Kingdom Under Fire II brings a whole new level of chaos

Kingdom Under Fire II brings a whole new level of chaos

Kingdom Under Fire II is filled with action and stunning graphics while allowing you to play in battles with thousands of foes as you command an army. Winner of the most innovative game award at GAMESCON 2015, this is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

kingdom under fire 2

What is Kingdom Under Fire II?

A new genre has been created with a mix of action RPG rolled into a real-time strategy that will have players waiting in anticipation as the battle continues. Developed by Blueside Inc., the game has a planned release for both PC and PS4. Many MMORPG elements are included, such as guilds and territory, while remaining a RTS. The war system begins with the world around you.

The World of Hironeiden

A nation once filled with heroes, the long history of the Human Alliance is dwarfed by the battles against the Orcs that hail from Hexter. The war of Crusaders put the world into disarray, with new settlements popping up and the western area completely dependent on Ecclesia for survival.

The east side is home to the orcs.

Kingdom under fire 2 factions

3 Main Factions

War doesn’t exist without conflict. Three main factions rule over the lands:

  • Human Alliance: Consisting of humans, dwarves, high elves and minor species, the Human Alliance helps each other to maintain order in the midst of chaos.
  • Dark Legion: Also called the “Dark Alliance.” The legion consists of dark elves, half vampires, undead and orcs.
  • Exile: A faction with mixed races. The Exile revolted and are based on Bersia. This is a faction that is between the light of the human alliance and the darkness of the dark legion.

Game System

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Kingdom Under Fire II has three main classes to choose from, including:

  • Gunslinger: Masters of both rifles and long swords with full-plated armor protection.
  • Spellsword: Unbelievably gifted with the power of ice magic. These female dark elves are mysterious and deadly, while masters of swords and wands.
  • Berserker: Powerful and relentless. Berserkers destroy everything in their paths, and use a bastard sword and gauntlet as their weapons of choice. A powerful exoskeleton protects the berserk’s body instead of traditional armor.


PVE Game Mode
There are several PVE game modes that allow you to work with others to progress through the game. In total, 4 PVE game modes exist:

  • Mission: Scenarios and objectives which can be completed solo, or with friends.
  • Field Map: An open-world mode where adventure and discovery are around every corner. You’ll even manufacture items and hunt with other players in PvP combat.
  • Raid: The ability to play with others as you fight raid bosses of mythical strength.
  • Invasion: Large-scale invasions where you and a party will fight hordes of enemies that come in the thousands to kill you.


PVP/Raid Mode
PvP comes with several modes that you can engage in:

  • Hero Combat: Just your hero vs others. You will be without your army, fighting grand battles alone.
  • Troop Strategy: Invade territories and command your troops as you cause chaos and destruction.
  • Guild War: Gain materials and items by joining a guild and engaging in all-out war with competing guilds – to the death.
  • Faction War: Fight and destroy other faction’s guilds, while showing allegiance to your own kind.


Troops System
A seasoned general, your troops will follow you into war as you strategize how to decimate the competition. You’ll have hundreds of troops at your command with over 8 different types of troops to choose from:

  • Infantry
  • Archer
  • Calvary
  • Spearman
  • Special
  • Air
  • Big units
  • Gigantic units

The best part is that you’ll control detailed, exaggerated units. When it comes to the gigantic units, you’ll dominate the battle field with the juggernauts, golems, ballistae and ogres. There are several other troop types to explore as well.

These are grand battles done on such a wide scale that thousands of players will engage in battle at the same time.

It’s nothing short of epic.


Skill System
The skill system allows you to customize your hero. You’ll be able to choose skills that boost your hero’s presence on the battlefield while also using skills to boost the troops you command. As you distribute the points among the hero and commanding skills, you’ll enhance your chances of winning battles and destroying your enemies.

Troop customization is far more powerful than heroes.

When you level up troops, you’ll be able to gain unique troops and change their job on the battlefield. There is only one hero that you command, but thousands of troops are at your disposal.

A kill trainer will need to be visited when it’s time to power up your army.

This is a hybrid game that is both an RPG and RTS. A major focus on multiplayer mode, the game has been optimized to allow thousands of players to engage in combat at the same time without massive lag spikes along the way.

And, if you’re tired of the same MMO, this is a whole new experience.

If you’re a gold farmer, you’re going to have to find new and innovative ways to monetize the game. Aside from leveling services, you’ll be able to sell boosting services to help others go through raids and get better items and equipment.

A major focus on PvP also allows you to sell PvP-related services, such as helping a guild beat another guild, or taking on foes out in the open world. There will certainly be mercenaries available for hire that will be willing to help players win battles for a price.

These are just a few ways I can think of that this game will be monetized.

kingdom under fire 2

According to the Kingdom Under Fire II community, the game is scheduled for a release some time in November of 2015. The release data is tentative, so it may change in the next month. But the game does look finished, according to the gameplay seen at GAMESCON.

You should give the game a try, and keep up on the latest news to find out about the official release date.

If you’re an RPG and RTS fan, you’ll love this game.

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