How to buy?

Place an order in 6 simple steps:

1) Find your desired game on the search box or browse our featured games list, product types and even our best performing games.

search games


2) At the product page
a) Select your desired product type (Gold, Items or Power leveling Accounts).
b) Pick a server and faction of choice. You can refine your search by using the advanced filtering or sort result features.
c) Select a sales listing that you are interested in and insert the amount of gold you wish to buy on the quantity field. Click on “Buy Now” to proceed.

seller's listing


3) Checkout page
a) Select a delivery method and insert your character name.
b) Click on the “Buy All’ button if you wish to buy all available stocks on that particular list.
c) Ensure your character name, delivery method and the gold amount you wish to acquire is correct. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

checkout page


4) Once an order is successfully placed, you will be able to check your order status by clicking on “View Order”.

order status


5) At the order page, you may check on the details which includes :-
a) Game server, quantity purchased, in-game character name, delivery method and seller’s online status.
b) Click on “Chat now” button to contact the seller to arrange for a delivery.

order history


6) Once a seller has delivered the goods, just refresh the order page to view the delivery confirmation request. Kindly click on “Yes” if you have received the goods.g2g buyer flow

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