Islet Online MMORPG by Morenori Soft

Islet Online MMORPG by Morenori Soft

Islet Online is a game that has been greenlit by the Steam Community. Many players will quickly notice that this game is very similar to Minecraft. While the graphics are far better, this sandbox style MMORPG allows you to make the decision on how you want to play the game.

What does this mean?

You’ll be able to transform the world around you either with other players or through a single player environment. The whole world is at your fingertips, but there are consequences for every action you take.

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Game Introduction

Almost immediately, you’ll start building and digging in the world around you to create the perfect world. You’ll notice that from the Steam videos, you’ll be able to join friends, engage siege warfare, build your own castle, fight with bows and arrows, and simply have fun.

This game is the perfect option for anyone that loves to create and be creative.

When the day turns to night, it will happen in real time. You’ll see the rain clouds start to form as drops of water rain down on your character. The game picks up where other games start off. You’ll find that the world is very immersive with pigs running about, arrows flying down on you and other players chasing you about.

And, the game has been Greenlit, meaning that players on Steam have stated their interest in the game.

It’s going to be a big hit and a release date of Q1 2016 has been takced onto Islet Online. There’s even a demo mode available, which you can download right now by clicking here.

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Islet Online is all about the ecosystem around you. Everything you do in the game affects the ecosystem. What this means is that your main actions will affect the game itself. For example:

  • Rabbits eat the grass that you need for building, and wolves eat those same rabbits.
  • If there’s no grass, the rabbits will disappear and the walls will suffer.
  • Players that kill all of the wolves will find that the wolves’ prey has taken over their lands.

And, all throughout the world are hints on how you can restore the ecosystem if you have damaged it.

This element is a lot of fun because you have a deep connection with the world around you and how the world behaves. You can’t just enter into the world and perform actions that harm the environment or the world around you without suffering consequences in the process.

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Animals and NPCs

The animals and non-playable characters around you have their own desires. What does this mean? Your friendly NPC will grow and age, eventually having a family and babies. And, the same characters that you’ve come to know and rely on will perish at some point.

The animals around you can be tamed, and you can eventually name them.

Seeds will allow you to grow plants after you harvest them. This will allow a character to grow a farm or feed animals.

If you choose, you can allow strangers to come into your lands and help them along the way. As you allow the strangers to become friends with you, more and more will come to your lands. Eventually this leads to you creating a town and becoming the mayor – or the king of the lands if you choose.

And, if you’re mean to the population, they will not be nice in return. This is where player versus player battle exists, or other players can attack you in an attempt to take over your lands.

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An in-depth crafting system has been created so that you can use the world around you to create furniture, build items or experiment with secret recipes. Not much has been released about the crafting abilities of your character, but we to know that this will be a main focal point of the game as your job is to be a builder.

islet online explore


Islet Online allows you to enhance over 100 different skills. All of these skills have been categorized into 10 different categories. With every action you take, your character will gain experience so that they are able to master the skill in the process.

A good example of this is jumping.

If you want to get to the top of a mountain or get a rare material, you’ll need to learn to jump high. But, those that do not jump will not master this vital skill. If you’re an adventurous player and you visit these hard-to-reach places often, you’ll start to level up your jumping skill with the potential to jump four times in a row while in the air. Imagine what you could reach when you master the skill.

And there are skills for everything from mining to fighting and crafting.

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The Game Exhibition – GStar 2015

Islet Island is going to be a lot of fun, and we’re ready to see the game at GStar 2015. The event will take place in Busan, South Korea between November 12 and November 15. This is a game show where players will be able to view hundreds of different titles from around the world.

During the event, you’ll be able to talk to the developers and see where the game is going. You’ll be able to understand what the developers have in mind for the game, and also see versions that have yet to be released.

We have been told that you’ll be able to see new graphic models, such as new trees, that have yet to be released to the public during the exhibition.

This is a fun way to see the game in person while also connecting with the developers. And, there are a lot of other games that will be presented for the first time. This will be an amazing event that will be a must-see for anyone in South Korea.

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The demo is available for players to give this game a try right now. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to try out the game, and you could play single player versions to see how you can monetize this game. There are several options from helping people level their character to obtaining rare materials that can sell for real money.

If you want to simply play this game and don’t want to monetize it, you’re guaranteed to have fun as this is one of the most anticipated games scheduled for Q1 2016 release.

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