Life is Feudal MMO for the hardcore experience

Life is Feudal MMO for the hardcore experience

life is feudal

Introduction to Life is Feudal

Set in medieval fictional world, the game is a hard-core sandbox that acts as both an RPG and an MMORPG. What does this mean? Let’s take a look at some of the game’s core features to see how the developers attempt to offer something different in the MMO world.

First, we’ll enter into a sandbox world where players are allowed to let their imaginations run free. The benefit of a sandbox MMO is that every world has its own set of rules and mechanisms which can be altered by players.

You can do whatever you want. If you want to build a castle, start building. If you want to build an underground maze, start digging tunnels. The choice is yours.

You also have control over the environment around you. You can raise hills or flatten the ground to build a castle. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Towns spring up, homes are created and cities are built all by the players. Yes, there are prebuilt buildings that you can use to get started in the game, including:

  • Windmills
  • Keeps
  • Warehouses

And, your world will be different because of your actions. This allows you to play multiple realms that are all different.

A realistic fictional world, you’ll be thrust into the medieval ages with as much realism as possible. There is a unique story, equipment, items and even religion in the world. With the introduction of religion, wonders are introduced into the world that give players specific powers. While the game doesn’t have 100% authenticity, you won’t be playing strictly as a mythical character. Instead, Life is Feudal is more of a combination of human characters and mythical characters.

This is where the game is unique.

And, you can read all about the game’s lore as it’s being written.

life is feudal terraforming

Key Features in Life is Feudal

I don’t want to bore you with lore, but I do want to talk about the key features in the game. The first feature, we already discussed. You’ll be able to transform the world by digging tunnels, building moats, and even raising or lowering the ground to make the landscape unique.

And as you dig into the world, you’ll see just how much realism exists in the different ground level materials. There is soil, clay even granite as you dig through the surface to find materials to build your land with. You’ll use these materials to craft items and even be able to pave roads to benefit the whole entire community.

There is one persistent, seamless world that spans approximately 450 km², and you’re free to build on any part of the global map.

A few of the other impressive features include:

  • Skill Cap: Like most MMORPGs, there are skills and abilities you can refine as your character grows. There are minor skills, such as climbing, swimming, horseback riding and lifting, that allow you to enhance your character’s abilities. There are also stacks which you’ll be able to enhance as you play the game. Strength, for example, allows you to hold a weapon and increases the damage that you do to foes. And yes, there will be foes along the way.
  • Minigames: These fun games are introduced to the crafting system. Crafting will allow you to enjoy the world around you while enhancing the way you play the game. You can work with wood or metal, work with witchcraft, or choose a household crafting type to learn how to cook or tailor. And secondary crafting allows you to fish and hunt or craft jewelry, and even mentor other players.

life is feudal crafting

Crafting really has a life in the game.

There are other ways to enjoy the game. You’ll be able to engage in player versus player battle. There is even a penalty for dying in the game. If you die, you’ll lose your skills and status, which will reflect your authority in the game. It’s difficult, yet very realistic.

You still need to learn how to survive in the game, and this means a lot of different things. Not only will you have to fend off foes, you even need to hide your items in local banks to keep them safe.

life is feudal

Combat is realistic and difficult. Featuring a no target combat system, the world’s physics are taken into account, which means your arrow may not hit its target. When you swing a sword, you’ll start to get exhausted, and your breath will increase. You need to be cautious when fighting foes, or you may die in the process. Even the wounds you receive will affect your performance.

One of my favorite features is the fact that there is private property in land claims. This is a very complex system where you actually own the land. You’ll also need to protect your land and keep it safe, which is where the real fun begins.

If you’ve ever played a game where it takes months to level, you’ll be happy to know that the grind is minimal. Considered “power gaming,” you’ll be able to level from 0 to 90 in just two to five days – it’s perfect for the casual player. However, reaching level 100 will be a major feet. You won’t be penalized for not reaching the highest level because you’ll only gain in-game titles instead of extreme power.

This is just what the developers tell us, but there is sure to be a lot of other great features added to the game.

There is also the Your Own vs the Sandbox option available. What does this mean? This allows you to choose different worlds that you can play in. For example, the sandbox option allows 10,000 players to play at one time, while the “own” option allows for only 64 players in one world.

Early Alpha Information

If you want to start playing the game, you can do so with early alpha. This is a paid option in which you actually buy the game now, but you’re not guaranteed that the world will change much in the process. If you can’t wait to play the game and don’t mind little bugs along the way, you can start playing today.

life is feudal

Click here to join alpha today.

Life is Feudal is going to be one of the most exciting sandbox MMO’s we’ve seen in a very long time. How will you monetize the game? We’re not sure. You have to try the game out for yourself to figure out what services you want to offer. You may even be able to offer protection services to help people manage their lands. Boosting services will be less in demand in this game, but players that want to get to the highest level will pay for boosting services.

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