Inside The Mind of a Gold Farmer

Inside The Mind of a Gold Farmer

What’s in the mind of a gold farmer? While you may pick up a game and start playing it based on visuals or gameplay alone, gold farmers are hell-bent on making money, so they have a different thought process. The level of fun and immersion in the game takes a backseat to monetizing the game for a profit.

We’re going to look into the mindset of a gold farmer to see what makes them different than the average gamer.

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Analyzing a New MMORPG

News has just been released about a new game that is in the alpha, beta or live stages. You might be ready to jump into action, but a farmer will be ready to jump into the research aspect of monetization by gauging the game’s popularity.

Popularity is based on:

  • Public Hype: What news or “hype” is there in the community? Are people eagerly waiting to play the game, or is everyone stating that the game will be a dud?
  • Game Reviews: Initial reviews are important, especially when the game hasn’t been publically released yet. Farmers want to know what is different about the game and what will add to the game’s longevity.
  • Social Media: Facebook fan pages and Twitter will be examined to see if anyone is talking about the game. If people are, the farmer will want to see what they’re saying and how the game is to the actual user.

This is just all of the preliminary information that will be gathered about a game to determine if it will be a game that people will buy currency or service for – potentially.

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Starting an Account

You normally just register for an account and start playing a game as soon as the download is complete. Being a farmer means that the registering of game accounts has to be done with a little more thought.

A farmer will:

  • Register with a new email account.
  • Use game cards if available.

When you sell game accounts, you want to keep all of your information private and separate, and never use your personal info – it makes selling accounts easier.

If the game has a Collector’s Edition, the farmer may buy several copies if the developer is selling only a limited quantity of collector editions. The goal is to hang onto the rare edition until they have sold out, and sell the edition at a much higher price.

It’s all about supply and demand.

When the demand is greater than the supply for the game, the farmer will sell of all the copies of the Collector’s Edition to turn a profit.

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Testing Phase

Before starting with farming, there will be an analysis of the initial investment needed to play. Is the game free-to-play, or will the farmer need to buy a copy of the game first? Are there any perks to membership that can help with gold farming?

All of this information will lead to the actual testing phase.

During the initial game trial, the farmer has to be very diligent and learn everything they can about the game.

The first step is:


How can I monetize this game? There are three main aspects:

Virtually every game has these monetization methods that the gold farmer will want to research a little further. If there is a currency cap, for example, the farmer may find that selling rare, in-game items is more profitable.

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Currency is a major part of the gold farmer’s profit. When a game does have currency, the farmer will look for hard limits on the amount of currency that can be accumulated as well as start exploring the map to locate the best gold farming spots in the game.

This is a tedious process, especially for low level characters.

The farmer will also look at professions and determine what professions yield the higher profits. A thorough understanding of the game’s economy is needed, so the farmer will try and locate an auction house and NPC vendors to determine what the best way to make currency will be. Oftentimes, this means running dungeons and selling items instead of farming.

Is the currency tradable to players?

This is a big question that needs to be asked because the seller needs some form of delivery for currency if they want to sell it.

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Every game has its own items that are hard to obtain. A farmer will want to learn all about the game’s raids and dungeons to determine what items can be obtained and sold for real money. Understanding class itemization and professions will further be a necessity at this point to understand the true value of an in-game item.

What materials are available?

Every game has materials whether it be a potion to boost stats or tokens to add game time. The farmer will look at all materials that can be gathered as well as how these materials can be traded to other players. If the materials can’t be traded, selling items may not be viable.

Items that add to the cosmetics of a character will also sell for a high price, especially if the item is rare.

Inventory space will be a concern, and the farmer will want to ensure that they can farm for a long duration without having to unload items often.



Learning the way the game is played will lead to service offerings. A farmer may offer:

  • Achievement completions.
  • Power-leveling.
  • Ranking runs.

These are all services that can be offered. This allows players to have their character boosted in some fashion for real money.

After all of this is calculated, the gold farmer will start to price the currency, items and services they will offer. Oftentimes, all of these will be offered by one person in an attempt to make real money off of the game.

A farmer may be a sole entity, or he may work with a team to turn a profit.

After all of the pricing is finalized, the farmer will list all of the services and items on various marketplaces and try to lure in customers. If the farmer has done farming in the past on other games, they may offer these services to their existing clientele when possible.

Successful gold farmers think differently.

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