Is It Worth Selling Clash Royale Account?

Is It Worth Selling Clash Royale Account?

Clash Royale is one of the leading mobile games in the world. While people are going crazy for Pokémon GO, others have found longevity in Clash Royale. And if you’re trying to make money off of a game, this is what you aim for: longevity.

You might not even know what this game has to offer or what it’s all about.

Let’s take a look at what this game offers before trying to determine if you should be selling your account or not.

Clash Royale: Clash as a Royale

Everyone has heard of Clash of Clans, and the makers of this iconic game, Supercell, have introduced a game where you play as a royal. You’ll be playing as

  • Princes
  • Kings
  • Queens

And this is just a small sampling of who you can play. You’ll need to win trophies and crowns as well as win glory in the arena. If you have a friend that plays, don’t be afraid to duel them, too. This is open warfare, after all.

A real-time multiplayer game, Clash Royale includes all of your favorite characters from Clash of Clans.

Cards featuring spells, defenses and Clash of Clan troops can be collected. You’ll even be able to collect cards of royals and baby dragons – and so much more.

If there is one thing Supercell knows how to do, it’s how to make a game addicting. And when you look on Google Play, you’ll see that 50 – 100 million people have already installed the game. It’s being played by everyone.

And when a game is popular, it’s time to make some money off of the game’s success.

clash royale battle

Keep in mind that nearly 5.9 million people on Android have rated the game a 4.4 out of 5-star game. We didn’t even have to mention iOS for you to understand just how massively popular this game is with fans.

Statistics from July 2016 have Clash Royale as one of the top 5 mobile games in the world. The top mobile games at the time include:

  • 1. Pokémon Go
  • 2. Monster Strike
  • 3. Mobile Strike
  • 4. Clash of Clans
  • 5. Clash Royale

This is a serious game, and if you have played Clash of Clans, you know that the developers will keep the game among the top 10 for years to come. Very few companies can match the dedication of Supercell when it comes to their games.

The company listens to their community and pumps out blockbuster after blockbuster for a reason.

clash royale gameplay

What Can You Do in Clash Royale?

When you go to play, you’ll find yourself immersed in the game. There is just so much to do and learn on your way to conquest. A few of the most enticing features that will keep you glued to the game are:

  • Duels: All players can duel each other in real-time. The winner walks away with trophies, making victory even sweeter.
  • Rewards: Upgrade existing cards, collect powerful cards, unlock rewards and earn chests, too.
  • Build and Upgrade: There is no time to waste. Build and upgrade your Clash Royale family, spells, defense and troops on your road to victory.
  • Arena: Fight your way to victory through the game’s arenas. You’ll be able to build your card collection along the way, destroy opponent towers to earn epic Crown chests and build your own community.
  • Learn: There is TV Royale, a place where you can learn all of the best tactics to ensure victory any time you enter the area.

And this is what makes a game truly successful. Just look at all that you can do to have fun in this immersive gaming environment.

clash royale account

How to Make Money on Clash Royale

If you’re not yet making money on Clash Royale, you’re way behind the crowd. But we’re seeing a lot of new sellers making money off of this game – so you still have time to find success. The game is hot right now, and there are a lot of ways you can start cashing in, too.

  • Sell Gems: There will always be a need to sell and buy gems. These gems can help speed up the game’s process, allowing you to overcome the competition. You can also immediately open chests with gems, which is a nice additional perk. People are selling gems for between $3.8 and $85.
  • Sell Boosting Services: People want to jump into a game without having the initial experience of struggling in the arena or collecting cards. It sounds silly, but some players want to be overpowered and not have to do any of the work in between. We’re seeing people on iOS selling tournament rank 1 for $273. People are selling Trophy Boosts for $7, crown and chest refills for $6, and an array of other services, too.
  • Sell Accounts: The biggest seller we’re experiencing right now is selling accounts. People are paying top dollar for decked out accounts. A few of the highest selling accounts include:

– Level 9 castle, COC TH11, level 155+ Boom Beach all on Android. The account includes 2000 trophies all for $899.
– An account with a user level of 11 in Legendary Arena with 3166 trophies on Android is selling for $250.

Accounts that are original are selling for more, too. A lot of people are also selling decent accounts in the $100 – $200 range. The first account listed was an exceptional account, and the reason for the high price tag is that several games are included in the mix. The player will definitely enjoy a slew of games with that account.

Clash Royale has taken the world by storm, and if the company’s track record repeats, this is a game that you’ll be able to monetize for years to come.

clash royale deck

Selling accounts and gems is proving to be the most profitable option right now.

Boosting services can help you make a lot of money, too, but these take quite a bit of work on your part. If you or your team does have a lot of time on their hands, you’ll be able to boost other players’ accounts and make money while having fun.

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  1. pewt3r January 23, 2017

    I’ve spent $50 this weekend, used gems to buy 10k gold to keep the cycle moving faster. I’m kinda curious how much I could get for my account. :P

  2. pekka January 25, 2017

    this game is addictive as hell….

  3. Loic September 19, 2017

    ive spent like $200 0n the game

  4. SkidZy October 28, 2017

    want to sell my account of clash royal @70$ in steam account .
    in clash royal 4 legendary card left to buy rest of its unlocked and at hog mountain level . email me please

  5. dragon June 13, 2018

    Selling lv12 cr account with 4300 trophies .rares are upgradable to lv9 epic 5-6 for 80$
    Feel free to contact me
    Skype : dragon7.pp
    Line id : @dragon707
    Telgram : @drag707

  6. jeffrey August 21, 2018

    i got all the cards level 13kings tower 4600+tropies how much can you offer me

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