

Let’s assume I’m eager to return to World of Warcraft and for the initial investment I’ll need the standard cdkeys to create a full account. At the same time, I would check out the current price per gold for an estimate. Lowest gold price selling at G2G Marketplace

Price Per Gold : US $0.000855 (current price – 27th January 2014)

wow battlechest

The standard game cdkey is going to cost me US $12.39 (current price – 27th January 2014) for the World of Warcraft Classic, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and 30 days play time. In order to recover my start-up cost, I’ll need to gather at least 14,492 gold, based on the current market price. Gold prices often fluctuates from time to time, so it is advisable to check the marketplace on daily basis.

Farming gold in World of Warcraft is quite easy and the main point here is to farm ‘smart’. There are plenty of useful guides and map locations out there to speed up your gold farming process.

wow timecardThe prepaid card is priced at US $24.99, (current price – 27th January 2014) which means I will need to gather up 29,229 gold for the 60 days subscription. It’s do-able and not impossible at lower levels, however, it will be much easier when your character is at maximum level cap, geared and prep for raids or dungeons. For gold making guide, Tarou offers the best for World of Warcraft.

You could prioritize on getting your time card first instead of recovering your standard cdkey investment, whichever option that suits your liking. Within 4-5 months, you should be able to recover everything you had paid for the game initially and the extra gold will translate into profits. On top of that, you could use your new found income to finance your game subscription! How cool is that? Definitely worth the time and effort if you ask me.

Bear in mind that every single thing in the game is gold, from thrash items to crafted items, drops from creatures, materials etc. Rule of the thumb, save most of the gold for your next time card and the rest goes towards your character’s progression.

After all, you are playing the game for entertainment, for visual stimulation and consider that side income as a bonus for playing the game.

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