Linkrealms – An Old School Sandbox

Linkrealms – An Old School Sandbox

Linkrealms is an old school Sandbox MMORPG that really takes you back to the days of classic RPG games. Designed for the MMO nostalgic, Linkrealms brings back the community aspect of MMORPGs, and each choice you make affects the world around you. The game may have an old school design, but it’s packed with modern features.

Linkrealms has officially been Greenlit by the Steam community, and players are anxiously awaiting the game’s release. Gold farmers definitely need to be checking out this MMO.

Just a quick note: Linkrealms is officially going into closed beta in late August, and you can sign up to create a free account right now


What is Linkrealms?

Linkrealms is a medieval/fantasy MMO that takes a different approach to this gaming style. Sure, it has all the components of a classic MMORPG, like dungeons, raids, crafting, gathering resources, and a player-driven economy. But it also has classless gameplay, the ability to play as a group or solo, player housing and so much more.

Character Customization

Like other MMOS, you can create and customize your own character. But you won’t be tied to any classes or skills in any way. So, you’re free to create a character that looks like an elf sorcerer, but uses the skills of a warrior. There are numerous customization options to choose from, too, and some fun “race” options, like the half-man, half-wolf, or the minotaur-like creature. The classic elf and human options are available, too.

linkrealms classless


Classless Gameplay

Classes can be a fun part of playing an MMO, but they’re limiting. And let’s face it – classes can get boring, too. Every MMO seems to have the same collection of them. Linkrealms throws the classes out the window.

It doesn’t matter which race you choose, you’ll gain all skills as you use them. Gathering the best tools and equipment will enhance your skills even further. Eventually, you can specialize in certain abilities and create your own unique mix of different talents. You’re never truly tied to one set of abilities. You’re free to experiment and change things up as you go along.

Join a Guild or Play Solo

This is the one aspect that gold farmers need to pay attention to because it gives them a major advantage. With Linkrealms, you’re never forced to raid or run dungeons in groups. Sure, you’re free to join a guild if you want, but you can also choose to play solo. Heck, even the developers boast about players being able to “get rich” as a farmer or a miner running solo.

Craft, Harvest, Hunt and Sell

As a gold farmer, there are numerous ways you can potentially make money with Linkrealms. First, you can gather resources from your own farm, or fields. You can choose to run dungeons, too, to gather resources. Mining is an option, too.

All of these resources can be sold to other players or used to craft items. As a farmer, you have the potential to sell currency so other players can buy resources. You may also be able to sell resources directly or crafted items. There’s also the option of selling your services, be it farming or running dungeons for other players.

linkrealms housing

Owning Land

Linkrealms is divided up into hundreds of different realms, and each player can claim their own. With your realm, you can build virtually anything. Want to protect your fields? Build a wall. Anything from guild halls to training zones and envious manors can be built. Inside of your realm, you can set up vendors, doors, traps, switches and even portals.

Setting up vendors can be useful as players can purchase your goods directly, providing you with more of the game’s currency.

Open Dungeons with Smart Creatures

At any given time, there are plenty of events and dungeons that are open to all players. Because dungeons are open – not instanced – other players outside of your party can easily sneak up and steal your kill. As a solo farmer, this can work in your favor if you play it right – although you won’t be scoring any brownie points with other players.

The creatures you fight in-game are different – they’re smarter. Unlike monsters you face in other MMOs, these can sense danger and will even work in teams against you. That being said, your pets also use the same technology, and that can work in your favor when fighting challenging monsters.

PVP and PVE Options

With Linkrealm, you have the option of choosing to play on a PVE or open-world PVP server. Servers will vary, too, in skill sets and rules. Different servers may have different landscapes and dungeons, too.

As a gold farmer, you can use this to your advantage. It’s still unclear how flexible the game is as far as switching servers, but you can use a variety of servers to gather potentially rare resources and loot from different dungeons or landscapes. It’s also nice that you can choose to remain on a PVE server, so you can gather, craft and harvest in peace.


Free to Play

Linkrealms is hopping on the free-to-play bandwagon, which is great news for farmers because you won’t need to pay monthly fees to access the game and farm. Unlike other F2P MMOs, in-store items really only help the developers keep the game going. None of the items will give you an edge over other players. How true this claim is has yet to be seen, but even if it does turn out to be a “pay-to-win” game, you can still make money with Linkrealms.


Closed Beta – August 29th

Linkrealms is entering into closed beta on August 29th, and you can sign up to create a free account now. The developers will be sending out beta keys, so sign up as soon as you can. Having the chance to test the game early on will give you an edge on your competitors, and give you an opportunity to see if this MMO really lives up to the hype.

When the game goes live, you’ll want to make sure that you create multiple accounts and secure unique names as soon as possible. Remember, the game is free-to-play, so you won’t be losing out on anything by creating your accounts right away. When you finally do get a chance to play, be on the lookout for ways monetize the game through virtual currency, consumables, items, boosting services and even power-leveling if possible.

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